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UPDATE 10/19/2020 Super Drift Championship Finals

There have been some questions going into this weekend about the specifics of the Super Drift Championship Finals this upcoming weekend at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. I will try to address them here.

I Decided I Want To Compete In The Finals, Can I Enter?

We are hosting a Special Qualifying Round. This is ONLY for people who have not met the requirements to automatically be qualified for the SDC2020 Finals.
First Round of Special Qualifying starts at 8:00pm Friday Night
Second Round of Special Qualifying starts at 5:00pm Saturday.

Spec Tires are required for this round of qualifying.

Who Needs To Qualify and When?
Did You:
1. Finish as Regional Champion
2. Finish your regionals as 2nd or 3rd
3. Compete in 50% or more of your regionals
If so, your qualifying round is on Saturday for bracket position.

You will be able to enter the competition on Friday. There will be a Special Qualifying Round on Friday at 8:00pm.
You will be given 2 chances to qualify for the competition on Friday, and one more chance on Saturday before the competition starts. This gives you a total of 3 chances to achieve a qualifying score. Qualifying score TBA.

How Do My Points Work In The Finals?
They don’t.
The Point Series was for the sole purpose of deciding Regional Placement and qualification to participate in the Super Drift Championship U.S.A. Finals.
Everyone comes in at the same level.

Chassis Requirements (These Specifications supersede any existing guides regarding the Super Drift Championship U.S. Finals)
Please become familiar with these rules and make sure you meet the requirements. No exceptions will be allowed.

• EVERY CAR MUST RUN THE DESIGNATED SPEC TIRE ALL AROUND. (Handout tires will be supplied on competition day)
• Modifying, grinding down, scuffing tires on non-track surface is prohibited.
If tires show signs of unusual wear or scuffing, the competitor MUST PURCHASE a replacement set of the Designated Spec Tire.
Once the competition has started, modified tires will be an instant disqualification. 
• Body must be 1:10 scale, non-open wheel
• All chassis must be RWD
• Lighting is optional. Judges may request they be turned off if they are distracting
• Metal bumpers and crash bars are not allowed outside of the body
• Maximum weight fully loaded with body is 1100g measured at the rear wheels
• Wheel Base – Min. 240mm / Max. 275mm
• Overall Width including body – Max. 230mm
• Overall Length including body – Max. 490mm
• Maximum Height of any part of the car / spoiler – 150mm
• Front bumper / core support – Maximum height measured from surface to bottom of panel 20mm
• Rear bumper / core support – Maximum height measured surface to bottom of panel 25mm
• Maximum “poke” of tires measured from the edge of the driving surface of the tire to the top outer edge of the wheel arch 5mm. 
(Temporary fender flares will not be allowed)
• Protrusions beyond the rear-most panel of the body cannot exceed 25mm (Including spoiler)
• All bodies must be painted. Windows must be clear or translucent
• Dark colored wheels ARE allowed. There must be at least 1 highly visible radial line painted in a contrasting color. Judges approval required
• Absolutely no sound generators allowed. This includes zip ties, long screws, or anything intended to generate noise. This is your responsibility, not Tech.

Additional Rules Here:



Super Drift Championship 2020

Super Drift Championship Round 4 SoCal Region Oct. 10, 2020

October 10, 2020
What a weekend here at Super-G! I know I always say it just keeps getting better, but this weekend was nothing short of amazing! Most notably, the vibe was very upbeat and exciting!

The best of the best turned out for this round!

This weekend there was a lot at stake for a lot of people. Not only was this Round 4 of the Super Drift Championship Series for the SoCal Region, but the final round to accumulate points for the series. This meant not only was there the standard podium trophies up for grabs, but also the Regional Champion title! We had an all new layout for this round just to keep it interesting.

Coming into this weekend, Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / D-Sytle) was coming in as your points leader with a 3 point lead over the next closest competitor. Although a lead is a lead, everyone was well aware that anything could happen in the next few hours, and nothing was for sure. The next closest competitors were Nick Lepisto and Aydin Angulo, both tied for 2nd! The reality of the situation was there were approximately 15 competitors that had a shot at the title.

The Judges
A huge thank you to the judges for the event, Shaine Collins and Manny Campalans for judging along side of myself. It is extremely distracting to judge and compete, but these guys do it event after event. I could not be more proud of these guys, as they always put the good of the community before themselves. Thanks for making this all possible guys!

We started off the competition with our standard qualifying. It was clear this round everyone knew what they needed to do. With the new layout it seemed most were taking it easy, but making sure to stay off the walls and get in those clipping zones.

Everyone was really putting down some great runs, but then Shaine Collins (Team D-Style) was up and he threw down a truly amazing first run! Exactly what the judges want to see. Full commitment and fully filling the clipping zones at the correct angle, and with speed to match. Shaine was able to pull off this pace for the entire run, easily locking down the Top Qualifier (TQ) of the event! TQ is awarded 2 extra points which are very important at this point in the game. Congratulations Shaine!

Shaine Collins – Top Qualifier of the event!

Tsuiso Battles (Rookie)
First up we had the Rookie Class! This is a seriously exciting class to watch. Especially if you have been to the last 2 rounds. The Rookie Class has a good amount of competitors and watching them grow into expert is awesome! The 805 Drift and the VCRC Street Rides guys are hitting the scene hard! These guys have RC skills no doubt and are doing GREAT!

It came down to the Top 4, Gerald Maugeri vs Eddie Reyes for 3rd and 4th, and Michael Gray and Joseph Maugeri for 1st and 2nd! The winner of the Rookie Class moves up to Expert and gets to attempt to battle their way up to the top.

First up was Gerald vs Eddie. It was an exciting battle! So exciting the first round end in a OMT (One More Time). The next run, Eddie really put it down on both his lead and chase. Gerald did great as well, but it wasn’t enough to hold Eddie off. Eddie locked down 3rd spot on the podium. Then it was time for the finals for the Rookie Class. Michael vs Joseph. Joseph really turned up the wick on this run and really applied the pressure. Then it was Joseph’s lead and Michaels turn to chase. Obviously Joseph was feeling it as his driving was literally transforming before our eyes. Michael had a little mishap coming into the last clip allowing Joseph to claim his spot at the top of the podium, and Michael securing a strong 2nd place.

