Yokomo Announces Rear ESC Mount for YD2 – 6/2/19

Introducing new ESC Rear mount option for our YD-2 series drift chassis.

The final design is a result of extensive field testing by Team Yokomo drivers.

It has the best balance between mounting position and weight distribution/transfer.

The new option is a 2 piece design made from carbon and aluminum to give rigidity and to aid rear traction.

●By attaching the ESC to the rear

Not only does the weight here increase rear traction, it also reduces weight over the front, further freeing up the weight shift capabilities of the chassis.

●The rigidity of the gearbox and shock tower is increased by connecting the ESC mount to the “YD-2 series” diffuser and forward grip is further enhanced over stock and the throttle will feel more direct.

●Higher centre of gravity enhances the roll characteristics of the chassis and also gives a more enhanced feeling of weight shift, like in a real vehicle.

Product Name : Rear ESC Mount for YD-2 series

Product code : Y2-REM

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