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Yokomo Releases New Wheels! Smaller Look! 6/7/18

RP (Racing Performer) Drift Wheel High Traction

In recent years, new design high-traction type RP wheels newly designed pursuing extreme ground touch and followability on low grip road surface is newly introduced!

RP-6313W6: white / RP-6313Y6: yellow / RP-6313T6: titanium

Offset: 6 mm

List price $8.99  (Final Price TBA)

[New product information]

In reflect with the demand for more road trace feels at low traction track surface, Yokomo will release new high traction wheels under Racing Performer brand. The new high traction wheels are all 6mm offsets and with 3 selectable colors, Titanium, Yellow and White. Besides, the edge of the rims are painted in black partially for fitting like inch size down to match with 80’s to 90’s street style old school car appearance.

The new wheels is with more moderate flexibility to increase the traction in accordance with the drivers throttle operation. The sleeves at inner wheels are gouged properly to prevent from the interference with the front arm and knuckles so that the driver can complete the set up for perfect counter steering position and challenging more aggressive drifting.

Product Name : RP-6313 series

Here are some first look photos:

Futaba 4PV and 7PX Wireless Induction Charger / Cradle Set

Futaba really sets the bar high with their latest trick factor. If you’re running a LiFe battery, you can purchase this battery cover/tray that converts your 4PV or 7PX into a induction/wireless charging remote now. You just install it into the cradle and it will be charging without wires!

No more removing the battery to charge it. Just set it down to charge. Looks like they’re going to be retailing for $150 USD. Not sure if USA Futaba will even bring it in, but we will be importing some from Futaba of Japan direct.


DRZ’s are here! 1/27 Scale MINI-Z Sized RWD Drift Machines!

Yes that’s right. We brought in some DRZ and try out this 1/27 scale fun. You can install any 94mm Mini-Z body and that was enough for us to get on it. We just got them in and we’ll be building ours soon.

Heres some videos from YouTube:

You can browse our new 1/27 Secion by clicking below. It will be growing in the next few weeks. We have a big KYOSHO Mini-Z order coming in. We can’t wait to see some amazing scale bodies drift!


Precision Titanium Screw Set for RP Motor – Yokomo Announcement 5/30/18

RP-090 High-precision cutting Titanium screw set for racing performer motors

It is titanium screw set which was cut out by super precision cutting process.

It becomes a set of three cap screws for motor case and three dish caps for fixing backplate, which are used for the motors of the racing performer series.


As well as reducing the weight of the motor by the titanium screw, by assembling the motor case with screws cut with high precision, we draw out the high efficiency of the original motor.

We will have our shipment arriving MID JUNE. Reserve yours today by clicking below:

Titanium Screw Set for RP Motor [Yokomo] RP-090



Your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, we really did get Dark Blue, Pastel Gray AND Metallic Wine Red!

The Pastel Gray is similar to a really nice primer color. Gives off a “dolphin” type of gray. As for Dark Blue, it is the perfect balance inbetween dark blue and midnight blue. If you back it with white, it appears a little lighter, but its a really nice color. We painted a sample on the product images since the cap doesn’t truly reflect the actual color. As for Metallic Wine Red, it’s a really elegant red with metallic tones. Similar to wine in terms of color with shimmery sparkle.

We had to do double shipping to get it here, but we wanted to bring these rare colors of PS paint to the Drift Community. There is a very limited amount of these paints. Once they are sold out, that will be it. We do not have any way of getting more. We are going to continue to try, but we are not sure what the future holds.

You can grab a can today by click one of the links below. Due to international regulations, we can only ship these paints to US Addresses.

Tamiya – PASTEL GRAY – PS Polycarbonate Spray Paint

Tamiya – DARK BLUE – PS Polycarbonate Spray Paint

Tamiya – METALLIC WINE RED – PS Polycarbonate Spray Paint


LEAKED: New 2015-2018 Subaru Impreza WRX STI by Pandora (Sneak Peek)

Pandora has been hard at work! We got some subie love coming our way with this new STI Sedan(2015 and up).  The front has the factory foglights as well!

