OBSOLETE!!! PLEASE SEE NEW GUIDE.Competition Judging Guide – Super-G Fun Comps

Here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena we started doing “Fun Comps” approximately 3 years ago. The idea behind the Fun Comps was to give the community a place to come together for an informal  Comp. In the process, get everyone to sharpen their skills and get familiar with pressures of competing. Nothing at stake, no big investments, just some good ol’ competition among friends. We always said we wanted it to be like a game of street ball with your friends.

Well as everyone knows, that fun game of street ball is going to eventually get competitive. So as time progressed, skills came up, and the competition started to be a lot tighter. Gone are the days of judging based on who crashed the least. The time for more formal judging has come.

The Super-G Competition Judging Guide is a collection of rules which has grown and evolved based on the Fun Comps from our very first one when Katsumi was running them. It has purposely been kept simple, with a lot of room to tighten up as the level of competition advances.

In speaking with many competitors it was clear there was a need for some clear, solid judging guidelines, as well as detailed explanations and visual representations. We are not saying this is the ultimate judging guide, we are simply sharing what we do here at Super-G. Hopefully the people entering the comps will take the time to review what the judges want to see, and how the various scenarios will impact the outcome.

Special thanks to the consulting team:
Steve Fujita, Joe Tam, Mark Santa Cruz, Nick Lepisto, Katsumi Kuwakino, Kevin Motter, Colin Chambers, Victor Esquivel, John Brasko, Shaine Collins, Mikko Yang, Jeff Yang,  Daniel Aguilar, Dennis Caroza, Rynne Degala, Chris Lagasca, Manuel Campalans, Ching H Lu