Congratulations to our Rookie Class Winners:
1st – Joseph Maugeri, 2nd – Michael Gray, 3rd – Eddie Reyes

Expert Class
It all boiled down to the Expert Class for the SoCal Regionals, and everyone who showed up meant business. SoCal’s best had shown up and were looking to take home the title of the Super Drift Championship Regional Champion! The competition was intense and Mikko Yang was aware of what needed to be done. The question was, could he hold on to the points lead and take home the title.

The competition was fierce with everyone fighting for that podium finish! Manny Campalans (Team Futaba USA / RawFew), Shaine Collins (Team D-Style), Jason Ragasa (Tech1Drift), and Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / D-Style) all fought their way though the other competitors to find themselves in the Top 4! With the points being as close as they were, and nobody being confident in their math skills 😜 we went into the finals not knowing what was really at stake. What we did know is the Top 4 were on fire, and Shaine was coming in off his TQ run!

It all came down to Mikko vs Jason for 3rd and 4th, and Manny vs Shaine for 1st and 2nd! It was intense as we all knew Mikko needed to pull off the win to still have a chance at taking home the title.

First was Mikko vs Jason for 3rd and 4th! Mikko unleashed a wicked lead and put some real distance between them out of the gate! Jason quickly made up that gap and gave a great chase from that point forward. Then it was Jason’s lead. Right out of the gate Mikko was hot on Jason’s bumper! He was able to maintain tight proximity throughout the entire run. With a better lead and chase, Mikko landed himself a solid 3rd Place run!

Manny Campalans (Team Futaba USA / RawFew) / Shaine Collins (D-Style)

Then it was the Finals, Manny vs Shaine! First to lead was Shaine with an amazing lead run! Something we had come to expect from him all day. Manny was on the chase and keeping good proximity until the crossover where he lost a little ground and had to take a shallower line. Now all that was left was Manny’s lead and Shaine’s chase. They both had their work cut out for them, as they are both aware anything can happen at this point, and it usually does. Manny is out of the of gate with Shaine mere inches off his bumper through the first clip. As they enter the second clipping zone, Shaine makes a slight miscalculation on speed and causes contact with Manny. That was enough to secure the win and the Top Podium Spot for Manny! Shaine took home a very hard fought 2nd Place, and Mikko took home 3rd!

The Top Dawgs! – 1st Manny Campalans, 2nd Shaine Collins, and 3rd Mikko Yang!!!

Congratulations to Manny Campalans for really throwing down and showing what he is capable of as he takes home 1st Place! Also to Shaine Collins for the amazing TQ run and wicked 2nd Place run! Finally to Mikko Yang for always bringing the mad skills and landing on the podium every single round this season!

Brackets for Round 4 SoCal Region EXPERT CLASS
Official Results EXPERT CLASS
Brackets for Round 4 SoCal Region Rookie Class
Official Results Rookie Class
Final Point Standings for Super Drift Championships SoCal Region

Super Drift Championship Round 3 (SoCal Region)

September 26, 2020

This past weekend was the restart for the Super Drift Championships here at Super-G for Round 3. It has been a long road for us since the start of the pandemic and our move from our original location. We literally hung our last security camera 30 minutes before opening. Talk about cutting it close!

Super Drift Championship Round 3 SoCal!

With so much going on in the world right now, it wasn’t a surprise we were missing a few people who started the series with us earlier this year. At the same time, we gained quite a few more and a good amount of rookies as well. Eleven to be exact.

The judges for the event were Shaine Collins (Team D-Style), Manny Campalans (RawFew / Team Futaba USA), and your’s truly, Steve Fujita. It was good to be back at it, and surprisingly we were able to get right to it without skipping a beat. When we finally compared our scoring for Qualifying, we were all within a point or two which was typical when we were doing comps regularly. Great job Shaine and Manny! Judging is no easy task, so we all owe these guys a huge thanks!

Everyone did really well, even the guys who were in the Rookie Class. For many it was the first time ever driving alone with people watching, but everyone stepped it up and did great! Depending on the skill level we as judges separated the Expert and Rookie Classes. This has been working well for us. The winner of the Rookie Class automatically advanced to the last spot in the Expert Class Brackets.

Qualifying Scores

For the Expert Class, there was a tie for Top Qualifier, Mikko Yang (Team ReveD/Team D-Style) and Colby Bradley (Team Zenshin) with a score of 94/100. Both these guys were on fire all day! They both got one more qualifying run each as a tie-breaker, no scoring, just who could put down the best qualifying run. Mikko Yang ran a near flawless run to take the Top Position and the Slide Ti Top Qualifier of the event!

The Slide Ti Top Qualifier for SDC Round 3 – Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team D-Style)
with his Slide Ti Titanium Turnbuckle Wrench

Tsuiso Battles (Rookie)
Next up was what everyone was waiting for. The Tsuiso Battles. First up was the Rookie Class. The idea being the Rookie class is to get the guys together to battle it out against others with similar skill sets. Not quite ready to battle the hardened experts. This class had proven to be exciting and fun to watch!

It came down to Austin Gregono vs David Sissum III for 3rd and 4th spot, and Andrew Jun and Michael Gray for 1st and 2nd. First up with Austin vs. David. Both were having good runs but on the last hairpin Austin spun, giving David the clear victory. Then it was time for the Rookie Finals, Andrew vs. Michael! Again these were some pretty good runs, but right at the end at the tricky hairpin, Michael spun, giving Andrew the well deserved win, and First Place! This also allowed Andrew to move into the last position in the expert class. Congratulations to Andrew!