The rear diffuser has potential for some rear foglight/brakelight “led” retrofit!

We have this on reserve and will be offering it for sale as soon as we have our preorder on the way. These bodies should be hitting the stores as early as Mid June! If you would like to reserve one, you can reserve it below:

Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2015-2018) 1/10 Body Set [Pandora]


YD2 S Series Aluminum Shock Tower – Yokomo Announcement 5/28/18

Y2-018 ARS Aluminum rear shock tower for YD-2S series

It is aluminum rear shock tower for YD – 2S series of high mount motor. It is also compatible with the rear short suspension arm for YD-2, it is possible to select the upper arm attachment position according to various situations, in addition to fine installation pitch, to set the change of the roll center and the ground camber in detail It is possible.

The shock tower body is made of black alumite aluminum, finished in a fearless look by applying bevel edge treatment.

You can reserve yours today:

YD2 S Series Aluminum Shock Tower [Yokomo] Y2-018ARS


Yokomo Announces New Short Aluminum Front Lower Arms for YD-2 5/24/18

Yokomo finally came to the answer with these shortened aluminum lower front arms for the YD-2. They’re going to give you a couple of optional lower rod end adapters as well. Since these arms are short, longer ones will be needed. We are accepting preorders on these arms. You can reserve a set below(scroll all the way down)

[YOKOMO new lower arm released]

Yokomo will release a new optional parts [Front lower short A arm] for more freedom on counter steering for existing customer
who enjoy AWD and RWD drifting with YD-4 & YD-2 series in the end of this month, May 31st.
Short Suspension Arm will be a kind of highlight at all the option parts among YD-2 and YD-4 series.
This particular option parts will prevent from the interference in between the arm and wheels while at maximum counter steering so that the customer could enjoy the freedom of max angle on counter steering.
Besides it is an aluminum made to improve the important three element on drifting performance, more rigidity, more high precision, and more heavy weight to increase grip feeling at front section of the car. It deliver more smooth and linear feelings on drift.
The mounting position of the shock can also be adjusted by using a spacer, so the variety of set up will be increased to align with the variety of track surface condition.
Also, the bevel edge processing will be applied to the aluminum part of lower arm, it will be really nice and luxury feel to have it as well.

ProductName : Front lower short A arm
Product Code : Y2-008FSC

Product Name : Rod end adapter (27mm) for lower short A arm, Optional
Product Code : D-154-27

Product Name : Rod end adapter (30mm) for lower short A arm, Optional
Product Code : D-154-30


*PREORDER* Aluminum Front Lower Short A Arm YD-2 Series [Yokomo] Y2-008FSC


FIRST LOOK: BN Sport S15 Silvia (Pandora RC) and NEW PART NUMBERS! 5/17/18

This is the one of the “new” Pandora bodies in the new format. They changed their part numbers from 3 numerics to 4.

Example, PAB-123 was the old, now its PAB-2185.

These 4 Digit part numbers will probably be the norm from this point forward. All there existing bodies will have the new numbering system starting tomorrow evening! Along with this change, there will be a price increase with all their bodies. These bodies are going up about 10-15% in price. BUT some of them are coming with more goodies/accessories.

Let’s jump right into the newest BN S15.

Their new tags are a lot better than before. Not only does it feature a thumbnail of the body set, it also lists the width of the front and rear. This is going to make life a lot easier for anyone checking out their bodies. All there new bodies from now on will most likely have this same look.

The body has nice lines and realistic scale. You also get a bunch of extras like a dash, steering wheel, intercooler, and more! Headlight and taillight buckets are also standard issue.

Comes with your standard BN Sport Decal sheet along with their S15 Silvia Decal Sheet and window masks.

We can’t wait to see some of these start showing up painted state side!

Here’s a painted example from the Pandora Factory Painter:


Grab yours today:

Nissan S15 Silvia BN-Sports Edition 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2185