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Yokomo Goes More Scale with YD2 Caliper/Rotor Parts! 9/13/18

The time has finally come! We can go more scale with Yokomo! They just released some details about their rotors and calipers!

We will be holding a presale on them as soon as possible! We should have them here in 2-3 weeks.

(Yokomo Announcement)

Front & rear brake disk , caliper set for YD-2 series

Yokomo will be releasing a new series of exterior parts for the YD-2, which will be a Brake discs and Calipers set.

The brake discs themselves will include an integral hexagonal hub to be able to mount the wheels.

There will be 3 types of hub thickness, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm and 8.0 mm which will all be included so that all type of

customers can adjust their track width and scrub radius freely.

The brake calipers, which can be mounted to new front and rear knuckles, are gunmetal color to better represent

the realistic look and finish of a real car. Brake discs & calipers looking through the gap between the wheels will give

your chassis a true realistic scale look!

The set comes with new plastic steering knuckles and rear hub carriers in order to be able to install the calipers,

which will be shaped to match our latest spec settings. The new steering knuckles are set for the optimum trail and

kingpin angle which where referenced from the dynamics of a real drift car so steering response is improved while

increasing the looks while counter steering.

The steering stopper and tie rod mounting positions are also modernized to the latest specifications, and the operation

when increasing the steering angle also becomes smoother. The rear hub carriers are designed with new upper arm

attachment positions. This new positioning allows an increase in the range of setting the roll center and the camber

change to the rear, making it possible to positively utilize the roll especially when at a low grip surface such as P tile.

By keeping more of the contact area when the chassis rolls by raising the upper arm attachment position this will

ensure more stable grip in the lateral direction, realizing aggressive drifting!

We are now accepting orders and shipping will begin September 30th.

MST releases more RMX2.0 Parts! 9/5/18


210601R/BK RMX 2.0 Alum. adj. front connect mount (red)(black)

210584R/BK RMX 2.0 Alum. rear upper deck support (red)(black)

210600R/BK RMX 2.0 Alum. bevel gear mount (red)(black)

210601R/BK RMX 2.0 Alum. adj. front connect mount (red)(black)

For more details, please refer to the MST official website

Yokomo Announces: Team Suzuki Adjustable Aluminum Servo Horn 15mm – 19mm

Yokomo Announces: Team Suzuki Adjustable Aluminum Servo Horn 15mm – 19mm

The Team Suzuki new high precision servo horn has an adjustable height between 15mm to 19mm from the servo axis center to the mounting point.
It can be adjusted in in increments of 0.5mm. They position is done with the use of two plates for 0mm positioning and .05mm increments to adjust the steering angle precisely based on the car set up and driver preference.  This servo horn offer more flexibility and precision comped to the traditional system and enables the driver to fine tune the steering further.

TS-2152 Team SUZUKI Aluminum SP Servo horn (for adjustment range 15 to 19 mm / Futaba) 

TS-2153 Team SUZUKI Aluminum SP Servo horn (for adjustment range 15 to 19 mm / Sanwa · KO) 

We can’t wait to get these state side. We will announce the preorder once we get a definite eta.

Yokomo YD2 ADJUSTABLE SHORT REAR H Arm Kit [Super-G First Look] Y2-008RAS

The long awaited short rear H arms are here! We have been waiting a long time to try narrowing the track width in the rear. A lot of people run the regular Aluminum Arms but at the narrowest setting wishing they can go more.

The answer is here! These short arms are quite a bit shorter than the regular aluminum ones. As usual, these arms comes with standard hardware along with a pair of 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm shims to space out your arms.

Just lining them up real quick shows how much shorter they are. They should definitely be a great upgrade! We can’t to get these on our cars and test. It’s a good month for YD2 owners. So many new stuff coming out.

Here we go comparing them right next to the standard arms.

You can grab yourself a set today:

YD2 Adjustable Rear Lower H SHORT Arms Set [Yokomo] Y2-008RAS

Yokomo Side Diffuser / Front Splitter HAS ARRIVED [SUPER-G FIRST LOOK]

Yokomo’s latest greatest has arrived. We couldn’t wait to check them out and see how they perform and look!

Here’s a quick view of what’s inside.

Here’s some closeups of the front splitter. They shaped it VERY low profile so that it can all fit together without sacrificing too much ground clearance.

The 2nd part sticks on right flush with the front.

Now onto the side pieces!

They do make the car look pretty damn cool. Probably reminds some of us when we first saw the Pikes Peak ESCUDO. They give you the correct hardware to get it all working.

Here it is with some close ups.

The side pieces replaces the top CF pieces. It contours the YD2-S chassis perfectly. It doesn’t seem to hang lower than the chassis(that’s a relief). The side profile looks like it directs the air perfectly. Look at the profile and how the wheels match up to it.

Now comes the best part! ROAD TEST! We’re going to take it on the road and see what these things can do. While you wait for us to test, you can grab yours today! We were able to lock down a small amount of both:

Undertray Diffuser set w/Adhesive Tape for YD-2 [Yokomo] Y2-001BD

Side Diffuser set w/Mounting Screws for YD-2 S series [Yokomo] Y2-001SD


New Yokomo Shorty Lipos (FIRST LOOK) 7/30/18

The wait is over! The 4600mah Shorty just came in and we compared it with the other new 3500 Shorty. These are the newest “affordable” shorty lipo’s Yokomo released this year. They were happy to bring to the market a more affordable shorty sized lipo.

This is probably because their S-Line Yokomo YD2 takes ONLY shorty batteries.

Let’s dive right into it:

Now its time for some detailed looks. We’re going to compare the size, the weight and overall everything.



The sizing is very similar, just thickness differs. Weight is about 55grams apart.

Looks like the bullet location has changed slightly. The size is the same, but location is different. This might be why Yokomo released a little writeup about bullet connectors and their YD2 battery holders the other day.

You can grab yours today by clicking below, we have both in stock:

YOKOMO Li-po 4600mAh 100C 2S 7.4V Shorty LIPO Battery [Yokomo] YB-V246B

YOKOMO Li-po 3500mAh 100C 2S 7.4V Shorty LIPO Battery [Yokomo] YB-V235B


Yokomo aside Diffuser Set (YD-2S) Annouced. Y2-001SD

Yokomo Side diffuser set for YD-2S

Product code : Y2-001SD

New Product Information: Diffuser set for YD-2 and YD-4 series (1/10 scale EP Drift car)

Yokomo will releasing a new generation of option parts for all the YD-2/YD-4 series.Based on long time RC Racing

experience at YOKOMO, team drivers came up with an idea for improving the basic performance of a drift chassis by enhancing the aero dynamic performance of the chassis, such as what is already being applied to on 1:1 scale drifting and racing cars.This new optional items have been redesigned in its shape, pitch and groove depth several times and have earned validation in numerous events on several types of surface conditions.This epic performance set consists of Front & Undertray diffuser set for YD-2/YD4 series and Side diffuser set for YD-2S series.

Yokomo Releases Shorter Rear H Arms (7/18/18) Y2-008RAS

Pre-order is taken now, and the shipment will be started from Japan on July 31st, 2018

Y2-008RAS For DP-YD2 / YD-4 series Adjustable rear lower short “H” arm set (Aluminum, Bevel edge processed)

The new aluminum adjustable rear lower H arm, which you can apply to the conventional YD-2 / YD- 4 series, will be released at the end of July.

By shortening the rear lower suspension arm, compared to the conventional rear lower suspension arm,  it improves rear traction performance and enables stable drift distance at a deeper angle.
By adopting aluminum as the material of the arm, rigidity, accuracy and weight will be optimized for higher performance drifting.
You can enjoy drifting with controllable grip and a linear operating feel which is essential for supreme drifting style!
Adjustment spacers are also bundled for quick settings according to the road surface conditions.
This new optional part is an essential piece for the drifter who has been or will be performing in a serious competition scene!
In addition, the bevel edge process has been applied to the new aluminum adjustable rear H arms for the finest luxury ownership.

For the installation Y-2-301D2, Y2-301E2 (Alu rear sus mount) and B8-301BS(Bush) will be essential. (Except for YD-2EXII users)

We will be accepting pre-orders on these bad boys at a discounted early bird price. Lock in your set today!

YD2 Adjustable Rear Lower H SHORT Arms Set [Yokomo] Y2-008RAS