So the new Yokomo Programmable Brushless Servos are finally here!

Let’s dive right into it and see how it looks and compares initially with their SP02-D.

Looks like this servo gets the classic plastic jewel case.

Looks like they’re both almost identical in size and shape.

Looks like the bottom side(which is what’s going to be highly visible on our upside down servo mounts) will have their new PBS branding.

Their servo is very nice looking as well as finish. Let’s see if the aluminum housing adds to the weight:

Let’s take a closer look guys! MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GO 7.4volts on your BECs! The Pro4D and the RPX2D have them internally set, so whip out those wifi modules or programmers and set your BEC back to 6.0 before running these servos. You don’t want to damage them right out of the box.

So the BLACK servos have arrived first, the red and purple will be coming in shortly. You can purchase one today by clicking the link below: