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2/23/19 Saturday Night Showdowns

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Saturday, February 23, 2019:
Saturday Night Showdowns week 5
This week the Saturday Night Showdowns were extra special since we were joined by the rest of our drift family from NorCal! Anyone who has been here at Super-G when our guys come down knows there is no better place to be! This Saturday was no exception!

Just for fun we have made the Saturday Night Showdowns a point series. It’s all for fun and every participant receives points which will be used at the end of the year.

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

Judging for the evening was Colin Chambers and myself. Thank you Colin for stepping up for the difficult task of judging.

We had 20 competitors this week, so you know it was going to be good!

Couldn’t fit the entire train, but you can bet it was EPIC!

The Top 4 came down to Hao Huang vs Alan Benites for 1st and 2nd place, and Mikko Yang vs Manny Campalans for 3rd and 4th place. I must apologize for my lack of coverage of the finals. I wasn’t feeling well, and as I am writing this I realized I have no recollection of how the battles went down.

In the end, Hao took 1st place, Alan 2nd, Mikko 3rd, and Manny bringing up the end at 4th place! Congratulations to Hao Huang on a well deserved win! Originally from NorCal, Hao says he seems to drive better when his NorCal backup is in the house! I personally think he always drives well, but the wins do prove it! We also witnessed the changing of the leader in our points series!!! Alan Benites is the current points leader! The man is a beast!

1st – Hao Huang, 2nd – Alan Benites, and 3rd – Mikko Yang
Manny up in the mix for 4th!

Points Earned – 2/23/19:
1st. 15 pts – Hao Huang
2nd. 12 pts – Alan Benites
3rd. 10 pts – Mikko Yang
4th. 8 pts – Manny Campalans
5th. 7 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
5th. 7 pts – Dennis Caroza
5th. 7 pts – Colin Chambers
5th. 7 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
9th. 6 pts – AJ Caroza
9th. 6 pts – Dan Aguada
9th. 6 pts – Chris Lagasca
9th. 6 pts – Josh Espinoza
9th. 6 pts – Joe Tam
9th. 6 pts – Nick Lepisto
9th. 6 pts – Rynne Degala
9th. 6 pts – Erick Gonzalez
9th. 6 pts – Steve Fujita
9th. 6 pts – Jose
9th. 6 pts – Sam Taylor
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo

Point Standings – 2/23/19:
1st – 51 pts – Alan Benites (12) **NEW LEADER**
2nd – 48 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (7)
3rd. – 45 pts – Hao Haung (15)
4th. – 36 pts – Aydin Angulo 
5th. – 34 pts – Joe Tam (6)
5th. – 34 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (7)
7th. – 29 pts – Manny Campalans (8)
8th. – 28 pts – Josh Espinoza (6)
8th. – 28 pts – Sam Angulo (6)
10th. – 27 pts – Colin Chambers (7)
11th. – 25 pts – Steve Fujita (6)
12th. – 24 pts – Nick Lepisto (6)
13th. – 18 pts – Kevin Motter
14th. – 13 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
15th. – 12 pts – Jelani Robinson
15th. – 12 pts – 
Travon Yancy
15th. – 12 pts – 
Karlo Malabanca
18th. – 10 pts – Mikko Yang
19th. – 7 pts – Dennis Caroza
19th. – 7 pts – Jose Sanchez
21st. – 6 pts – AJ Caroza
21st. – 6 pts – Chris Lagasca
21st. – 6 pts – Dan Aguada
21st. – 6 pts – Rynne Degala
21st. – 6 pts – Erick Gonzalez
21st. – 6 pts – Sam Taylor
21st. – 6 pts – Jose
21st. – 6 pts – 
Danny Aguilar
21st. – 6 pts – 
Kris Steele
21st. – 6 pts – 
Alex Dagondon
21st. – 6 pts – 
Ethan David
21st. – 6 pts – 
Shilun Gu

2/2/19 Super Showdown Round 2

This past weekend was Round 2 of the  Super-G SuperShowdown point series. The SuperShowdowns are the Super-G Monthly Competitions which are open to anyone at any time during the season. The points will only count at the end of the season. Everyone who competes will accumulate points.

