Toyota GRX130 Mark X ST-GARAGE 1/10 Body Set [Overdose] OD1139


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Toyota GRX130 Mark X ST-GARAGE 1/10 Body Set [Overdose] OD1139

This is the latest Mark series body from Overdose. One of the best looking MARK X’s on the market. A lot of the IROHA guys are rocking this body for a reason.

Manufacturer:  Overdose
Part Number: OD1139
Size: 195mm
Includes: Window Masks, Light Masks, Printed Exterior Trim/Accessories Decals, Light Buckets(Lexan)

You will need to paint this body yourself.

Toyota GRX130 mark X X ST-GARAGE ver. Clear body set.
Completely reproduces the glamorous body line finished in laggy while giving a European atmosphere. Also, for the first time this time I carved a big part of the front window from the rear end of the hood. With this new method, it is now possible to express more detail and three-dimensional feeling than ever. You can easily imagine becoming “the strongest four pieces” in all of styling, detailing and running.
Width 195 mm, Wheel base 260 mm. Decal, window & light masking,
polyka exclusive light bucket attached. Toyota Motor Corporation approved.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 8 in