Racing Performer D1 Brushless Motor 13.5T [Yokomo] RPM-D135


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Racing Performer D1 Brushless Motor 13.5T [Yokomo] RPM-D135


Racing Performer Series The drift spec of the motor finally appears! It changed the specification considerably compared with the conventional model, finished to super high rotation and smooth characteristics.
By repeatedly testing with various scenes such as asphalt, carpet, P tile, concrete, realization of compatibility with road surface and high performance has been realized. 13.5 T.

● New type of innovative design with excellent cooling
→ Prevents performance degradation due to heat in drift categories with many long runs
● New type rotor for drift, magnet
→ By making smooth rotation characteristics, it is easy to suppress the initial idling during drift, and high control performance is demonstrated
– New type stator excellent in newly developed output characteristics
● Rotor size D12.0 × d 7.25
● Optional torque type balanced rotor is available.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 2 in