ABC has done it again! Their legendary build quality applied to the FD Bodyset gives you an uncompromising bodyshell!
This amazing 9 piece bodyset gives you multiple layered lights and 3D parts from bumpers to little side markers.

One of the most crisp FD bodysets on the market.

You will notice realistic fluted lenses on the lights to give it the realism a lot of other bodies lack.

Even down to the decal sheet, there are multi versions for you to do early or late model tail lights. As well as all clear so you can paint your own. The J-Spec Round lights as well as the US Spec lenses are both on the same sheet.

We cannot wait to build one of these! Maybe even pair it with the RC ADDICTION Rocket Bunny bodykit!

We only got a few in, so order now!

Early Model or Late Model (Spirit R)