The wait is over! The 4600mah Shorty just came in and we compared it with the other new 3500 Shorty. These are the newest “affordable” shorty lipo’s Yokomo released this year. They were happy to bring to the market a more affordable shorty sized lipo.

This is probably because their S-Line Yokomo YD2 takes ONLY shorty batteries.

Let’s dive right into it:

Now its time for some detailed looks. We’re going to compare the size, the weight and overall everything.



The sizing is very similar, just thickness differs. Weight is about 55grams apart.

Looks like the bullet location has changed slightly. The size is the same, but location is different. This might be why Yokomo released a little writeup about bullet connectors and their YD2 battery holders the other day.

You can grab yours today by clicking below, we have both in stock: