There’s a new TRACK in town! Las Vegas now has another R/C Drift Track! We have been going to SLIDELINES for years, but now there’s a brand new track right next to Friendly Hobbies! Make sure you guys check them out when you roll through sin city.

Prototype RC DRIFT ARENA was opening and we had to try our best to make it out. We found some last minute flights on Frontier(probably should stay away from this airline) and flew out!.

We boarded right around noon and our return tickets were right around dinner time.

The flight from LA to LV is super short. The wait time to board and get off the plane is longer than the actual flight itself! As soon as we landed, we picked up a rental (our weekend warrior) and grabbed a bite to eat.

We here at Super-G takes our meals extremely serious. We headed towards the track and YELP’d something up. We finished our quick bite and headed to the track.

We made it!

There was a lot of people attending this joyous occasion. A lot of the locals were here supporting the new track. Even the owner of the current LV track came by and supported! That’s what it’s all about, any growth in the hobby helps the hobby, and in return, will help you out too. Great to see Brett and CNote(they were just at the SDC FInals at Super-G).

Looks like they had some catering/food truck as well, we should of saved our stomachs.

There was definitely a lot of familiar faces! Super-G went to Vegas a few years back and we saw a lot of the same faces still in the hobby! It was a nice reunion for some, and a new meet/greet for others.

Raffle prizes on deck! There will be some happy campers going home today.

The track was very lively and the trains were popping off.

We had to jump on the train for a few laps. It was nice to see everybody run together. After what felt like only a short time, it was already time to go back to the airport! We had to return our rental and get checked in!


We returned our rental and briskly made our way back to the airport. What a time crunch the day was. We were just in LA a few hours before, and we’re already heading back.

It was an amazing short trip, we wished we could of stayed longer, but it is what it is. We plan to go back as soon as the dust settles from the holidays. Now there are 2 tracks to hit whenever you’re in Sin City (Las Vegas).


Thank you PROTOTYPE! We had a blast and until next time. It was pleasure to run on your track and see the community grow. We wish you the best and can’t wait to return soon. Hopefully we will be bringing more Super-G locals with us next time.