Futaba released a Japanese Limited Edition. Featuring lightweight Aluminum components and an amazing clean titanium colored scheme. It includes the
APlastics just dropped a new body! The NB2 2nd generation Miata is now part of the 1/10 body shell lineup!
FIRST LOOK: Addiction Design S13 Origin Lab Silvia Fujio Edition Addiction does it again! This time going Origin Lab on
The infamous YD2 line has now completely transferred over and became RD1.0. The YD2Z RTR's are not RD1.0 RTR's. The
MST delivers again! This time is a highly detailed GR86 with the Pandem V1.5 Body Kit. This body has the
Addiction Designs is always one step ahead! They have released an amazing detailed SPIRIT REI 180SX! This body appears to
Reve-D releases a bluetooth built in 32 Bit esc! Lets take a look at the new hotness! The ESC is
The reigning Super Drift Championship 2022 USA Drift King - Alfredo Chan III. A true veteran R/C Drifter and champion!
Yes, we did a little SEMA build of our own this last year. Here's a little play by play of
Addiction drops another bombshell! Lets dive right into this beast and check out some of the details! As usual, Addiction
Once the HOONITRUCK RTR's dropped, a lot of us have been waiting for the body to come clear so we