The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed the first one. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
9 pts – Forth Place
8 pts – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus – Top Qualifier

Of course it rained again for our comp. It has rained 4 comps in a row so far. We plan to be ready for the next one, but that being said, it will most likely never rain again for us. A few people let us know it was just too dangerous to make the trek out for the event, so the low turnout was expected. We still had 18 competitors which isn’t bad by any means.

The spec tire for the event was Yokomo DRC all around. A pair of rear tires were supplied with every entry.

The first order of business was qualifying. I wasn’t present for the first half due to some personal business I had to take care of, but the judges are more than capable of functioning without me. Since we all spit out the same numbers for every qualifying run, there was no need for concern. Congratulations to Kevin Motter for laying down the 2 best qualifying runs of the night, earning him Top Qualifier of the event!

Our Official Sponsor of the Super Showdown Round 2 was Scale Logic Garage. They have been producing some really nice quality exhausts for our builds. If you are like myself, and you appreciate nice quality, hand crafted products, Scale Logic Garage will not disappoint. Everyone seemed to be genuinely impressed with their quality. AJ Caroza from Scale Logic Garage donated one for our Top Qualifier (TQ) of the competition, and also 3 more for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! Thanks Scale Logic Garage for the generous donation! We know the time and effort it takes to produce these one-off products.

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Tim Mulhmeyer
3 – Mikko Yang
4 – Manny Campalans
5 – Hao Huang
6 – Ethan David
7 – Alan Benites
8 – Josh Espinoza
9 – Jose Sanchez
10 – Nick Lepisto
11 – Aydin Angulo
12 – Mark Santa Cruz
13 –
Colin Chambers
14 – Sam Angulo
15 – Jeff Yang
16 – Shaine Collins
17 – Mark Solnyshkin
18 – Travon Yancy

Tsuiso Battles:
It looks like as always, the official competitions bring out the best in everyone. The driving was some of the best we have seen, and even some of the people who have been a little shaky in recent months really put down some great runs! Although he didn’t win his battle, Mark Solnyshkin came out of nowhere and displayed some amazing driving! This is what we are always talking about, you just really don’t know what is going to happen.

The battles were awesome with a lot of great driving! It came down to the Top 4 with Manny Campalans vs Aydin Angulo for 3rd and 4th spot, and Kevin Motter vs Tim Mulhmeyer for 1st and 2nd spot.

First up was Manny and Aydin. Manny pulled off a great lead while Aydin gave him a great chase! Both did what they needed to do in the first run. Then in the second run with Aydin leading and Manny chasing, both were doing a great job once again, but on the last clip, Aydin made a slight miscalculation and over-rotated causing him to all but stop. Manny was able to avoid contact and basically locking down 3rd Place!

Then it was the finale, Kevin and Tim for that Top Podium Spot! Both of these guys are no stranger to the podium and I have to say are notorious for being consistent and smooth as eggs. First out of the gate was Kevin leading, Tim chasing. Kevin pulled off another one of his amazing lead runs, being smooth with a lot of angle, all while keeping on the qualifying line with very minimal corrections (if any at all). Tim gave a great chase with some awesome proximity! Obviously some top notch driving going down! No mistakes! Next up, Tim on the lead and Kevin on the chase. Tim throws down an amazing lead. Deep deep deep in the clips just as Kevin did on his lead. Great angle, great line, just all around exactly what he needed to do! It seemed as if Kevin knew what he was up against, and if he was going to beat Tim, he was going to have to pull something amazing out of his bag of tricks. He did just that, and brought it with some super smooth, but also super tight proximity! Although Tim and Kevin’s leads were close, Kevin’s chase was something to witness. It was more than enough to secure the win, and 1st Place! Tim took a very respectable 2nd.

Your Winners for the Super Showdown Round 2!
1st – Kevin Motter, 2nd – Tim Mulhmeyer, and 3rd – Manny Campalans

Special thanks to our judges of the night, Colin Chambers and Shaine Collins for judging along side of me. Also a huge thanks to our sponsor for the evening, AJ Caroza / Scale Logic Garage for some amazing prizes!

SUPER SHOWDOWN ROUND 3 – March 9, 2019!

