This is the one of the “new” Pandora bodies in the new format. They changed their part numbers from 3 numerics to 4.

Example, PAB-123 was the old, now its PAB-2185.

These 4 Digit part numbers will probably be the norm from this point forward. All there existing bodies will have the new numbering system starting tomorrow evening! Along with this change, there will be a price increase with all their bodies. These bodies are going up about 10-15% in price. BUT some of them are coming with more goodies/accessories.

Let’s jump right into the newest BN S15.

Their new tags are a lot better than before. Not only does it feature a thumbnail of the body set, it also lists the width of the front and rear. This is going to make life a lot easier for anyone checking out their bodies. All there new bodies from now on will most likely have this same look.

The body has nice lines and realistic scale. You also get a bunch of extras like a dash, steering wheel, intercooler, and more! Headlight and taillight buckets are also standard issue.

Comes with your standard BN Sport Decal sheet along with their S15 Silvia Decal Sheet and window masks.

We can’t wait to see some of these start showing up painted state side!

Here’s a painted example from the Pandora Factory Painter:


Grab yours today: