Yokomo YD-2 RWD Competition RC Drift Car w/ YG-302 GYRO – DP-YD2G

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*This YD2 chassis kit comes with a YG302 Gyro


RWD drift dedicated chassis YD-2 drift RC of Pioneer Yokomo send out. The drive system of the novel 4 gear drive, realize the good and the rear traction height of throttle response. Less collapse of left-right balance in a horizontal motor, neutral steering characteristics will produce a margin in line trace.

Around the front of course RWD drift machine dedicated to completely new design. In the setting of Ackermann ratio driver stuck team Yokomo, won the steering characteristics of the honest feeling. The degree of difficulty of a full counter drift has dropped much. Furthermore RWD optimal YG-302 model lineup with a steering gyro drift Introduction, in the high-spec gyro to respond to the request of the expert driver, enables a realistic counter-steering.

Key Features Specifications
■ total length: 425Mm
■ overall width: 198Mm
■ Wheelbase: 256Mm
■ secondary reduction ratio: 1: 2.6
■ all equipped weight: 1500G
■ 4 gear rear transmission
■ new design sealed gear box
■ four-wheel independent double-Wish bone suspension
■ high-performance vehicle height adjustment type oil damper
■ plastic one-piece main chassis
■ aluminum motor mount plate
■ RWD-only high-angle steering system
■ 49mm bone rear universal shaft
■ new design narrow scrub knuckle
■ large rear diffuser

4 gear transmission of innovative design as a drift car. Prevent the collapse of the left and right balance due to the reaction torque of the motor by the motor and horizontally, pull the neutral steering characteristics. On the other hand because the rear traction is increased in the throttle ON, it is possible to derive a sense of stability and the acceleration force at the time of the corner escape. Also attractive for high dust resistance in the sealed gear box.

In accordance with the counter running of RWD drift, front steering angle and Ackerman ratio of stuck to thoroughly. Front of the run by pulling out the at the time of steering, to prevent the entrainment of the rear, allows little stall sense of cornering. Of course can change the mounting position of the tie rod to match the feeling and the road conditions of the driver, it corresponds to the variety of circumstances that, including road surface grip.

The main chassis made of resin brings out the best traction balance in Nari moderate softness Satoshi. In the drift running on hard tires, but sometimes leads to a decrease in traction by the vibration, the resin chassis is possible to increase the feeling of grounding by absorbing reasonably vibration.
By changing the battery holder, also supports short Li-po battery straight from the pack of full-size.

Possible high ground sense of traveling in the smooth operation of the resin oil shock. Since it is a vehicle height adjustment type, can change the vehicle height by simply rotating the spring tensioner, also supports the spring of various lengths. Of course, by finely adjusting the damping force in the shock oil and pistons of the changes, the optimum setting is obtained in accordance with the variety of road surface and driving situation.

High-spec steering gyro YG-302 with model lineup to meet even the requirements of the expert driver. YG-302 is of course is to correspond to the 2-channel R and can be used with 3-channel R, it is possible to adjust the gain sensitivity in the operation of propoxycarbonyl side, able to change quickly feeling to suit the road conditions Is possible.

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