The official results can be seen here:

Official Point Standings:
29 pts –
Kevin Motter (1st Place 15 pts + TQ 2 pts)
23 pts –
Mikko Yang (5th Place 8 pts)
20 pts –
Tim Mulhmeyer (2nd Place 12 pts)
20 pts –
Colin Chambers (9th Place 8 pts)
18 pts –
Manny Campalans (3rd Place 10 pts)
17 pts –
Alan Benites (5th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Hao Huang (5th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Jose Sanchez ( 5th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Josh Espinoza (9th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (9th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Sam Angulo (9th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Jeff Yang (9th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (9th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Shaine Collins (17th Place 8 pts)
16 pts – Travon Yancy (17th Place 8 pts)
9 pts – Aydin Angulo (4th Place 9 pts)
8 pts –
Ethan David (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts –
Albert Martinez

1/26/19 Saturday Night Showdowns (Fun Comp Series)

Saturday, January 26, 2019:
Saturday Night Showdowns week 3
It was another great weekend here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena! The competition at the Saturday Night Showdowns is getting good! The mood has been light and it looks like everyone is getting comfortable with competing. That’s the objective of the SNS.

Tim Mulhmeyer was shooting for his second win in a row, but as always, the competition is always fierce!

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

Judging for the evening was Colin Chambers and myself. Thank you Colin for taking the time to help judge!

We had 16 competitors this week, Shilun Gu (Allen) joined us from NorCal which is always fun! The Top 4 came down to Hao Huang vs Alan Benites for 3rd and 4th, and Mark Santa Cruz vs. Aydin Angulo for 1st and 2nd! Both Hao and Alan have some mad speed and they both used it for their final battles! Although both put up a great fight, Hao straightened in a couple area giving Alan the edge, and also 3rd Place on the Podium! Then it was Mark vs. Aydin for the Top Spot! Great runs by both competitors, but Mark had made contact with one of the barriers, securing his 2nd place spot. Aydin emerged the winner taking 1st Place for the night! Congratulations Aydin!

Aydin Angulo – 1st / Mark Santa Cruz – 2nd / Alan Benites- 3rd

Congratulations to our winners of the Saturday Night Showdowns week 3! Can’t wait to get it on next Saturday!!! See you then!

Hao Huang getting in on his 4th place pic!

Points Earned – 1/26/19:
1st. 15 pts – Aydin Angulo
2nd. 12 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
3rd. 10 pts – Alan Benites
4th. 8 pts – Hao Huang
5th. 7 pts – Colin Chambers
5th. 7 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
5th. 7 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
5th. 7 pts – Joe Tam
9th. 6 pts – Nick Lepisto
9th. 6 pts – Josh Espinoza
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo
9th. 6 pts – Jelani Robinson
9th. 6 pts – Shilun Gu
9th. 6 pts – Steve Fujita
9th. 6 pts – Karlo Malabanca
9th. 6 pts – Travon Yancy

Point Standings – 1/26/19:
1st. 34 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
2nd. 32 pts –
Alan Benites (10)
3rd. 28 pts –
Aydin Angulo (15)
4th. 27 pts –
Mark Santa Cruz (12)
5th. 22 pts –
Josh Espinoza (6)
6th. 18 pts –
Nick Lepisto (6)
6th. 18 pts –
Sam Angulo (6)
6th. 18 pts –
Hao Haung (8)
9th. 13 pts –
Steve Fujita (6)
9th. – 13 pts –
Mark Solnyshkin (7)
9th. – 13 pts –
Colin Chambers (7)
12th. – 12 pts –
Jelani Robinson (6)
12th. – 12 pts –
Travon Yancy (6)
12th . – 12 pts –
Karlo Malabanca (6)
13th. – 8 pts –
Kevin Motter
14th. – 7 pts –
Jose Sanchez
15th. – 6 pts –
Danny Aguilar
15th. – 6 pts –
Kris Steele
15th. – 6 pts –
Manny Campalans
15th. – 6 pts –
Alex Dagondon
15th. – 6 pts –
Ethan David
15th. – 6 pts –
Shilun Gu (6)


1/19/19 Saturday Night Showdowns (Fun Comp Series)

Saturday, January 19, 2019:
Saturday Night Showdowns week 2
It looks like we are back to our regular scheduled program for the Saturday Night Showdowns! As always, it was a great time here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. Even though we were missing a few of our regulars, it was still a decent group ready to bang doors and get their fun comp action on!

Alan Benites was coming in looking for his second win of the season, while it seemed everyone else was determined to not allow that.

