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Track & Hobby Shop Open: Tues(7pm-12am) | Fri & Sat (7pm-1am) Track Fee is $10 per driver 
The shop is available by appointment other times (email or call us to make arrangements) / 1370 Maine Ave Unit I, Baldwin Park, CA 91706


Super-G x AutoCon x Purist /// WinterDrive2015 [Video]
Here’s a little recap of the day!
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Super-G at Purist/AutoCon WinterDrive2015
We setup a huge track to give the kids something to see! We setup a smaller track for them to
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Wrap Up Next FILMS and PARTS! 12/3/15
Headlight Lenses, Tail Light Lenses, Window Tint, Chrome Trim, and more!!
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Super-G Hosts Underground Live Hip-Hop Session [Video]
Here’s a 5min video of what happened when underground hiphop is done live! No recorded tracks, even the records were
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Option10 001 – Super-G – Late Night Posers – ラジコンドリフト – R/C Drift [Video]
One of the #rawfew made a video. Presenting Option.10 001 Clip S15————- Jason Fordyce AE86———– Emerson Lee Skyline———Alan Molina Blitz
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SUPER-G RC Drift Arena – Late Night Street Heroes EP00 [Video]
One of our regulars, Emerson made a sick late night video.
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M’s Product Sleeved O-Ring Piston INSTALLATION GUIDE [Video]
This is a video that teaches you how to use the INFAMOUSE M’s O-Ring Sleeved Piston! We have these in
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ABC Bodies with the boxes! 10/22/15
Finally imported some ABC bodies with the awesome boxes!
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Super-G Presents: Our Indoor Track Debut [Video]
We finally finalized our new layout and loose ends. Check out the new indoor track. Dark Slide night mode coming
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Team Tetsujin D-Like Hybrid V36 LB body @ Super-G Rc Drift Track [Video] by mpegboy
Team Tetsujin D-Like Hybrid V36 LB body @ Super-G Rc Drift Track by mpegboy
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Super-G x Tetsujin x HPI – Formula D Kickoff Drift Sesh
  We welcome travelers from Japan, Hawaii, Seattle, Colorado, San Franscisco, San Diego, and more. It was one of the
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Belts and Shafts – Beginner’s Guide to RC Drift. (Part 3)
The age old question from before there was even RC Drift – What is better, Belt or Shaft? We have
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