1. I’m not sure this if for me. I just want to get my feet wet for the smallest investment.
  2. I can’t enjoy the activity if I can’t be competitive, but let’s keep the cost minimal.
  3. I’m the type who believes in investing early on, and saving in the long run.
  4. I’m the type who wants the best of the best. 

At least one of the above statements seems to apply to most of our customers. I would suggest being honest with yourself and at least use this as a guideline. We see people come in all the time and sell themselves short, only to reinvest in the correct equipment within days or weeks of their original purchase.

Again, just be honest with yourself and you will save a lot of time and grief. We see it ALL THE TIME.


I’m the type who believes in investing early on, and saving in the long run.
Now that you have decided you are going to get something that needs minimal upgrades, you are also aware the cost varies quite a bit in this area. Just know that getting the “nicer” components in the kit will give you a significant savings over upgrading all the parts later. It is safe to say at least a 30% savings, but is usually a lot higher.

In this area you end up with a lot more players. Mainly due to the fact the companies are trying to put out a high-end kit, vs trying to keep it affordable. Keep in mind, the additional you are spending over the entry-level kits is going to the upgraded parts on the particular chassis. For the most part, this equates to a better functioning, better driving, and more consistent chassis. The materials used are usually better. The designs usually have added features which are very useful. It also means a more durable and longer lasting chassis, not to mention, looking really sharp while doing it.

For Yokomo – DIB Version 2, DIB Premium, DPR (Fully upgraded Drift Package). MST – offers VIP Versions of RRX-D, RMX-D, FXX-D, XXX-D, MS01-D. D-Like – Re-R Hybrid. Overdose – Dival, Vacula.

Most people who purchase the entry-level chassis find themselves upgrading the shocks and miscellaneous parts that wear out or break quickly. They also end up buying upgraded turnbuckles, bulkheads, servo mounts, shock towers, bumper plates, carbon fiber chassis, etc. The above listed usually come with all that stuff standard and at a considerable savings. You end up building it once and building it right, vs building it once, then upgrading part by part and rebuilding each and every time you upgrade something. Also, when buying an upgraded kit, you know all the components work together. Sometimes you may purchase an upgrade, only to find you need to buy more components to make it work. It can get frustrating and costly sometimes.

These chassis only kits usually range from $400 and can go upward of $1000 depending on which path you choose.