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

Judging for the evening was Manny Campalans and yours truly. It’s always a plus when we can get more people involved in judging. You would be surprised how much you learn as far as what the judges are looking for, as well as gaining respect for the job the judges are doing for you. Great job Manny! Thanks for stepping up!

We had 18 competitors, so you know it was going to be good! Everyone battled King of the Hill style for qualifying. We then moved right into the Tsuiso Battles for Top 8. It came down to Mark Santa Cruz vs Hao Huang for 3rd and 4th spot. Hao managed to hold tighter proximity on his chase run when compared to Mark, giving him the win and securing the 3rd spot on the podium. Then it was Nick Lepisto vs Tim Mulhmeyer for 1st and 2nd! Nick has been really putting down some serious runs this season and Tim is no stranger to taking the top spot on the podium, so everyone anticipated a fierce battle! As expected, both drivers delivered! In the end, Tim was able to go deeper in 2 of the 4 clips locking down the win and the number one spot for the night! Nick took home a well deserved second!

Tim Mulhmeyer – 1st / Nick Lepisto – 2nd / Hao Huang- 3rd
(Sorry Nick, I took 2 just incase. What are the chances)

Congratulations to our winners of the Saturday Night Showdowns week 2! Can’t wait to get it on next Saturday!!! See you then!

Mark Santa Cruz sneaking in on the Podium for 4th place!

Points Earned – 1/19/19:
1st. 15 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
2nd. 12 pts – Nick Lepisto
3rd. 10 pts – Hao Huang
4th. 8 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
5th. 7 pts – Alan Benites
5th. 7 pts – Joe Tam
5th. 7 pts – Aydin Angulo
5th. 7 pts – Jose Sanchez
9th. 6 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
9th. 6 pts – Jelani Robinson
9th. 6 pts – Danny Aguilar
9th. 6 pts – Andy Orozco
9th. 6 pts – Sam Taylor
9th. 6 pts – Travon Yancy
9th. 6 pts – Kris Steele
9th. 6 pts – Josh Espinoza
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo
9th. 6 pts – Manny Campalans


Point Standings – 1/12/19:
1st. 27 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (15)
2nd. 22 pts – Alan Benites (7)
3rd. 16 pts – Josh Espinoza (6)
4th. 15 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (8)
5th. 14 pts – Joe Tam (7)
6th. 13 pts – Andy Orozco (6)
6th. 13 pts – Aydin Angulo (7)
8th. 12 pts – Nick Lepisto (12)
8th. 12 pts – Sam Angulo (6)
10th. 10 pts – Hao Haung (10)
11th. 8 pts – Kevin Motter
12th. 7 pts – Steve Fujita
12th. 7 pts – Jose Sanchez (7)
13th. – 6 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Jelani Robinson (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Danny Aguilar (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Travon Yancy (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Kris Steele (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Manny Campalans (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Colin Chambers
13th. – 6 pts – Alex Dagondon
13th. – 6 pts – Ethan David
13th . – 6 pts – Karlo Malabanca

1/12/19 Saturday Night Showdowns (Fun Comp Series)

Saturday, January 12, 2019:
Tonight was the first SNS of 2019. 2018 was exciting, but 2019 is looking to be even better. New people, new chassis, new season, it’s going to be exciting!

RawFew Driver Kevin Motter ended the official 2018 Season with 11 back to back wins, and Mikko Yang of Team D-Style was coming in with the last 3 back to back wins with 2 unofficial fun comps and the first SuperShowdown Round 1. We were anticipating a POSSIBLE continuation of either of these winning streaks. Consecutive wins are consecutive wins. Did either of them pull this off?

Since this was the first Saturday Night Showdowns of the season, I will give a rundown of the point system. Since it’s all for fun, the points are for fun too. Many were asking if we could do something like this just so they know how they are doing in the group. We have changed the point system a bit since we announced the series.

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

This particular Saturday was cold and raining, but that didn’t scare the die-hards off! Everyone came through to start off the year the right way! The mood was light and everyone was having a great time. The fun was definitely in the Fun Comp! There were a few of us testing / shaking down new chassis. It made for an interesting night!

A special thanks going out to Colin Chambers and Kevin Motter for stepping up and judging along side of myself for a pretty solid judge rotation.