Winner of the Rookie Class – 1st Place – Andrew Jun, 2nd Place – Michael Gray, and 3rd Place – David Sissum III
Super Drift Championship Brackets (Rookie Class)
Official Results

Expert Class
This is where the best SoCal has to offer come to show their skills. This round was no exception! The constant evolution of driving never ceases to amaze. When all was said and done, it came down to the Top 4. Mikko Yang (Team ReveD / Team D-Style) vs. Karlo Malabana (Team WallRide) for 3rd and 4th, and Nick Lepisto (RawFew / Team Futaba USA) vs. Colby Bradley (Team Zenshin). The Top 4 was no surprised to anyone, but looking at the driving in the Top 16, anyone in that group would have been right at home in the Top 4!

First up was Mikko vs. Karlo. Both drivers pulled off some amazing runs, but in the end, Mikko managed to hold a cleaner line throughout the course, securing 3rd place and his spot on the podium!

Nick and Colby Lined Up For the Final Battle

Finally it was down to the last two men standing, Nick Lepisto vs. Colby Bradley for the top podium spot! First was Nick on the lead and Colby on the chase. Nick lays down a near perfect lead run and Colby was right on him the entire time! It was top level driving at it’s finest. Then It was Colby’s turn to lead and Nick’s time to chase. Colby puts down a great lead, and Nick answers back with even tighter proximity on his chase than Colby was able to put together on his chase. This was enough to put Nick over the top and onto the top spot on the podium! Both drivers did amazing!!!

Congratulations to 1st Place – Nick Lepisto, 2nd Place – Colby Bradley, and 3rd Place – Mikko Yang!

Slide Ti
Zerek (Slide Ti) generously gave a sick Slide Ti Titanium Turnbuckle Wrench to the TQ of the day, Mikko Yang, and a serious Slide Ti Tool Kit for the Top Podium Winner, Nick Lepisto! The took kit has everything you need for your trackside adjustments and repairs, all with that distinctive Slide Ti look!

Slide Ti Tool Kit to the Winner of the day – Nick Lepisto!

Congratulations to Nick Lepisto (RawFew / Futaba USA), Colby Bradley (Zenshin) and Mikko Yang (ReveD / D-Style) for holding it down in SoCal! All 3 had some fierce battles to overcome to rise to the top!

Top Dogs of  Super Drift Championship Round 3
Super Drift Championship Round 3 Brackets (Expert Class)
Official Results – Expert Class

Special Thanks to Brandon (Ted) Britt (Ritmo), Shane Mikula, Juan Gonzales, and Austin Blines (Team Nostalgic), Don Coles, Eddie Reyes, and Michael Gray (805 Drift), and Gerald Maugen, Joseph Maugen, and David Sissum III (VCRC Street Rides) for making the trip out here to join us! We know it’s a ways for all of you!

Super Drift Championship Point Standings – SoCal Region

Super Drift Championship Update

Super Drift Championship in SoCal Resumes:
With all the uncertainty that everyone has been going through this year, we have been waiting for things to stabilize before making any moves. We have had to make a few changes to our plans, but we are doing our best to make this happen.

Major Requirement Changes:
Due to the limited rounds possible for the different regions, we are changing the “Qualifying by Participation” of 75% of the regionals to 50% to be automatically qualified for the Finals in October. It appears most regions will be hosting 4 rounds. If you have participated in 2 of the 4, you will qualify to enter the Finals Competition.

Walk-On Qualifying:
For those who did not meet the following requirements to be automatically qualified to participate in the finals by the following:
a) Placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for your region
b) Participating in 50% or more of your region’s series
You will be allowed to enter the Finals, but will be subjected to an additional qualifying round to determine if you will advance to the next stage.

The NEW date for the Super Drift Championship Finals:
October 23 and 24, 2020. 
We unfortunately had to push the date back due to the closures we have experienced over the past year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

With all that we have been going through this year, I hope we can all come together for a huge Drift Bash to wrap up this season.

SoCal Regionals:
Round 3 – September 26, 2020
Round 4 – October 10, 2020 (Regional Final)

Super Drift Championship Round 2 (SoCal Region)

March 7, 2020
This past weekend was the Super Drift Championship Round 2 for the SoCal Region here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. We had a great turnout with 37 competitors, many new faces, and a lot of serious skills.

Super Drift Championship Round 2 SoCal Region

The judges for the event were Shaine Collins (Team D-Style), Manny Campalans (RawFew), and myself, Steve Fujita. Joe Tam was emcee for the night, as well as running our audio/visual and live stream. He really is a one-man entertainment center.

In Round 1 we ended up running really late and qualifying took forever. So for Round 2, we offered to do early qualifying in hopes of speeding up the actual competition. When we announced it, there were no responses, so we just went on as planned. I later found out there were a couple people interested, but hardly enough to warrant breaking up practice for.

The reverse layout proved to be challenging for many, but we always try to switch it up for every comp. This round we went with more inside clips than outer. This seemed to push everyone to dig deep for those skills they normally don’t use heavily.

This round us judges decided we would not discuss the qualifying runs after each run, but rather write down our scores and add them at the end. This helped to move the qualifying right along and was a better overall way to run it. I was pleased to find when checking the scores, all three judges were within a couple points of each other. Further reinforcing the fact our point system is working and is consistent.

Congratuations to Manny Campalans for taking TQ for the event!!!

Futaba Top Qualifier!
Futaba has generously donated to sponsor the Super Drift Championship here at Super-G and this round the winner of the Futaba Top Qualifier went to Manny Campalans from (Team Futaba USA / RawFew). He had his choice of the new CT700 Servo or the GYD450. He chose the GYD450 Gyro! Congratulations Manny on a awesome qualifying run!

Tsuiso Battles:
I know I say it every time, but when the driving is at this level, it really deserves to be mentioned again. The driving skills demonstrated here in Round 2 were really top notch. Most of the battles were won or lost based on some of the smallest margins we have seen. What this means for the future is, competitors really need to step up their game and pay attention to the finer details now.

Victor Romo vs. Aydin Angulo – 1st and 2nd Place Battles!

