YD2 Adjustable Rear Lower H SHORT Arms Set [Yokomo] Y2-008RAS



YD2 Adjustable Rear Lower H SHORT Arms Set [Yokomo] Y2-008RAS

*You’ll need the wide toe block kit from the YD2-EXII (see link below) to run these arms correctly.

Comes with a variety of shims for you to start tuning! The regular H arms are only 2mm shorter than stock(at minimum width). These go MUCH shorter.

The new aluminum adjustable rear lower H arm, which you can apply to the conventional YD-2 / YD- 4 series, will be released at the end of July. By shortening the rear lower suspension arm, compared to the conventional rear lower suspension arm, it improves rear traction performance and enables stable drift distance at a deeper angle. By adopting aluminum as the material of the arm, rigidity, accuracy and weight will be optimized for higher performance drifting. You can enjoy drifting with controllable grip and a linear operating feel which is essential for supreme drifting style! Adjustment spacers are also bundled for quick settings according to the road surface conditions. This new optional part is an essential piece for the drifter who has been or will be performing in a serious competition scene! In addition, the bevel edge process has been applied to the new aluminum adjustable rear H arms for the finest luxury ownership.

YD2 Rear Wide Toe Block YD2-EXII YD2S Conversion Kit Set [Yokomo] Y2-301D2 Y2-301E2 B8-301BS


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 in