This is the same tile made famous by Vega in Japan, which many have claimed it to be the best surface they have driven on.

There has been a few of you that are interested in bringing in the P-Tile we have imported for our track here at Super-G. It’s been a few months and a few comps and we are very pleased with our choice. With little upkeep other than dust mopping once a week and wet mopping once a month, the surface seems to be pretty well suited for what we are after. We have been using DS Racing Comp III LF-3 tires as our Spec.

Toli Matico V 33 – 33 denotes the color. There are many colors available. We will default to Black (33)

The Toli Matico V Tile differs from the products available stateside due to the composition. I’m no expert on this, nor do I claim to know, this is just what I have been told and what I have witnessed. The P-Tile available here is a different vinyl composition and has a softness to it. This was further confirmed by the installer we had hired. He informed us normally if he mis-aligns a tile, he can pull it back up and realign, where as the tile we were having installed was really brittle and would break if they didn’t align it perfect on the first try. So he had more wasted tiles and had to be more careful when placing them. Upon examining them, they seem to be more asphalt like than plastic. They definitely feel harder.

When we were importing ours, we had to jump through a lot of hoops and provide documentation for different things. We finally got through it and it made it here finally. Now that we know the process and we have made our connections, we would like to extend the offer to anyone interested in bringing this in for your track. The more we can get on board the better price we hope it will be.

We believe the fees and duties will remain very close to the same, even if we bring in more. So we are hoping to spread this among the entire shipment and hopefully save you guys some money.

Our cost was roughly $120 / box to our door here at Super-G after all was said and done. We feel it is safe to assume it should about the same but more likely less the more we bring in. Each box is 50 pieces of 12”x12” tiles.

We strongly recommend purchasing at least 10% more than you need to account for breakage during installation. Since it’s not as simple as running out to your local hardware store to pick up another box, it’s probably worth having a few extra on hand.

We are going to open this up for 2 weeks, so will close this on Friday, August 11 and get this ordered and on it’s way.

Once it arrives here at Super-G, it will be your responsibility to get it to your location. You can come and pick it up, or you can have it shipped to your location. We would recommend freight since it will be a few hundred dollars per pallet at that point. We will only hold it here for a maximum of 2 weeks once it arrives, as we don’t have the space to store pallets of tiles.

Please take everything said here into consideration before committing.
Once the order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be given.
Orders will not be considered placed until deposit has been received.
We are providing this as a favor to help those who wish to use this same surface. This is not a money making sale on our end.

Dead Line for orders: August 11, 2023
Price: $120 / Box (50 sq. ft.)
Deposit: 50% at time of order. Remainder due BEFORE pick-up / shipping
Tiles must be removed from Super-G premises no later than 2 weeks after arrival
ETA – To be determined after total order is placed.

To Place Order Email: Steve.superg@gmail.com