In the finals, it was Mikko Yang vs. Albert Martinez for 3rd and 4th position, and Aydin Angulo vs. Victor Romo for 1st and 2nd.
First up was Mikko vs. Albert. Mikko had a great lead run and Albert had a great chase. They switched positions and this time Albert was leading, Mikko chasing. On the first clip Albert had gone wide and hooked his wing on the fence and an extension cord that was behind that. This gave Mikko an easy win, and the 3rd spot on the podium. Then it was time for the big dogs, Aydin vs. Victor for 1st and 2nd. On the first run, both Aydin and Victor made contact and forced a OMT (One More Time). On the second run, it came down to the first clip and who did it better. This time around it was Aydin who put it down for the win and the top spot on the podium! Victor took home a very respectable 2nd place!

Congratulations to the winners! 1st – Aydin Angulo, 2nd – Victor Romo, and 3rd – Mikko Yang!

Congratulations to First Place – Aydin Angulo (Team Zenshin), Second Place – Victor Romo (Sell Out Boys), and Third Place – Mikko Yang (Team Reve D-Style)

SoCal Region Official Point Standings

Super Drift Championship Round 1 SoCal Regional

The Super Drift Championship Round 1 for SoCal is in the books and it was nothing short of an amazing event! There were a lot of new faces jumping in for their first comp, so the road to the finals in October is already being paved.

The SoCal Region is hosting a 9 part point series to determine their Regional Champion. The Regional Champion will automatically be entered into the Finals in October and will also be given lodging for the finals weekend.

There are 3 ways to make it to the Finals in October:
Champion of the Regional Series (Lodging Provided for Finals Weekend)
Place 2nd or 3rd for the overall series
Compete in 75% or more of the series (regardless of standings)

Points are awarded as follows:
15 points – First Place
12 points – Second Place
10 points – Third Place
9 Points – Forth Place
8 Points – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 Points – Top Qualifier (TQ of the event)

We will also be dropping everyone’s 2 lowest scores which basically means you can miss 2 events in the season and not be penalized.

There will also be 2 DOUBLE POINT rounds. This will keep it interesting.

What this translates into is, no matter how you finish, the worst you can do is equal to 5th place. This means even toward the end of the series, you will still have a good shot at a podium spot.

Super Drift Challenge Round 1 – SoCal Region

This was the kick off event for the season. After witnessing the level of driving, it’s clear SoCal is going to be bringing the heat to the Finals.

Doors opened at 4p Saturday and right away competitors got to breaking in tires and learning the line for the competition. Nick Lepisto (RawFew), Shaine Collins (Team D-Style), and Mikko Yang (Team Reve D) laid out the line for this months round.

The Return of the Champ
After a commanding win in the 2019 series, Kevin Motter (RawFew) The SoCal Drift King had disappeared from the R/C Drift Scene. It left everyone wondering if he would return for the 2020 season. Just as we were about to open, Kevin shows up to talk about his 4 month break. We were all glad to see he was alive! Ha! We were equally glad to hear he planned to compete, but a little concerned since he had not touched his car in 4 months. Tunes have changed, newer chassis have been released; could he still be competitive?

By the time we were ready to start qualifying, we had 34 competitors signed up. Many were new faces and quite a few were first timers. This is a good sign for the R/C Drift Community since we are seeing growth.

This season we have implemented a new style of qualifying. I felt it worked very well but it did slow us down a bit since we needed to get into the groove of things. Once we became familiar with the scoring, it started to go a lot quicker.

The Futaba Top Qualifier of the event was Kevin Motter with a score of 94. There was a 3 way tie for TQ between Kevin Motter, Alan Benites, and Jason Fordyce. It came down to the score of their secondary runs. Kevin (87/94), Alan (81/94), and Jason (0/94). Congratulations to Kevin for putting down some great qualifying runs and landing TQ.

As always, we had the lower scoring qualifiers battle it out for the last bracket position. Kris Steele was able to fight his way up into the Top 32! Ultimately finishing in a 4 way tie for 5th place.

We also had the honor of having one of our good friend Justin Pawlak’s son, Jaxsen Pawlack enter his first R/C Drift Comp here at Super-G! He’s just 7 years old and he put down a qualifying score of 32, landing him in 27th position!

Qualifying Scores – Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew) for TQ of the event.

Tsuiso Battles:
The season opener has given us much promise as to what is yet to come. The skill level here in SoCal is running high, even the competitors who have just a few months under their belts are really putting down some serious runs.

Kevin Motter (R) vs. Mikko Yang (L) for 1st and 2nd Place

The Final 4 came down to Josh Espinoza (Team Zenshin) vs. Alfredo Chan III (Tech 1 Drift) for 3rd and 4th position, and Kevin Motter (RawFew) vs. Mikko Yang (Team Reve D) for 1st and 2nd. First up was Josh vs. Alfredo. On Josh’s lead run, he had an unfortunate over-rotation on the second clip, securing the win and 3rd spot for Alfredo!

Then it was time for the battle for 1st and 2nd. Kevin vs. Mikko! Kevin was leading, Mikko on the chase. These two are no strangers to this situation, so the pressure was on. Out of the gate, it’s business as usual. Kevin putting down a clean run with a lot of angle and as deep as he usually is. Mikko bringing that tight proximity. Then it happened, Kevin knocks over the ScaleReflex Cone at the Inside Clip on the chicane. Kevin scores a Zero for his lead. Mikko’s chase was on point. They switch it up and Mikko is leading, Kevin chasing. Out of the gate Mikko is running a clean line, Kevin is applying that pressure! Mikko is putting down a great lead, Kevin’s chase is the very definition of pressure at it’s highest. Coming into the last turn, it happens. Mikko clips the last cone sending it flying, and effectively scoring him a Zero for his lead as well. An unbelievable turn of events, and cause for a OMT (One More Time).

OMT Time! Kevin takes the lead position again, Mikko on the chase. Kevin proceeds to really turn up the heat and lays down a close to flawless run, if not flawless. Extremely deep, filling each clip as completely as possible and with a much angle as possible. Mikko was right on his tail, giving that pressure that makes even the most seasoned drivers feel it. This time around Kevin was cone free. Then it was Mikko’s turn to lead and Kevin chasing. Mikko puts down a clean lead and Kevin puts down some serious proximity following Mikko’s line to a T. Again, clean run! After reviewing, the winner was clear. Kevin pulled off great proximity on his chase without sacrificing line, where Mikko had to go shallow on the first clip to maintain proximity. Then on the leads, Kevin rode the outer line at the limit for the entire course, including the last roundabout, where Mikko had shallowed up in the initiation. Both competitors pulled off some amazing runs, but in the end, Kevin’s runs had that edge and enough to land that Top Podium Position!

