YD2 Rear Motor Conversion RR [Yokomo] Y2-RMC


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Can be installed on all YD-2 series models!

1)Improving the rotational effect of the motor by reducing the amount of idler gears enables a high speed response throttle feel.

Additionally, with the re designed gearbox the motor position is not too far back, which reduces the “swaying” or “pendulum” effect during drifting.

2)6 different motor positions can be selected for a variety of different throttle and weight balance set ups to suit various track surface conditions and driver preferences.

3)The resin rear chassis brace allows for some controlled flex, increasing response from the rear to cover many circuit layouts.

4) Due the shock tower position moving because of the new spur gear location, we have included spacers to re align the body post positions to the original locations.

5) The rear motor conversion will fit the YD-2S series with the following parts.

         E series upper deck (slide rack version Y2-202UD or for normal rack Y2-003MG)

         Rear brace support Y2-303AR (alloy) or Y2-303MR (plastic) and battery holder

*YD-2S Series requires additional parts:
When installing to the YD-2S series, it is necessary to prepare three points: an upper deck, a rear brace support, and a battery holder. (Not required when using the conversion kit for the E series.)

YD2-E Upper Deck (one of these three types)
Y2-003 Resin upper deck for YD-2
Y2-003MG For YD-2 Matte graphite upper deck
Y2-202UD YD-2 Roundy Slide Rack Graphite Upper Deck
Rear brace support (one of two types)
 Y2-303MR Upper deck mount for YD-2 ¥ 650 (excluding tax)
 Aluminum rear brace support for Y2-303AR YD-2
Battery Holder
 Y2-118 Battery Holder / Mount for YD-2 ¥ 980 (excluding tax)

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 in