Topline and Mikuni has arrived! 1/3/18

Looks like we got a small batch of some wheels! Work Equips are finally back! N Models are back as well! Blitz Technospeed Z1 and 03’s are back! You can click below to order yourself a set! Very have VERY limited stock.

Work Equip – Matte Silver – 9mm (4 RIMS) [Mikuni] DW-1129MS x 2

Blitz Technospeed Z1 – Matte Chrome – 9mm (4 RIMS) [Topline] BTS-090MC x 2

Blitz Technospeed 03 – Matte Chrome – 7mm (4 RIMS) [Topline] BRW-070MC x 2



N Model Ver 2 – Gloss White – 7mm (4 RIMS) [Topline] TDW-071WH x 2