Jeff Yang from 7demo7 got some great footage of the battle for 1st and 2nd place here:
7demo7 YouTube Channel

1st Place – Kevin Motter (RawFew), 2nd Place – Mikko Yang (Team Reve D), 3rd Place – Alfredo Chan III.

Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew), the winner of the Super Drift Championship Round 1 SoCal Regional and TQ! Also to Mikko Yang (Team Reve D) for 2nd, and Alfredo Chan III (Tech 1 Drift) for 3rd.

Special thanks to the judges for the event. Shaine Collins, Manny Campalans!

ROUND 2 – MARCH 4, 2020

SoCal Region Point Standings

RawFew BBQ and Game Day

November 16, 2019
Leading up to this weekend has been hectic for Joe and myself, as we are doing some serious remodeling here at Super-G. We are in the process of adding a lot more retail space for our store, and at the same time increasing our permanent pit space. The Team RawFew had approached us with a plan to host a BBQ and have a few tests of skill. The idea was to have a fun session with some fun games. Nothing serious going on.

The menu for the day was burgers, dogs, and hot links! Manny took on the grilling tasks. I don’t think I saw him leave the grill the entire time. He really killed it as the grill master.

Gettin it on! Busted out the Recking Kru Team Bodies.
Mark Santa Cruz and myself getting some Team Tandem slides on.

The session was really good and the vibe was very relaxed. Just some good food and friends sliding together. There seemed to be a lot of team tandem practicing going on, which was really good to see. I think 2020 should be the year we start to see some serious team tandem comps going on.

After everyone was done eating, Nick jumped on the mic and got the games going. Nobody was quite sure what they had in store, but you know how it is, everyone was down to give it a shot. The first round was a drift gate type of contest. They had set up a movable cone and gave everyone about 1.25 car length space to drift through. As long as you were drifting it and didn’t knock down the cone you were good. How fun was it? I wanted to go a few more rounds! Everyone lined up and took a shot at it. If you made it you got back in line to try the smaller gap. We finally got down to 3 people going through an opening less than a car length. While holding a high speed shallow drift, Alan Benites showed us all what it’s about and took the win!

Drift Park – Aydin won with less room than this!

Next up was the Drift Park. The objective was to drift into the parking spot between 2 cars while not going past them. After every round the cars were moved closer and closer. It finally came down to 2 people, Sam and Aydin Angulo! It was a father and son battle. Aydin squeezed in perfectly with less than half an inch at the front and back of the car!!! Sam almost had it as well, but tapped at the last moment. Aydin Angulo took the win!

The Winners of the Games – Alan Benites (Drift Gate), Aydin Angulo (Drift Park)
Scale Reflex Light Kits to the winners!

After the games, it was mentioned to me by more than a few that they wanted more of this type of event. I have to agree. We knew going into it that it would be fun, but I don’t think anyone really expected the level of fun that it really was. Not a single complaint, nobody getting bent, just good fun with the family.

I’m sure The RawFew will be going another soon. Trust me, when they do, you definitely do not want to miss it!

Thanks to the RawFew Members – Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, Jason Fordyce, and Manny Campalans for making this happen. It was a great success and more importantly, a ton of fun! Looking forward to the next one!

SuperShowdowns The Final Throwdown – Super-G 5 Year Event

October 19, 2019:
The year long series, SuperShowdowns here at Super-G have come to an end at the Super-G 5 Year Annual Event! This season has been exciting to say the least, but more than that, we have seen HUGE improvement all around. The driver’s skill has increased tremendously over the past year. In addition to the drivers themselves, our judging, rules, and efficiency have grown beyond our expectations. Finally, our Super-G Replay System has come to the point where we feel very comfortable with how everything is working together. All this combined has made for a Competition Series we can all be proud to be a part of. 2020 promises to far exceed 2019.

SuperShowdowns are a monthly competition, each separate from the rest with trophies awarded for the podium finishers. We have also been running a points series in the background. The points would only come into play at the final competition of the series, where we would add the points and crown the SoCal Drift King. To keep things sane, we decided to drop each competitors 2 lowest rounds, allowing for missed rounds without blowing the series. If you missed more than 2, you were on your own.

For the entire series, myself, along with Colin Chambers and Shaine Collins were the Official Judges. I need to give a special thank you to both Colin and Shaine for not only being the most reliable judges, but for showing a true passion for judging fairly. For myself, I consider each and every person who comes through the doors of Super-G to be “one of my guys”. So I would love to see everyone win. However, for Shaine and Colin, they are both very good friends with a couple of guys who were always battling for the top positions. I can say without reservation, I never once witnessed even the slightest hint of favoritism or bias. Our desire to make the correct call far surpassed any type of loyalty or friendship. Having the entire crowd watching any of the replays we were reviewing ensured there was no funny business going on. So on behalf of Super-G and the SoCal Drift Community, I would like to give a huge than you to Colin Chambers and Shaine Collins. Two of the finest judges in the game today.

The Vegas Fam In The House!

The Points
Coming into the Finals, Kevin Motter had secured 1st Place at the conclusion of Round 10, but the real battle was for 2nd Place! Mikko Yang and Jason Fordyce were tied in points for 2nd, but the reality was everyone in the Top 13 could possibly land 2nd or 3rd place. Needless to say, coming into the finals was exciting!

Since the Finals were held at the Super-G 5 Year Event, the entries were more than usual! 50+ competitors over the weekend was no joke. We decided to create 2 classes. We originally called them Rookie and Expert Class, but we will revise that for any upcoming events. Everyone ran their 2 qualifying laps, and the judges decided who belonged in Rookie or Expert based on their performance. There were many key factors, and in the end it seemed to be the right call. There are people who are ready to compete at the expert level after a month, and there are people who should be competing in Rookie in their second year. Let’s keep it fun!

