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Track & Hobby Shop Open:
Fri (7pm-1am) & Sat(7pm-1am). Track Fee is $10/person / 1370 Maine Ave Unit I, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Mikuni – RC Art – Topline are here!!! 11/21/17
RC Art is here! Mikuni is here! Topline is here! Huge long overdue Refill has arrived!! Backorders are already shipped
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Futaba oh nana!! Remotes are here! 11/20/17
Futaba remotes are back in stock! We ready for this weekend! Make sure you guys check out our webstore and
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Demi Works is here!!! 11/16/17
Demi Works is here! All universal Rocket Bunny fenders are back in stock. All preorders are shipping!
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MST Shipment has arrived! 11/15/17
A bunch of RMX2.0 support Parts and hop ups are back in stock. We have aluminum shock towers and carbon
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Yokomo Checking in! 11/14/17
Long overdue of Yokomo stuff checking in. Some usual suspects and some new cats like the Drift Spec digital servo!
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Scale Dynamics is here! 11/14/17
Another round of Scale Dynamics has arrived! Some really cool wheels for some scale builds!!
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Wrap Up Next has arrived!! 11/12/17
Wrap Up has arrived! We got their new VX knuckles as well as their body mounts! Their 10g weights are
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Mikuni and RC Art is here! 11/9/17
So many amazing looking rims! Too bad only part of our order is here, we have another batch coming soon!
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Addiction is here! Pandem 240z and Rocket Bunny 180sx! 11/8/17
The new Addiction Pandem 240z is here! No more fake eBay bodies with blemishes! Real deal Japan Quality!! N2 fenders
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