On Sunday, April 12, 2015, Super-G had a special session since we knew there was going to be quite a few visitors from out of the area. The week leading up to the actual event evolved into a very memorable week in itself.

First, we had a surprise visit from Atsushi Mizunaga, the owner of Tetsujin. Although we were closed that day, we were able to have a private session, run some battles, and get some invaluable feedback from one of the leading authorities in the RC Drift World. We were very happy to get his stamp of approval on Super-G RC Drift Arena! Being a very Japanese style track, the lane width being right where it should be, and the layout being perfect and flowing like music, made us all feel proud. The credit really goes to Katsumi Kuwakino for laying out this awesome track!

Atsushi Mizunaga

We also were lucky enough to have AfroRC visit us a few times during the week as well! Talk about a cool cat! He took to the track right away and got dialed in. Having him here and talking track and shop was awesome! The only thing that could have made it better is if we weren’t trying to prepare for the weekend, so we could have slid with him more. We hope he can visit again soon, hopefully with some of his guys to make it even better!

Another special guest came all the way from Wisconsin! David Miller. He had planned to only come to Super-G a couple days, but ended up here for 3 or 4. It was great! Over the course of his stay, we not only got to know him as a friend, but we watched his skills ramp up like mad! He quickly ended up like one of our regulars. I’m sure everyone is hoping he can return soon.

The Formula G-Sesh:
We had some very special guests from out of town. Minoru Aso (Yokomo  Japan), Arisa and Adoru Ueno (Vertex Japan), AfroRC (Canada), David Miller (Wisconsin), Justin and Little Rocky Servo (Team Drift Til Failure, NoCal), and I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting to mention.G-Sesh Pano Small


Random 3FTD1FTD2Team DTF 2Team DTFShop

We had over 60 confirmed drivers and well over double the number of guests attending the event. More than a few people expressed how much they were enjoying it and how everyone here at Super-G were really friendly and helpful. Of course everyone here seems to be very welcoming and helpful, but even more so, we want to thank our group of Super-G Factory Team Drivers – Katsumi Kuwakino, John Benson Medina, Alan Molina, Oscar Cobian, Nick Lepisto, and Dave Smith, for being helpful and making everyone feel welcome.

Vertex Yokomo

The Raffle:
Oh, the raffle! We were overwhelmed by the support shown by the companies we work with. Especially since this was a session we threw together only a couple weeks prior. The Grand Prize for this event was the winner’s choice: Yokomo DPR, or Yokomo DIB Version 2! This was provided by Super-G RC Drift Arena.

The other top prizes were a Tamiya TT02D Nismo Coppermix Silvia Kit – Donated by Tamiya. A Futaba 4PLS Control – Donated by Futaba, and a Hitec X1 Touch Charger, Hitec X1mf Charger, and Hitec HS-8775MG Servo – donated by Hitec!!!

Raffle 1Raffle 2

Our Sponsors: Falken Tires, Tamiya, Futaba, Hitec Electronics, HPI, MyTrickRC, Yokomo Japan,  Tetsujin, Vertex RC, Speed Passion, DS Racing, and Integy. Our apologies to our sponsors for the lack of pictures. We found ourselves to be severely short staffed, and between running the event, raffle, store, etc. We didn’t have enough man power to get pictures taken.

See all the prizes here: http://supergdrift.com/gallery/?p=294

Sponsors 1

The Body Contest:
There seemed to be some interest in a Initial D themed Body Contest, but for whatever reason there weren’t many entries this time around. We held the contest during the session. Here are the entries:
Your Winner – Josh
BC Josh
BC Josh aBC Josh b

Justin – Team D.T.F.:
BC Justin a
BC JustinBC Justin b

Nick – Super-G Factory Team Driver:
BC Nick
BC Nick aBC Nick b

BC James a

Justin – Team D.T.F.:
BC Justin2

Owner Name Unknown:
BC Contestant

Overall the event went off without any issues. We did not know what to expect which is the reason we were severely understaffed. We will learn and grow from this experience and will definitely improve in all areas.

Random 1


From all of us here at Super-G RC Drift Arena, we would like to extend a huge thanks to our all our special guests from out of town, and especially to our local people who without, Super-G would not exist.