As we worked our way up though the top 8, it came down to Kevin Motter vs. Josh Espinoza for 3rd and 4th spots. Josh was on it this weekend and was definitely going to make Kevin work for it.  It seemed Kevin knew this, so on his lead run, he threw down some seriously deep lines. Unfortunately for Kevin, he tried to drag a wall a little too close and ended up making contact resulting in a good bounce! The crowd went silent. On the following run, Josh was on the lead, Kevin chasing. Josh without much effort, was able to navigate the course smoothly, locking him in for a solid 3 place on the podium!

Then it came down to Alan Benites vs. Tim Mulhmeyer for that top spot. First Alan was on the lead and Tim chasing. Alan gave Tim a good dose of that RMX speed, obviously making Tim work to maintain proximity. Both the lead and chase were solid! This brought us to the final run of the night with Tim leading and Alan chasing. Tim did Tim, running an amazingly deep line throughout the first 7/8 of the course. Alan was hot on Tim’s door the entire time, showing  he had what it takes to keep the pressure on. Then on the last clip it happened. Tim knowing he needed to do something to give him that little edge, he decided to go deep in the last clip. Unfortunately his exhaust caught the rail and gave him a good jolt. This was all Alan needed to secure the top spot on the podium! Tim took a very respectable 2nd place for the night!

Alan Beniites – 1st / Tim Mulheyer – 2nd / Josh Espinoza – 3rd

Congratulations to our winners of the Saturday Night Showdowns week 1! Can’t wait to get it on next Saturday!!! See you then!

Point Standings – 1/12/19:
1st. 15 pts – Alan Benites
2nd. 12 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
3rd. 10 pts – Josh Espinoza
4th. 8 pts – Kevin Motter
5th. 7 pts – Andy Orozco
5th. 7 pts – Joe Tam
5th. 7 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
5th. 7 pts – Steve Fujita
9th. 6 pts – Sam Taylor
9th. 6 pts – Colin Chambers
9th. 6 pts – Alex Dagondon
9th. 6 pts – Ethan David
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo
9th. 6 pts – Karlo Malabanca
9th. 6 pts – Aydin Angulo

SuperShowdown December 2018

Saturday, December 1, 2018:

This was the first of our monthly comp series, The SuperShowdown!
This has been started in response to the need to give the Drift Community regular competitions in addition to our weekly Fun Comps.

This just so happened to be a very special and unique event. To start, it happened to fall on the same weekend as StanceNation Costa Mesa. Super-G / RawFew had already been planning to host an R/C Drift Demo at StanceNation in collaboration with our drift family from NorCal – Limited Traction and Team Bushido / Fatlace. This meant we were going to have a pretty large turnout and all but guaranteed the top drifters from California would be present. In addition, the RawFew’s very own Kevin Motter was going for his 10th consecutive win here at Super-G. A tremendous feat since he rarely practices drifting other than the warm-up sessions before the comps. Nine back to back wins tells us it’s not just luck, but hitting double digits would just seal the deal.

The judges for the event would be Shaine Collins and Steve Fujita. The rules would come straight from the Super-G Judging Guideline. The spec tire for the event was Yokomo DRC.

As is to be expected, everyone brought their A Game this weekend. To kick off the qualifying, the first 5 or so competitors put down some seriously great runs. Each competitor was given 2 chances and their best score was kept. 10 points for each category, Line, Angle, and Style for a total of 30 possible points. Kevin Motter put down a blistering 29/30 to lock down the Top Qualifying Position!

The results for qualifying are as follows:
TQ: Kevin Motter
2. Hao Huang
3. (3-way tie)
Alan Benites
Dan Aguada
Mikko Yang
4. (4-way tie)
Brian Lemi
Ryan Aguiling
Shaine Collins
Tim Mulhmeyer
5. (2-way tie)
Manny Campalans
Mark Santa Cruz
6. Aydin Angulo
7. (3-way tie)
Josh Espinoza
Michael Vasquez
Sam Angulo
8. (3-way tie)
Grant Agngarayngay
Mark Solnshkin
Ryno Degala
9.  (2-way tie)
Erick Gonzalez
Tony Hickok
10. (2-way tie)
Jeff Yang
Mike Baroja
11. (2-way tie)
Al Sayong
Mike Cronhamn

The Top 24 Tsuiso Battles:
Moving to the Tsuiso Battles, everyone was bracketed according to their qualifying position. The format was Single Eliminations. The competition was some of the best we have witnessed thus far! It seemed every battle was very well matched. The ScaleReflex Cone (A cone placed at the apex of the final nose clip. Knocking it over would be an automatic Zero for the run) proved to be an exciting feature, almost claiming some of the top competitors as it’s victim.

