Wi-Fi Module for BL-ESC (PRO4, RS4, SP4) WIFI WIRELESS [Yokomo] BL-WM



Wi-Fi Module for BL-ESC (PRO4, RS4, SP4) WIFI WIRELESS [Yokomo] BL-WM

This WIFI Module lets you tune your ESC on the fly. You can use your mobile device to change the parameters while you drive your car on the track. It speeds up the process of tuning. It also features telemetry data like voltage, temp and other info.

A new Wi-Fi module BL – WM that makes Yokomo ‘s latest ESC program BL-PRO4 / RS4 / SP4 series more easily rewritable! Connect the BL – WM to the ESC programmer connection connector, perform Wi-Fi connection with the smartphone, and rewrite the ESC with the application installed on the smartphone. If you leave the BL-WM on the machine, you can change the setting at any time as long as the motor is not rotating. Of course, because it is a wireless connection, even while driving on a circuit, you can stop using the pit road once and rewrite the setting directly from the control panel. In addition, since it has a telemetry function that can check live current / voltage value and rotation speed while driving, mechanics can also monitor the driving situation on the course side. Since traveling data is stored as a log, it can be used as information to set a better program by checking after running.
Corresponding ESC: BL-PRO4 (N/B), BL-RS4, BL-SP4
Case size: 25×25×9mm
Weight: Approx 7g
* Wi-fi connection may be interrupted depending on usage environment. Please note.
* In the race etc, it may be prohibited to install the Wi-Fi module while driving, in order to prevent program change after the vehicle inspection.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 1 in