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Track & Hobby Shop Open:
Fri (7pm-1am) & Sat(7pm-1am). Track Fee is $10/person / 1370 Maine Ave Unit I, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

MST releases RMX2.0 Carbon Upper and Lower Decks! 7/19/17
210580R – RMX2.0 Carbon upper deck 3.0 210581 – RMX2.0 Carbon lower deck 3.0 High quality carbon decks. Now on
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Scaaaaaale! Scale Dynamics shipment is here! 7/18/17
Here comes some more Scale Dynamics from Japan! We got a nice amount of Restock! If you ordered some from
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MST shipment is here! RMX2.0 hopups! RMX w TR56 shocks! 7/16/17
RMX upgrades are finally out and we got them! Aluminum toe block set and upper front arms are in stock!
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Eaaaaaaaasy! Easy Made shipment has arrived! 7/12/17
Another batch of EasyMade has arrived! Amazing quality wing stands and diffusers! The online store will be updated shortly. 
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Pandora releases Trueno Coupe Body Set!! 7/8/17
Looks like Pandora is back to doing big things! If this is anything like their Levin Coupe, this will be
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Overdose shipment has arrived!!!! 7/7/17
Another Oversose shipment has arrived! We got wheels and bodies!! If you reserved something, we will ship it out by
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Pandora body refills are here! 7/6/17
Another Pandora body Refill has arrived! All preorders have been shipped out yesterday. The website will have updated inventory shortly!
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Waru & Doctor Circuit [Japan Video]
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Wrap Up Next is here!! 6/30/17
Wrap Up Next has arrived! We have the new VX Suspension systems as well the their newest knuckles! Can’t wait
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MST Refill has arrived!!! 6/29/17
MST refills are here! FXX hop ups.  RMX’s with Tr56 shocks. MST wheels and much more!
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