Watch all the action here on our webcam

The Finals:
It all came down to Dan Aguada vs Hao Huang for 3rd and 4th, and Kevin Motter vs Mikko Yang for 1st and 2nd. The battle between Dan and Hao (The winner of YDM last month) was intense! Both drivers pulled out the big guns and were determined to claim that spot on the podium! Both drivers narrowly missed knocking down the ScaleReflex Cone they were going so deep in the clips! In the end, it was Dan’s day to shine as he was able to hold the better line for the win, and 3 Place!

Next up was Kevin vs Mikko. Kevin has been on fire the last 3 months and has gone undefeated for the past 9 comps and events here at Super-G! This was not the first time for these two to square off against each other. Obviously Kevin wanted to get the back to back double digits, and Mikko having the skill to prevent this, most definitely wanted to cut Kevin’s winning streak off right here! Suddenly the mood became serious as Kevin and Mikko lined up at the gate. Kevin on the lead, Mikko on the chase! Kevin put down an extremely clean lead, going deep in the clips, holding more than the minimum expected angle, all with no corrections or change in direction. Mikko’s chase had great proximity, but he had made a slight miscalculation in the sweeper causing him to slightly stall and correct. Not a huge error, but an error none the less. Next was Mikko on the lead and Kevin on the chase! Talk about pressure! Mikko is known to have some really good speed, so we were all wondering what would happen. Surprisingly, Kevin was able to maintain even tighter proximity than the previous run, with no hiccups. Mikko’s lead was a run anyone would be proud to call theirs, but in the end, it would not be enough to match or beat Kevin’s amazing lead which he was deeper in the clips while holding more angle. Kevin takes TQ and First Place, as well as accomplished 10 BACK TO BACK WINS here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena, making his team, The RawFew and Super-G extremely proud!

Congratulations to the winners of the Super-G SuperShowdown December 2018!
1st Place and TQ: Kevin Motter (RawFew)
2nd Place: Mikko Yang (Team D-Style)
3rd Place: Dan Aguada (Team Bushido)

Kevin Motter:
10 Consecutive Wins
Super-G / RawFew Factory Team Driver

Your Winners:
1st Place: Kevin Motter
2nd Place: Mikko Yang
3rd Place: Dan Aguada

4 Year Weekend – SuperTwin Team Tandem Battles Oct. 12, 2018

October 12, 2018

This past weekend Super-G was celebrating our 4th Year. Since we were pretty sure the entire West Coast was going to be involved, we wanted to make it a special event. Of course we wanted to have a Tsuiso Competition, but we also know just sessioning together is a huge part of it as well. For the past year of so, we have been discussing have a Twin Tandem Competition with our NorCal Fam, so we wanted to include this as well. We decided to try something we have never done before and we made this a two day event.

Day One:
Friday we opened doors at 7pm and to our surprise a good number of people were waiting. The track was open for the teams to practice for the SuperTwin Competition later that evening. It was quickly apparent this competition was no joke! The winning team was taking home $100 Cash and a Super-G “Glass G” trophy.

NorCal in the house!

The weather app on my phone said perfect weather, but as we were opening, people were talking about lightning and pouring rain. The skys were clear here in Baldwin Park, so what do those people know? My phone said no rain. Just as we are getting ready to start the SuperTwin Comp, it starts pouring rain! I check my phone (I don’t know why) and it says it’s going to be clear. Suddenly it refreshes and wouldn’t you know it, RAIN! Thanks iPhone! Immediately Colin Chambers comes over and starts handling it. EZ Ups out and over the pits. Our guys from GGT were smart and had their EZ Ups already out, so everyone pulled together and made it all work! The most notable thing to me, NOT ONE COMPLAINT. Thank you guys! The rain added some serious stress for us, but the way you guys handled it put us at ease. What a great community.

The SuperTwin Competition:
There was a lot of talent in the Arena. We didn’t expect the turnout to be that great since it is the first time we are trying the Twin, but we were hopeful. It ended up being a huge turnout, with everyone hyped about competing. We ended up with 17 teams (34 drivers) ready for battle!

