Super SmackDown 2018 Comp (pt. 2) – Super-G R/C Drift Arena

The Comps!

Here at Super-G for the past few months, we have been doing weekly “Fun Comps” we call The Saturday Night Showdowns. It started out as an informal competition between friends, but quickly evolved into something a lot more serious. Before we knew it, we were working on a set of Official Rules. We like to refer to it as the Competition Judging Guide. It has been months in the works, and countless hours of research behind the scenes to make this a reality. The Saturday Night Showdowns seemed to be the prefect testing platform for this, so we tested, observed, and refined, comp after comp until we finally came to the point we were comfortable with it. The Super SmackDown 2018 was the first time we put it to the real test.

Since this was our first Official Comp of 2018, we wanted to make sure to do it Super-G Style. So we decided to put our fabrication background to use and create some custom awards. Something you can only get here at Super-G, and something you can only earn, not buy.

First up – The Triple Team Tandem Battles!

This is a competition we are trying to get more interest in. In Japan it is extremely popular. It is a different type of competition when you compare it to drifting like in Formula D. Each team is judged based on how well the team can drive in sync with each other. Everyone wants to be able to tandem well and get those trains going, well this is your chance to grab 2 of your buddies and gain recognition for being able to pull clean trains. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It is a lot of fun, and introduces a lot of variables. I encourage people to give it a shot. It’s definitely a blast!

We had 6 – Triple Tandem Teams participate this round:

Plus Auto Club:
Shea Terpening
Colin Chambers
Kevin Motter

Kris Steele
Tim Mulhmeyer
Josh Espinoza

D Style:
Shaine Collins
Jon Mundo
Mikko Yang

Recking Kru:
Steve Fujita
Joe Tam
Mark Santa Cruz

LT Blue Balls: (Reigning Champs)
Dennis Caroza
Brian Lemi
Rynne Degala

(contact if you have a more complete image)

Fatlace Crew:
Dan Aguaga
Erick Gonzales
Al Alvaro

The Judges for the Triple Team Tandem:
Max Wilkinson, Chris Lagasca, and AJ Caroza.
Huge thanks to these guys for doing the tough job of judging. Especially on something new such as this, it’s not an easy task.

We did single eliminations. Unfortunately since I was in it, I don’t recall how it all went down. I will hopefully come back to update this post.

Ultimately, LT Blue Balls took the win again, for the SECOND TIME IN A ROW! These dudes are DIALED! They better watch out next time. I heard people saying they are going to really practice for the next one. (I think that was me saying that)

LT Blue Balls

Brian Lemi, Rynne Degala, Dennis Caroza

Next Up – Tanso (Single Run Qualifying)

For the Tanso and Tsuiso Battles, the judges were Shaine Collins, Colin Chambers, and myself Steve Fujita. We have been some of the main judges working on the Competition Judging Guidelines and Rules.

Of everyone, I was pleased to have Shaine and Colin on the panel since I know we are all on the same page. They have also proven time and time again to be as impartial as any stranger to the group. I have become extremely confident in their ability to give completely unbiased calls. So mad props to the both of you, Shaine Collins and Colin Chambers. Thank you, not only from Super-G, but the entire California Drift Community for providing a judging panel everyone can have confidence in.

Tanso (Qualifying):
Each competitor was given 2 individual runs, back to back to put down their best lap. The same rules as the Official Comp Rules applied. Each run was judged separately and the best of the 2 was used. The competitors were judged on Line, Angle, and Style, 10 pts for each category. Rather than to limit the field to the Top 16, we opted to include everyone who got on the board with any points.

Top Qualifier of the day – 
Kevin Motter
Kevin was on fire on both of his runs! Deep in the clips, tons of angle, and SMOOTH AS EGGS! As judges, we didn’t know what to say, just wow.

After the Qualifying Round, we went to the Concours. Every car being used in the competition was entered. Each driver was given a card, and placed it on the body they felt was the best. Kris Steele won by a landslide! This is his daily body he runs during the regular sessions. All his bodies are highly detailed, but definitely NOT Shelf Queens. Kris was able to pick a new body of his choice for his win. Congrats Kris!

The Main Event – Tsuiso Battles!
This Main Event was going to prove to be different than any other we had experienced in Super-G history.  (check it out here) Joe and I have been working on an Instant Replay System for the past month or so. We have felt very strongly that it is something we need if we are to do comps here at Super-G. I will get into that in the next post, but for now, just know it played an important role in the outcome of this comp.

The battles were fierce. Obviously the top drivers from the West Coast were in the house to show their skills. 21 of the 25 drivers put down the scores necessary to make it into the Tsuiso Battles. All the driving was great! In the Top 4, it was Kris Steele vs. Brian Lemi for 3rd and 4th. Kris was able to lock it down and claim his spot on the podium. Then it came down to the battle for 1st and 2nd. Kevin Motter (TQ of the day) and Mikko Yang, the guy who’s no stranger to winning. In fact, he has won 1st place 3 times in a row at the Saturday Night Showdowns! In the first run Kevin laid down a near flawless lead with Mikko right on his door! Then it was Mikko’s turn to lead. As always, Mikko throws down some fire! Kevin was right on his door the entire time, then the unexpected happened. On the very last clip Mikko had a slight stall earning him the 2nd Place spot,  and giving Kevin the clear victory and the top spot on the podium. AMAZING driving by both drivers! We are sure this will not be the last time we see these two square off for the top spot.

Congratulations to Kevin Motter for earning Top Qualifier and 1st Place for the Super SmackDown 2018!

Kevin Motter – Top Qualifier and 1st Place Winner Super SmackDown 2018!

Top 3: Kevin Motter 1st Place, Mikko Yang 2nd Place, Kris Steele 3rd Place

Customary Top 4: Kevin Motter 1st, Mikko Yang 2nd, Kris Steele 3rd, and Brian Lemi 4th!!!

Super SmackDown 2018 (pt. 3) –  Super-G Replay System