Tetsujin Bodies are back in stock!
We know some of you have been waiting and waiting for these. It’s all back! If you had a backorder,
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MST Shipment has arrived!! 9/5/17
RMX2.0’s are back in stock! We got CSR tires and GA26 tires back in stock. All compounds. We also received
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Speed Passion Refill has arrived!! 9/5/17
We know everybody has been waiting on motors and speed controllers, our prayers have been answered! We have 10.5 MMM
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Tamiya Bodies are here! 8/30/17
Nice Tamiya body Refill has arrived! We got the RX7 and the 370z bodysets to pair with the Demi Works
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Demi Works shipment is here!! 8/29/17
Demi works shipment is finally here! Huge refill of rocket bunny kits! RX7, covered! 370z, covered! The new Demi Works
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Pandora Bodies are here! AE86 Coupes / Levin Hatches! 8/26/17
The Pandora shipment has arrived! New Levin and Trueno bodies from Pandora are in stock. If you preordered it, yours
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