We feel we owe you guys an explanation as to the cancellation of the SoCal Region Round 3 of the Super Drift Championship Series. We know a lot of you make plans around this and go out of your way to make it happen. We are very aware of this and so cancelling was really the last resort.

As many of you know, Super-G is expanding. At the same time, we have temporarily lost one of our long time workers, as he had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. This has left us short-handed for the day to day tasks. We have also brought on a few new guys to keep things rolling, but as we all know, training new people actually slows things down for a while, til they are up to speed.

We also just hosted the King Of The Streets in Las Vegas, which wasn’t an easy task since it was the first time with a lot of unknowns. We had to create a track layout that we could setup in a few hours, plus figure out how to take and setup our Super-G Replay System. Not to mention test tires and modify existing rules and guidelines to suit the type of comp it was to be. Finally working the event and being out of the shop for 6 days.

WIth our expansion, we are moving all our operations into a different building. We are revamping our current track layout, as well as the entire track building now. Since everything was in the same building, things will be a lot different for the next phase of Super-G. A lot of changes are coming.

In our new building, we are now setting up a dedicated physical store, inventory area, as well as shipping and receiving, and product prep areas. All this has started from a blank slate, and unfortunately taking more time than we had hoped. Mainly because we are committed to getting the orders processed and shipped without skipping a beat. So although Joe and myself have been literally either sleeping or working since the Round 2, things just aren’t moving fast enough. Long long days just aren’t enough to get us open to the public by next week unfortunately.

We will continue to work as hard as we have been to get this finished, but it just will not be possible to be open by the scheduled SoCal Region Round 3. Rather than to push it back, we have decided it will be best to cancel the round and continue with the subsequent rounds on their scheduled dates.

We are looking forward to bringing you the next phase of Super-G!