Super Drift Championship 2020 USA FINALS at Super-G R/C Drift Arena

October 24, 2020 Super-G will be hosting the Finals for the Super Drift Championship 2020, The Road of the U.S. Drift King.
We will be crowning the the U.S. Champion of the 2020 series, the U.S. Drift King!

We are expecting competitors from all over the U.S. representing their respective regions, as well as some without a participating region. For these people and anyone who did not qualify to compete in the Finals, we will be hosting a Special Qualifying Round. This will be spread over 2 days (Friday evening at 8:00pm and Saturday at 5:00pm) See Details Below.

Your Regional Champions are as follows:
SoCal – Mikko Yang
NorCal – Dennis Caroza
Las Vegas – Raymond Saiko
Arizona – Tony Coy
Ozarks – David O’Neil
Missouri – Pending
Hawaii – John Marcelo / Ryan Takeshima (Tied)

The Schedule

Thursday October 22 (Open to the public)
2:00pm – Open Track
1:00am – Close

Friday October 23
2:00pm – Open Track
8:00pm – Special Qualifying Round (For Non-Qualified Competitors)
1:00am – Close

Saturday October 24
11:00am – Open / Competition Tires Provided / Practice
We will create practice groups, but will only enforce them if the track becomes too congested. At that point, we will start from the first group proceed from there.

5:00pm – Final Special Qualifying Round
Qualifying starts immediately following Special Round

8:00pm – Drivers Meeting / Tsuiso Battlesa

2:00am – Close

Sunday October 25

$60 – Competition Entry Fee
Covers Friday and Saturday
Includes 1 set of hand-out tires (Day of competition)

Spec Tire – DS Racing FFFF Zero Mark II

EZ Ups, personal tables, chairs, etc welcomed.
We will have a gated area in the back for personal pit spaces, as well as our normal indoor pit spaces.

We have secured a special rate for our out of town visitors at the local Courtyard Marriot. Over the years many have stayed there and have given us great feedback. Click the link for more information.

Courtyard Marriot Baldwin Park – Project-G Special Pricing

Special Qualifying Round
This is a qualifying round for those who have not previously qualified to compete in the Super Drift Championship Finals. Due to the disruption COVID has caused, we want to accommodate those who may have otherwise qualified, or those who wish to participate and did not have a regional near by.

Format (Special Qualifying Round)
This will be a 2 day Qualifier. Friday at 8:00pm each competitor in the Special Qualifying round will be given 2 chances to achieve a qualifying score to move into the Finals. Score to be determined at a later date. Each competitor will be given 1 final chance to achieve a qualifying score on Saturday, just prior to the qualifying rounds for the Finals.

Competitors in the Special Qualifying Round must enter the Finals prior to the Special Qualifying around AND purchase the Super-G Spec Tire to be used in Friday’s round. Saturday, each competitor will receive their handout tires to be used for the Final Special Qualifying Round, and the Competition.

Summary (Special Qualifying Round)
If you did not pre-qualify, you will have 3 total chances spread over 2 days to achieve a qualifying score to compete in the Finals. You will need to purchase the Super-G Spec Tire for qualifying prior to the actual competition day

Chassis Requirements (These Specifications supersede any existing guides regarding the Super Drift Championship U.S. Finals)
Please become familiar with these rules and make sure you meet the requirements. No exceptions will be allowed.

EVERY CAR MUST RUN THE DESIGNATED SPEC TIRE ALL AROUND. (Handout tires will be supplied on competition day)
Modifying, grinding down, scuffing tires on non-track surface is prohibited. If tires show signs of unusual wear or scuffing, the competitor MUST PURCHASE a replacement set of the Designated Spec Tire. Once the competition has started, modified tires will be an instant disqualification. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
• Body must be 1:10 scale, non-open wheel
• All chassis must be RWD
• Lighting is optional. Judges may request they be turned off if they are distracting
• Metal bumpers and crash bars are not allowed outside of the body
Maximum weight fully loaded with body is 1100g measured at the rear wheels
• Wheel Base – Min. 240mm / Max. 275mm
• Overall Width including body – Max. 230mm
• Overall Length including body – Max. 490mm
Maximum Height of any part of the car / spoiler – 150mm
Front bumper / core support – Maximum height measured from surface to bottom of panel 20mm
Rear bumper / core support – Maximum height measured surface to bottom of panel 25mm
Maximum “poke” of tires measured from the edge of the driving surface of the tire to the top outer edge of the wheel arch 5mm.
(Temporary fender flares will not be allowed)
• Protrusions beyond the rear-most panel of the body cannot exceed 25mm (Including spoiler)
• All bodies must be painted. Windows must be clear or translucent
• Dark colored wheels ARE allowed. There must be at least 1 highly visible radial line painted in a contrasting color. Judges approval required
• Absolutely no sound generators allowed. This includes zip ties, long screws, or anything intended to generate noise. This is your responsibility, not Tech.