First Look: SSG and Diamond Plating 3D Decals are here!

The 3D Diamond Plating has a really line luster to it. It has a realistic chrome/polish finish and an actual 3D feel and appearance. Can’t wait to see this on some drifters or crawlers.

The SSG 3D decal sheet has a very realistic look. It can be used some some Chassis pieces for sure! SSG accented servos or gyros?

These new decal sheets from Pandora look even better in person than in a photo.


You can order yours now! They are both in stock:

3D Realistic SSG Silver Carbon Fiber CF Decal Vinyl Sheet (230mmx200mm) [Pandora] VGP-607


3D Realistic Diamond Plate Plating Decal Vinyl Sheet (210mmx120mm) [Pandora] VGP-608