RawFew’s very own Ethan. The only people who don’t sweat this guy are the people who just don’t know. He’s a little terror in a box.

I normally try to keep my personal feelings out of the recaps, but I need to get personal on this round. It was obvious to me that everyone came to put down their very best for the Finals. Mikko seemed to bring out the big guns this round and pulled off what I feel is his best qualifier ever! I was pretty confident he was taking TQ with 2 back to back blistering runs. I always try to keep an open mind as a judge, but I just couldn’t help but feel that was the best we were going to see for this round. A few runs later, it was Kevin Motter’s turn. Knowing how focused Kevin can get, I knew there was a slight chance he could pull it off, but replaying Mikko’s run back in my mind, I new it wasn’t going to be easy, if not impossible. Wouldn’t you know it, Kevin pulls off an amazing first run! Equal to Mikko’s. I couldn’t say better, but I could easily say it was equal. Kevin’s second run is another amazing run! Better than Mikko’s? We all felt they were just about all the same runs. ALL 4 RUNS WERE BASICALLY THE SAME!

Who’s Going First? Mikko GOT ‘EM!!!

It was down to one more qualifying run for each of them. Mikko won the Rock, Paper, Scissors match, so he chose to go first. Amazingly, he was able to put together another insane run! Then it was Kevin’s turn and in typical Kevin fashion, turned it up a notch and cut his margin of safety in half. There was no denying he was going to the limit in each clip, earning him the Top Qualifier Position!

My Man Shaine Clowning! But only after qualifying 3rd!!!

For myself, a very notable happening this round was my fellow judge Shaine Collins and his qualifying. For the entire season, he has been finding himself on the lower end of the qualifying, but he pulled it together this round and pulled off a 3rd Place qualifying run! I could not be more proud of him. Great job Shaine!

1 – Kevin Motter – Top Qualifier

2 – Mikko Yang
3 – Shaine Collins
4 – Alan Benites
5 – Hao Huang
6 – Tim Mulhmeyer
7 – Jordan Crawford
8 – Chris Lagasca
9 – Charlie Munro
9 – Alfredo Chan III
11 – Brian Lemi
12 – Nick Lepisto
12 – Rick Mahaney
14 – Ethan David
15 – Jason Fordyce
16 – Ryno Degala
17 – Manny Campalans
18 – Max Wilkinson
19 – Ron Wyllie
20 – Michael Dedmon
20 – Allen Gu
20 – Levon
20 – Mark Santa Cruz
24 – TJ Dasalla
25 – Karlo Malabanan
26 – Victor Ho
27 – Bret Trevino
28 – Dan Aguada
29 – Jesse Brattain
29 – Coreu Carlstrom
31 – Tony Hickok
32 – Cody Ramirez
32 – James Anderson
34 – Eddel Veloso
35 – Jose Sanchez
36 – Andrew Mendez
37 – Mark Solnyshkin
38 – Josh Espinoza
39 – kenny Dedmon Jr.
40 – Ryan Aguiling
40 – Al Sayong III

1 – Nico Lozada
2 – Mike Chronhamn
3 – Michael Vasquez
4 – Michael Sales
5 – Nick Lozada
6 – Kenny Dedmon Sr.
7 – Don H

***Some of the qualifying positions have changed after comparing the second score. We have taken the highest of the two runs to establish qualifying position. In the event of a tie, the second run score is taken into account. For Listing Purposes ONLY.

Picture Time!

The Tsuiso Battles
There was a lot going on with these battles and we ended up with more battles than we anticipated. In the end, these battles are what this day was about, and we had a lot of trophies that needed to find new homes!

Quite honestly, by the time we got to the Semi Finals, my brain was fried. I cannot for the life of me recall any of the runs. I’m sorry for keeping this short, but it took everything I had to stay focused on the individual battles. In the end, it was Bret Trevio (Team Slidelines) vs. Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA) for 3rd and 4th. Mikko came out victorious landing him on the 3rd spot on the podium, while Bret took a very respectable 4th Place!

First Place Battle – Kevin Motter (RawFew) vs. Tim Mulhmeyer (Team Rhino)

Then it was time for the Finals, Kevin Motter (RawFew) vs. Tim Mulhmeyer (Team Rhino). Kevin ultimately came out on top, landing him at the Top Spot on the podium for First Place! Tim took a hard earned and very deserved 2nd!

The Winners of the Super-G SuperShowdown Final Throwdown!
1st – Kevin Motter (RawFew), 2nd Tim Mulhmeyer (Team Rhino), and 3rd Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA)
SuperShowdown Final Throwdown Top 32 Brackets
Full Results
Bret Trevio in for the 4th Place Sneak!
Owner of Slidelines Las Vegas holding it down and taking a solid 4th!

The Rookie Class Winners:
1st Place – Nico Lozada
2nd Place – Michael Vasquez
3rd Place – Mike Chronhamn

Great job guys!

Rookie Class Winners: 1st Place – Nico Lozada (Swift Suns), 2nd Place – Michael Vasquez (Limited Traction), 3rd Place – Mike Chronhamn (Team Slidelines)
SuperShowdown Point Series Winners!
1st – Kevin Motter (RawFew), 2nd – Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA), 3rd – Jason Fordyce (RawFew)
Final Points for SuperShowdowns Point Series 2019
Kevin Motter (RawFew) The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Kevin cleaned house this past weekend:
First Place SuperTwin Team Tandem Competition
Top Qualifier Tsuiso Battles
First Place Tsuiso Battles
First Place SuperShowdowns Point Series 2019
Kevin Motter:
First Place SuperTwin
First Place Tsuiso Battles
First Place SuperShowdown Point Series 2019

Congratulations to all the winners this past weekend! Everyone displayed an amazing level of skill! We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!

September 7, 2019 SuperShowdown Round 9

Wow wow wow!!! This past weekend had some insane driving going on! I know I usually say the driving was exceptional, but this weekend in particular was full of incredible runs. I have to say, if you want to test your skills, Super-G SuperShowdowns are definitely the place.

