10mm ETO (LONG) Type ANGLE UP – STEP DUAL Blast Pipes 1/10 Exhaust Muffler [ETOworks] ETO-ETO-UP-L

These DUAL BLAST PIPES are fully polished and are 10mm big.
The ETO STYLE means it is long style. The entire pipe is double the length. Also, these are angled up and to the side(LEFT). *from the front view

These feature diffuser/chassis mounting bracket.

These will set your build apart from the rest of the crowd! The proper size and realistic look makes these a must have for any rc drifter!

ETOworks products are all hand made in Japan. Because they are all hand made in small batches, it is hard to get these state side. We were very lucky to receive these from ETOworks.

Their accessories always comes with a couple sticker/decals for your 1/10 build.