1:1 LEVER SPRINGS  34 mm (13.5 vol.) (0.039 kgf / mm) [DLIKE] DL198
*Comes in packs of 2 springs

Very soft springs, very popular for all other chassis. BEST SELLING SPRINGS AT THE TRACK AT SUPER-G for ALL CARS!

[DL198] 13.5 Volume
RATE 0.039Kgf / Mm
25.00Mm 0.67Kgf
18.00 mm 0.58 kgf



【DL196】 9.5巻
RATE 0.059kgf/mm
12.00mm 0.44kgf
18.00mm 0.85kgf

【DL197】 11.25巻
RATE 0.047kgf/mm
25.00mm 0.37kgf
18.00mm 0.70kgf

【DL198】 13.5巻
RATE 0.039kgf/mm
25.00mm 0.67kgf
18.00mm 0.58kgf