Flexible Underglow LED Neon Kit [Yokomo] SD-FUNR SD-FUNB

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It is an under neon that sticks to the front and back inside the body and to the lower part of both sides and lights the feet of the machine by taking power from the receiver. Four LEDs of each chip type are arranged in front, back, left and right, each and it is flexible base so it can be pasted on any body.
The double-sided tape has been pasted on the base, 4 clear tapes for protection, aluminum tape for wiring installation, extension cord (100 mm) are also included. Since there is a direction to irradiate the LED, please energize it once before attaching, check the direction and then install.
The strips has sideways firing LED’s so the light is correctly projected onto the ground for the true underglow look.

Available in BLUE(SD-FUNB) or RED(SD-FUNR)



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Blue, Red