OCTOBER 5 – SuperShowdown Round 10 = DOUBLE POINTS!!!
OCTOBER 19 – SuperShowdown Finals = DOUBLE POINTS!!!

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

The Battle for 1st and 2nd – Jason Fordyce vs. Kevin Motter

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

New Layout and Judging Aids
Since we have been seeing such good driving recently, I has thought it could be due in part to running a familiar layout. So this round we changed it up and also added some magnetic cones to help with judging some of the harder to see areas. Simple and straight forward, knock over a cone, you are too far out of bounds.

The qualifying rounds this weekend were impressive. The majority of the drivers were within a few points of each other. However, the Top Qualifier of the event was a full 2 points above the nearest competitor. Jason Fordyce threw down an AMAZING pair of qualifying runs. Both were enough to lock down TQ, but his final run outdid his previous which had everyone left speechless. Congratulations Jason for a commanding TQ!

Top Qualifier – Jason Fordyce
2 – Kevin Motter
3 – Mikko Yang
4 – Tim Mulhmeyer
5 – Aydin Angulo
6 – Manny Campalans
7 – Hao Huang
8 – Sam Angulo
9 – Mark Santa Cruz
10 – Nick Lepisto
11 – Jeff Yang
12 – Alfredo Chan III
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 – Mark Solnyshkin
15 – Corey Carlstrom
16 – Shaine Collins
17 – Alan Benites
18 – Philip Lucas

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month we had 18 competitors, so we made a Top 18 bracket.

YouTube Coverage Here:

This month we were a little short on the judging with Colin “Cool Breeze” Chambers MIA. So it was left to Shaine Collins and myself. Since we have access to the Super-G Replay System, we didn’t skip a beat. Not only can the judges review the runs from multiple angles and in real or slow-motion speed, but the spectators and competitors can also see what the judges are reviewing. At this point, everyone is pretty clear on who and why, and the judges just give the final say. The Super-G Replay System is a very necessary judging tool, as we have found the human eye misses quite a bit.

Kevin Motter and Jason Fordyce prepared for battle – The Final Round

The Top 4:
I usually start my recap at the Top 4, but this weekend the battle between Kevin Motter and Mikko Yang to decide who battles for 1st and 2nd were the most intense! It was so close, we had to go to OMT (One More Time) twice! It came down to reviewing on the Super-G Replay System to finally make the call. without the replay system, it would have been impossible to see the deciding factor. In the first clip, Kevin fills the entire clip for the full length. Mikko entered the clip, then his line takes him outside of the clip, then back in to complete the zone. Both appeared to fill the clip, but from the Birdseye view it was clear Kevin deserved the win.

So for the Top 4, it was Josh Espinoza vs Mikko Yang for 3rd and 4th, and Jason Fordyce vs Kevin Motter for 1st and 2nd.

First up was Josh vs. Mikko! Josh threw down a great lead and Mikko answered back with a great chase. Then on Mikko’s lead, he put down a really clean lead run and Josh actually had better proximity, but as fate would have it, he was a little too close on one of the transitions, interfering in Mikko’s transition and giving Mikko the 3rd spot on the podium.

Then it was time for the finals! Jason vs. Kevin. These 2 are no strangers to battling it out for the top spot. Great friends and teammates, these 2 really put on their game faces when it comes to winning. They both act like they don’t care, but we all know better! Ha! First out was Jason on the lead. Being TQ of the night we expected to see a great run and he didn’t disappoint. Deep in the clips with a lot of angle! Kevin did his usual and was right on Jason’s door for the entire run. Amazing run! Then it was Kevin’s lead. As expected, Kevin went deep and Jason was right there within mere millimeters. Unfortunately Jason had a miscalculation and had slight contract with Kevin, then found himself having to let off to avoid contact, allowing Kevin to pull away with a smoother line and also the Top Podium Spot! Jason takes home a well earned 2nd, and his teammate Kevin takes home the win!

Congratulations to our winners, First Place – Kevin Motter, Second Place – Jason Fordyce, and Third Place – Mikko Yang!

The Winners – First – Kevin Motter, Second – Jason Fordyce, Third – Mikko Yang
Congratulations To Our Winners – 1st Kevin Motter, 2nd Jason Fordyce, and 3rd Mikko Yang
SuperShowdown Round 9 Brackets
SuperShowdown Round 9 Full Results
Josh Espinoza sneaking in for 4th

Official Point Standings:
1. 117 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts)
2. 96 pts– Mikko Yang (3rd – 10 pts)
3. 82 pts – Manny Campalans (5th – 8 pts)
4. 80 pts –Jason Fordyce (2nd – 12 pts / TQ – 2 pts = 14 pts)
5. 79 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (9th – 8 pts)
6. 74 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (5th – 8 pts)
7. 70 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
7. 70 pts – Shaine Collins (17th – 8 pts)
9. 69 pts – Colin Chambers
10. 68 pts– Alan Benites (9th – 8 pts)
11. 63 pts – Josh Espinoza (4th – 9 pts)
12. 59 pts – Hao Huang (5th – 8 pts)
13. 54 pts – Sam Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
14. 51 pts –Alfredo Chan III (5th – 8 pts)
15. 49 pts – Aydin Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
16. 48 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (9th – 8 pts)
17. 32 pts – Ethan David
18. 30 pts – Jeff Yang (9th – 8pts)
19. 24 pts –Cory Carlstrom (17th – 8 pts)
19. 24 pts – Jelani Robinson
19. 24 pts –Jason Ragasa
19. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
23. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
24. 21 pts – Albert Martinez
25. 16 pts – Philip Lucas (9th – 8 pts)
25. 16 pts –Jeremy Meyer 
25. 16 pts –Don Hadix 
25. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
25. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
30. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner
31. 8 pts – Kris Steele
31. 8 pts – Mike Underwood
31. 8 pts – Don A
31. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
31. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
31. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
31. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
31. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
31. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon 

August 3, 2019 Super Showdown Round 8

This past weekend was SuperShowdown Round 8 and it seemed like everyone was ready for a comp. The weather was pretty warm when we opened, so it seemed like waiting till it cooled down a little was the trend. There were a few people anxious to break in their tires, so we were glad we were open early.

