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Yokomo Announces a New Gyro! 11/22/18

Direct From Yokomo:

New Generation Gyro will be ready for 2019

The new products are named as DP-302V4 and will star to ship in the end of December or early January.
It will be released under the name of DRIFT PERFORMANCE brand which is dedicated for high end drift customers.

The feature of this products are
1) Thin flat design new aluminum case
2) Capable for 2ch and 3ch transceiver
3) Selectable steering end point
4) New generation quad system which is 4 selectable mode

[Dual gain control]
Soft/Hard, switchable
Initial sensitivity of the gyro can be selectable in 2 mode
[Dual gain mode]
Normal / Assist, switchable
Driver’s operation priority can be selectable in 2 mode

This gyro will deliver the freedom for all type of RC drifters such as beginners to podium finisher in the world.


We will be taking preorders on these as soon as we receive a solid ETA.

FIRST LOOK: Yokomo DX1 Type R Motor (D1 Comparisons)

Super-G finally got their hands on the first batch of DX-1 Series Motors from Yokomo. The Type-R has been shipped out, but the Type-T is still a few weeks away.

A little DX1 history: TYPE-R (HIGH RPM) and TYPE-T (HIGH TORQUE). One should feature more torque, and one has a smoother rev.

We decided to compare the D1 Spec versus the new DX1. Both are 10.5T. So here we go:

The package is the same, they both come with the same sensor cable.

Cosmetically, they’re very similar, the DX1 seems to be more “exposed”. This will most likely benefit cooling properties.

Seems like the both the front and the back of the motor looks almost identical to its old counterparts.

Looking at the etching on the shaft, looks like the old and new share the same specs?

We have a 2gram weight reduction from old to new.

The DX1 features a little chart for you to refer to as a tuning guide.

Our initial testing felt it was slightly smoother. The D1 may have more torque than the DX1? We have to do more testing. One thing is apparent, the DX1 generates more heat. The chart says is essential to use a cooling fan. We will add that and do more testing.

Grab yours today!

Racing Performer DX1 Type-R Type-T Brushless Motor RP [Yokomo] RPM-DX1R RPM-DX1T

Yokomo Releases New YD2 Curved Slide Steering Rack

Here’s a couple of prototype photos from Team Yokomo’s last visit to Super G

New Aluminum rounded Steering Rack System will be finally released!!

This is the answer from YOKOMO for the perfect steering performance with YD-2S and YD-2E. Team YOKOMO have been long tested at the field and resulted several victories in 2018.

Installing high precision Slide Rack will reduce the backlash around the steering wheel, and will increase more rigid steering feels and decrease the shaking.

Curved design has selected for mainframe which is sandwich with carbon plates to prevent from the interference with tied rod at maximum steering angle. It allows the drifter can feel more freedom in deepest angle drifting moment.

The slide mainframe is installed with an angle to the forward tilt in order to reduce the bump steer which the tendency of the wheel of a car to steer itself as it moves through the suspension stroke. The body roll and suspension motions will not influence the car to turn more sharply than the driver anticipates.

[For YD-2E series]

Product name : Roundly steering slide rack bulk head set for YD-2E (including carbon upper deck)

Product code : Y2-202SRE

[For YD-2S series]

Product name : Roundly steering slide rack bulk head set for YD-2S

Product code : Y2-202SRS

Yokomo Releases New Upper Arms for YD2

Yokomo just dropped a new part! No more caster sorrows! A lot of people have been wanting more caster options, now it’s finally here!

This wonderful revamp to their traditional design is a much needed one. The new design really flows with the car. With the shoulder redesigned, it looks like it might be easier to measure the length now!

We will be offering these shortly!

First Look: Pandora TE27 has arrived!

Pandora does another throwback! This time, it’s the Toyota TE27! Comes with flares already on the body and a super realistic front and rear face.

They did an amazing job capturing the real lines of the car! They even kept small details intact like the infamous hood vents and front sidemarkers! Can’t wait to see what some scale builders will do with this body.

We are one of the first in America to bring this state side, grab yours today!

Toyota Corolla TE27 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2189