Yokomo YD-2SX II 2 (RED EDITION) RWD 1/10 PREMIUM RC Drift Car Kit (LIMITED) [Yokomo] DP-YD2SX2R

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Yokomo YD-2SX II 2 (RED EDITION) RWD 1/10 PREMIUM RC Drift Car Kit (LIMITED) [Yokomo] DP-YD2SX2R


The main aluminum parts were given a bright red alumite color. The aluminum suspension mount, which is also one of the setting parts, is black anodized, making it easy to feel even when changing the set. 
※ As red anodized parts are completely limited, additional parts will not be sold.

Passionate red anodized parts are compare to none. Of course it has been sharpy finished with bell edge treatment. 
* Red anodized parts are perfectly limited specifications that do not sell spare parts.

Front suspension arm is a new type of short type. The position of the steering stopper has also been refined to achieve an overwhelming turning angle.

More steering angle due to new short suspension Arm which has redesigned for prevent from interference with wheels, besides the location of steering stopper had also refined.

The slide rack adopts a roundly (curved) shape derived from repeated test runs. The interference of the tie rod at the maximum turning angle, which was a linear negative point, is eliminated, and high controllability is possible even at a deep drift angle, allowing extra travel. In addition, by mounting the slide rack body forward-tilted, changes in the angle of the tie rod with respect to the horizontal plane during steering operation are suppressed, and stable cornering characteristics are achieved over the entire turning angle.

It allows the drift to feel more freedom in deepest angle drifting moment. The rack is installed with a forward tilt angle in order to reduce the bump 
steer, which is the curved slide rack was designed to prevent interference with linkage angle. The body roll and suspension motions will not affect the car to turn more sharply than the driver anticipates.

The servo is mounted in reverse for the ideal steering feel. The front bulkhead and servo mount are made of aluminum to achieve high response.

Front bulkhead and servo mount are made of aluminum, and high response is achieved. Inverted servo in searching for the ideal steering feel.

An optional graphite chassis plate mounted on both sides of the main chassis is standard equipment to increase rigidity of the main chassis and to adjust the delicate chassis roll rigidity by choosing the side brace and screw fixing position of this plate. I can do it. The front and rear traction balance can be fine-tuned without any change to the suspension alignment, which makes it easier to obtain driving characteristics that match the road surface conditions.

Optional graphite chassis plate to be installed on both sides of the main chassis is equipped as a standard bundle, the rigidity of the main chassis has increased, and the chassis roll rigidity adjustment is made by selecting the side braces for the other members Since it is possible to finely adjust the front and rear traction balance without changing the suspension alignment, it will be easier to acquire the driving characteristics according to the track surface condition.

The corresponding battery is only a short Li-po battery, but various battery mounting styles can be selected depending on the fixed position of the battery stopper. In addition to battery horizontal installation and vertical installation, in horizontal installation, it is possible to choose from three positions in front and back, and it is possible to adjust the traction etc. by changing the weight balance.

The layout will be different, the layout layout will have 4 different positions by selecting battery stopper position on the chassis. The layout will be vertical, Horizontal front / Mid / Rear in order to complete the fine tuning on weight balance forward / backward traction.

By changing the fixed position of the motor mounting plate, the motor can be selected from seven positions in front and back. This allows fine adjustment of the weight balance, and it is possible to obtain the optimal balance according to the road surface on which you are driving.

Since the motor layout can be changed by selecting from 7 rotate at motor mount plate, the weight balance of car will be also adjustable to find out the best setting for keeping supreme angle and speed in any kind of slippery surface condition.

The short arm of the rear suspension results in traction performance that maximizes the characteristics of the drift tire. Loads are easy to apply even with small roll motion, and the grip is improved over the entire corner. In addition, the rear hub carrier is also equipped with a new model compatible with the high upper arm. Even when using a tire with a flat tread surface, it is a setting that can effectively use the contact surface by changing camber.

Even with feather roll motions, the load is more likely to be applied, and the feeling of grip improves through the corner. The addition of the short arm at the rear suspension. Even when using a flat tread surface, it can effectively utilize the ground contact surface by camber change. hub carrier also features a new version that corresponds to the upper arm.

Super low friction shock that has an aluminum shock cylinder that has been treated with a caustic coat to minimize the frictional resistance with the piston. It uses a 11.2 mm big bore cylinder with the largest capacity in its class for on road use. When running on resin tires used in drifting, fine vibrations from the road surface are a major factor in reducing tire grip, but super low friction shocks with increased shock capacity absorb even the vibrations and maximize grip Earn Since the height adjustment type, you can change the height just by rotating the spring tensioner, also supports springs of various lengths. Of course, by finely adjusting the damping force by changing the shock oil and the piston, the optimum setting can be obtained according to various road surfaces and driving conditions.

Aluminum shock cylinders are the super low friction shock which is with Kashima coating to reduce the maximum fractional friction with piston. The largest capacity in on-road car category, 11.2 mm big bore cylinder has adopted and enable to lose weight. with a resin tire in a drift run from the road surface, then possible to get a maximum grip.

Of course the setting is is most suitable for various road surfaces and run conditions in total is provided by total change of shock oil and the piston to get a damping force with finely adjusted.

Inside the special gearbox that passes the motor lower side from the spur gear and transmits the drive to the rear. The 4-gear transmission is also suitable for low-mu road surfaces because its rear traction is enhanced by the rotational torque during acceleration. The rear differential is equipped with a 4-pinion gear differential. The axle is a newly designed lightweight aluminum, and by attaching a resin adapter on the universal shaft side, it prevents wear and reduces rattling and improves throttle response.

Rear differential has 4 pinion gear.

※ The photograph is an assembly reference example. Because of the prototype, it may differ from the actual product. 
It may change at the production version without notice.

Required for assembly kit operation : 2-channel proposet (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (Li-po 2 cell, square short size), charger, 1/10 size tire for drift 
-Wheel, motor , body (for 1/10 size drift), paint for polycarbonate The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, pinion gear, and other R / C electrics.

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