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

This month our good friend Jeremy Meyer from Driftwell in Fresno, CA was able to come and join us for the comp. He’s a Super-G regular and no stranger to our comps. We were also lucky enough to have Philip Lucas, the owner of Skyhunter Hobby in Lancaster, CA come and get some slides on with us! They have a R/C Drift Track in their store and often host fun comps on Sundays, as well as being well stocked on drones and off-road R/Cs! Check them out if you have a chance.

SuperShowdown Round 8

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

The Previous Layout Returns
Since last month seemed to catch everyone a little off guard, we decided we would run the same layout and same line as last month. We expected to see everyone well adjusted and able to put together some good runs. We were not disappointed! The driving this month was top-notch!

Qualifying was smooth as always. This time around everyone’s driving was on point, with 11 drivers within a couple points of each other. The end of the straight had the tricky semi U-turn with wall ride, but everyone seemed to take to it comfortably this round. Jason Fordyce, last month’s TQ threw an amazing entry and wall ride, but it wasn’t enough to lock down TQ again this month since Kevin Motter went ahead and laid down a near perfect run on the entire course. Congratulations to Kevin for being Top Qualifier of this round!

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Jason Fordyce
3 – Has Huang
4 – Mikko Yang
5 – Nick Lepisto
6 – Tim Mulhmeyer
7 – Manny Campalans
8 – Mike Underwood
9 – Sam Angulo
10 – Aydin Angulo
11 – Shaine Collins
12 – Alan Benites
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 – Kris Steele
15 – Jelani Robinson
16 – Ethan David
17 – Alfredo Chan III
18 – Jason Ragasa
19 – Mark Santa Cruz
20 – Philip Lucas
21 – Colin Chambers
22 – Jeremy Meyer
23 – Don A
24 – Mark Solnyshkin

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month we had 9 people to battle it out for the last spot in the Top 16. The Super-G Bracketing System has been working well for us. In qualifying the top 15 are seeded in the Top 16, the remainder of competitors are put into a separate bracket to battle for the 16th spot in the Top 16. This month Colin Chambers was victorious and went on to battle this month’s TQ, Kevin Motter!

YouTube Coverage Here:

The Judges for this event were the usual gang of thugs, Colin Chambers, Shaine Collins, and myself (Steve Fujita). Shaine and Colin always do such a great job. I go back after every comp and review the calls to improve our judging and also to see if we missed anything. I am proud to say we have been on point now for what is probably approaching 80 or so comps. Great job as always guys! We the community, owe these guys a huge thanks for always providing the best and most unbiased judging I have ever seen.

Kevin Motter and Manny Campalans ready to do battle!

The Top 4:
This month battling for 3rd and 4th was Mikko Yang vs. Tim Mulhmeyer. Both drivers had great lead runs, almost equal. However, these battles were decided on the chases. Mikko was able to maintain great proximity and matching Tim’s angle. Tim had great proximity, but at one point Mikko started to get away from Tim and so Tim shallowed on the Super-G Round-about to keep up, sealing his fate and giving Mikko the win! Congratulations to Mikko Yang for a solid and well deserved 3rd Place!!!

Then it was time for the finals, Kevin Motter vs his RawFew Teammate, Manny Campalans. This isn’t the first time these guys have gone head to head, and I personally think they both make each other nervous. First run, Kevin lays down his signature lead, deep deep deep in every clip, pinpoint accuracy piloting his car within mere millimeters of the rails, and all while holding mad angle! Manny snapped back with some great proximity for the entire run! Then it was Manny’s turn to lead. Out of the gate and to the straight things were looking great! The suddenly as Manny goes for the wall ride at the end of the straight, he made a slight miscalculation and hit the wall. The rest as they say is history. Kevin Motter takes home another First Place win! Manny had to be happy with his solid 2nd Place spot on the podium.

1st Place – Kevin Motter, 2nd Place – Manny Campalans, 3rd Place – Mikko Yang

Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew) for bringing home the win once again, as well as Top Qualifier for this month! To Manny Campalans for bringing home 2nd Place with some impressive runs, and last but not least, Mikko Yang for taking home 3rd Place! Definitely not an easy task when you have a house full of skills like we had this past weekend! These guys were on their game and deserved their spots on the podium!

Congratulations to our winners – 1st Place, Kevin Motter. 2nd Place, Manny Campalans. 3rd Place, Mikko Yang.
Super Showdown Round 8 Top 16 Brackets
Super Showdown Round 8 Full Results (Top 16)
Tim Mulhmeyer Sneaking in for 4th spot

Official Point Standings:
1. 102 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts + TQ 2 pts = 17 pts)
2. 86 pts– Mikko Yang (3rd – 10 pts)
3. 74 pts – Manny Campalans (2nd – 12 pts)
4. 71 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (4th – 9 pts)
5. 69 pts – Colin Chambers (9th – 8 pts)
6. 66 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (17th – 8 pts)
7. 64 pts –Jason Fordyce (5th – 8 pts)
8. 62 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
8. 62 pts – Shaine Collins (9th – 8 pts)
10. 60 pts– Alan Benites (5th – 8 pts)
11. 54 pts – Josh Espinoza (9th – 8 pts)
12. 51 pts – Hao Huang (9th – 8 pts)
13. 46 pts – Sam Angulo (5th – 8 pts)
14. 43 pts –Alfredo Chan III (17th – 8 pts)
15. 41 pts – Aydin Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
16. 40 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (17th – 8 pts)
17. 32 pts – Ethan David (17th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts – Jelani Robinson (9th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts –Jason Ragasa (17th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
21. 22 pts – Jeff Yang 
21. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
23. 21 pts – Albert Martinez
24. 16 pts –Jeremy Meyer (17th – 8 pts)
24. 16 pts –Don Hadix 
24. 16 pts –Cory Carlstrom 
24. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
24. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
29. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner
30. 8 pts – Kris Steele (5th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Mike Underwood (9th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Philip Lucas (17th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Don A (17th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
31. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
31. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
31. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
31. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
31. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon