FC 3 Group
February 15, 2015.
Fun Comp #3 at Super-G RC Drift Arena.
Congrats to the winner of the night, John Benson Medina for taking the win of the night!
1st – John Benson Medina
2nd – Oscar Cobian
3rd – Nick Lepisto
4th – Noe

Great job to everyone who participated!

Special thanks to Vertex RC for coming out to join us for the fun comp.

FC 3a
 little warm up before we get underway. 

FC 3b
Indoor pit space, complete with power and compressed air.

FC 3 BC LineUpThe Toyota Hilux Body Comp Line-Up.
There was some serious work put into these bodies.

FC 3 BC6FC 3 BC1
FC 3 BC3FC 3 BC5
FC 3 BC2FC 3 BC4FC 3 BCw3The WINNER Voted By Everyone Present!!!
Great Job, Chavo Sanchez! 

FC 3 BCw4Roll Bar, Fuel Cell, and NOS!!!
FC 3 BCw5Seats with harnesses, complete dash, steering wheel,
and even a center console.

FC 3 BCw1
Another view of the detailed interior.

FC 3 BCw2Awesome execution and a well deserved win!