Aluminum Center Pulley Gear T12 [3Racing] 3RAC-3PY/12

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Aluminum Center Pulley Gear T12 [3Racing] 3RAC-3PY/12
*this is a center pulley, NOT a one-way pulley, just a standard one.

All pulleys can accommodate industry standard M3 rubber/fiber drive belts

Fits 4mm Center layshaft
(this is standard size for Sprint 2, DIB, Sakura D3, Sakura D4, etc)

Perfect for customizing your car’s gearing ratio. You can underdrive or overdrive your car. This is a must have for all CS CounterSteer users!

You can use DRIFTMISSION’s CS Calculator to see what is the best choice pulley for you! Click here

Sprint 2 user? Check out our SPRINT 2 ULTIMATE CS guide to help you get started on selecting the most ideal belt and pulley sizes.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in