Team Blitz – Sam and Aydin
LT Dark Sliders – Ryno and Bert
LT Bright Sliders – Dennis and Brian
Fatlace Crew – Dan and Erick
Black Balls – Rick and Al
SwiftSunz – Ryan and Ian
Hao2Drift – Josh and Hao
Plus Auto Club – Kevin and Colin
Team Daigo Santos (TDS) – Mikko and Jon
Mark X – Po and Jake
Evo Twinz – Jeff and Max
DRFTNDM – Tim and Kris
RawTwo – Ethan and Steve
Recking Kru – Mark and Joe
Dirty Deeds – Manny and Stiles
Alan & Jose – Alan and Jose
ButterCups – Shea and Shaine

We went with a Double Elimination format having each team battle each other. This insured each team had more than one shot at the win.

The Judges for the SuperTwin were Shaine Colins, Colin Chambers, and myself, Steve Fujita. We were looking for Proximity, Style, and Overall Appearance, as well as watching for contact, staying on course, and any other errors which may occur in a standard competition.

The competition was a mix of teams who always practice together and people who just met and decided to form a team. You would think the new teams would not do as well as the teams who practice together, but that wasn’t the case at all. So that goes to show you never know what’s going to happen!

In the end it came down to LT Bright Balls (Dennis and Brian Caroza from Limited Traction) and Super-G’s very own Recking Kru (Mark Santa Cruz and Joe Tam from The RawFew)! I’ll just go ahead and just say it, LT Bright Balls PUT IT DOWN!!! The entire night Dennis and Brian were untouchable in the Style category.  Mad angle, crazy lines, hard and synchronized transitions, just really what the judges and the spectators wanted to see. They earned a very decisive victory, $100 Cash, and the Super-G Glass G Trophy!

SuperTwin Winners! LT Bright Balls – Brian and Dennis Caroza
(Father and Son team. You can tell by how they close their eyes for the pic!)

Final Results

After the competition, in the rain, Dan and Tony were manning the grill and BBQ and had some seriously good eats for everyone!  I thought I was going to be cooking, but they really saved the day! With all the prep leading up to the event, Joe and myself were running on fumes. So having the food handled was HUGE! So Dan and Tony, thank you thank you!!!

Special thanks to Shaine Collins and Colin Chambers for taking the time to judge. I know it’s disruptive to the event, especially when you are competing, but you guys have become thee guys.

Fatlace / Team Bushido Dan!

Also thank you to everyone who came to watch or participate! We had Norcal – Limited Traction, Fatlace Crew, Team Bushido, SpeedJunkies, SoCal – GGT Crew, Team DStyle, SwiftSuns, Drftndm, RawFew. In addition, we had visitors from Vegas and Canada joining us.

It was a huge event, but that was only day one!

Super-G Competition Judging Guide Rev. 1.0

July 26, 2018:

As many of you are aware, here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena we have been hosting weekly Fun Comps we call the Saturday Night Showdowns. It all started with us wanting to provide the community with a place to come together and test skills, while keeping it fun and as low pressure as possible. Well, the pressure part doesn’t really go away, and in fact, it brings out the competitive nature in most of the participants. It became quickly apparent our loose rules and idea of keeping it very casual just wasn’t going to cut it. Competitors come for fun, but also to compete and win.

Ever since we had started Super-G we have been searching for “The Rules for R/C Drift” and as we came to find out, even in Japan there are something like 17 different ways to judge. (My number may be off, but it was in the teens for sure) Our Fun Comps have been judged by volunteers who bring their own ideas on what they want to see, but the problem is the lack of consistency.  In 1:1 Drifting different judges want to see different things, we get that, however when you are rotating judges throughout the night, that doesn’t quite work.

So we set out to bring some consistency to our judging. We had the perfect opportunity with our weekly Saturday Night Showdowns. So we gathered a team of consultants who were active in the Fun Comps and we started  laying out the rules. Of course the most obvious first, that was the easy part. We would put the rules into play the following week and see what issues would arise. Every week we made great strides in narrowing down unique situations that needed to be addressed.

We are now to the point where we all feel comfortable with the rules. They seem to cover most of the situations we encounter, but of course there will always be something that is not covered. What started out as a Judging Guide for our Fun Comps has evolved into a solid set of rules we will be using for our Official Comps also.