As we are approaching the 2024 season, we are figuring out the details for SDC.

We had not planned to even announce the season until January. I did not foresee any issue when I was asked if a region could start their series at the end of January, but that announcement has set off a chain of events that can’t be ignored. Unfortunately we are pressed for time here as is and did not plan to be dealing with SDC until the new year. But now we are here, and I have ironed out some important details. Keep in mind, there are many details that are left open at the moment, but I need to let you guys know some of what is planned.

First, the official name will now be Super Drift Competition.
Still SDC, but we feel Super Drift Competition Series seems more fitting.

Dates for the USA Finals:
Super Drift Competition USA Finals – October 4, 5, and 6, 2024.
Meet and Greet – October 3rd.
New Competition layout – October 1 and 2.
Super-G will be closed – September 22 – 30, 2024.

Anyone wishing to host a SDC region, please email me at

Regional Hosts of the 2023 season, you guys did great!
If you wish to host the 2024 Season, make sure to let me know no later than January 7, 2024 to secure your region.

We have a 150 mile radius requirement between hosting venues for each region.

Official SDC Season starts in February 2024 and ends NO EARLIER than August 1, 2024 and NO LATER than September 15.

Each region is responsible for choosing the dates for their Regional Rounds. It is encouraged to choose different dates than near-by regions to promote cross region competition. Remember, this is suppose to bring drifters together, not separate them.

There is a MINIMUM of 4 rounds per region, 6-8 is preferred.
Super-G will provide lodging for each qualifying Regional Champion for the USA Finals in October.

A minimum of 8 competitors per round is required for that region to quality for Regional Champion Lodging.
Less can still compete and qualify for Finals, but for Champion Lodging will only be covered for regions of 8 or more per round.

On each region will have their own section to keep track of standings.
It will be the responsibility of each regional host to input the results of each round. We will make it easy for you.

Each competitor is required to register PRIOR to THEIR first SDC Comp for their points to be counted. No Exceptions.
This means, if a competitor joins the series at Round 3 of their region, they must register BEFORE the competition starts.
If they compete in Round 3, then register, they will not be awarded points for Round 3.
Points are only awarded AFTER being registered.

Regions are NOT required to use SDC Rules, but are encouraged to do so, as the competitors will be judged by SDC Rules at the USA Finals in October.

For now, this is it. Come January I will have more details for the Regional Hosts, as well as the updated SDC Rule and Judging Guidelines. We are working on those at the moment.

Thanks Guys! 2024 is already looking good! We have more in store!

(Dates subject to change)