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Racing Performer Gyro V3 Debut (3/13/18) Yokomo News

New Release information (March 13, 2018)

New steering Gyro  “RPG-302 V3”

Yokomo will release new high end drift steering gyro in March 20th.

The new gyro is the Racing Performer(RP) brand family, named as RPG-302 V3.

Conventional RPG-302 was well known as its best balance in high response as well as

mild steering performance to achieve a realistic drifting angle.

And now, new model RPG-302 V3 has a new feature , Adjustable Steering End Point.

The drivers are now possible to adjust the steering limit for right and left. independently in accordance with the surface environment and track layout.

Appearance of aluminum case has also updated, now chamfered edges are anodized with red color to show its specialty at the track.

The new gyro RPG-302 V3 will be the best choice for all type of RWD car, but also suitable for AWD(4WD) car which is more less steering angle due to the mechanical restriction.

By setting up the steering end point, even the AWD car can perform the realistic drift in safety operation.

<<Main Feature>>

①           Easy on setting up End point, push the set up button while in max angle for both side

②           This RPG-302V3 is only for avail with 3ch Transceiver

③           The 3rd channel must be a trim , If it is push button style, no avail to use V3

④           Gain control is possible from the transceiver, easy to operate right and left independently

You can jump on the PREORDER and save:

Racing Performer Gyro V3 1/10 Drift [Yokomo] RPG-302-V3


Yokomo Releases Another YD2-EX (Ver 2) – YD2-EXII – [Yokomo News] 3/12/18

The time has come for another YD2 Variation! This new YD2-EXII is similar to the original EX, except it comes with the new steering upgrade(Variable Steering Rack). Also, the EX2 comes with the aluminum front AND rear shock towers! The original one didn’t come with both. Those who are collecting YD2’s will love to add another YD2 to their collection.

(Yokomo News)

Achieved 2 times of the victory at D1-10 World Championship in Netherland

High-end RWD chassis kit YD-2EX has enhanced its performance at low traction surface and will be released as YD-2EXII in the end of this month.

Performing high speed drifting in any type of surface condition. In meantime, Team Yokomo developed and tested Front steering block and Front/Rear Short Lower Arm in several type of surface track for the super set of YD-2E series.  Now, those new parts will be a kit standard at YD-2EXII

Another benefit of YD-2EXII is the low friction shock and mat graphite main chassis which enable to use any type of batteries released for 1/10 scale RC cars in variety position.

YD-2EX is the high-end, good balanced configured car kit for variety of the drivers in any type of surface condition.


New designed Short Lower Arm and Steering Block for YD-2 E series could perform more steering angle and wider tread!

More optimize Ackerman ratio will drive you to be more aggressive drifting performer


New designed Short type Rear Lower Arm offer the incredible traction performance.

Even at very low traction surface, the driver can easily perform a big drift angle since the driver could feel the car always under controlling by his throttle.

All size of battery for NiCad, NiMH and LiPo are possible to install on YD-2E series car kit are possible to mount on.

(2 type of battery holder, Standard and Shot, will be standard bundled )


Yokomo Announces YD-2 EX Final Version (200kits Limited)


In two consecutive years won the champion of the world, now YD-2 series is well known as one of the best RWD RC drift chassis

which has super strong potential for winning at the international levels competition.

And know the most significant model YD-2EX will be equipped with various optional items and named as YD-2EX Final Version.

This is going to be 200 kits limited in sale as final super deal.


YD-2EX Final Version is 1,000 JPY extra price than the standard one, but it will come with Aluminum Special Steering block(5,900JPY)

and Aluminum Rear A-arm Suspension set(14,800JPY) for more freedom in setting variation.


This will be a big opportunity to try and feel the excellence of full equipped RWD car kit YD-2EX.

Pre-orders are now being taken for YD-2EX Final Version, with February 28th shipping date.

This is 200 kit limited special deal final version.


Product Name :  YD-2EX Chassis kit

Product Code :   DP-YD2EXF

Customer list Price :  58,800 JPY

Barcode 639342155880

Aluminum adjustable special steering block are capable for adjusting King Pin Angle by replacing with various spacers.

Now road contact area and pressure are adjustable to control the front grip feeling in different type of surface condition.

More expert setting is the rear traction. Fine adjustment for the toe angle and vehicle width are going to be more easy because of multilink.

The upper A arm is made of high precision aluminum, mounted on aluminum shock tower, it improves the maintainability as well.

Matt Carbon graphite chassis is a kit standard at YD-2EX Final Version.

All kinds of batteries such as Ni-MH, NIMH and Lipo which is commercially available for 1/10 RC can be installed.

DLike Adjustable Ball Cups w Inserts! FIRST LOOK! 1/26/18

These ball cups have an insert and a set screw you can tighten up. It will reduce slop without sacrificing perfect movement! There are similar designs already on the market that are much more clumsier. These are quite nice for size and overall ease of use!

We’re going to do some testing on our car ASAP!

2 Piece Rod End Ball Cup (5.8mm Adjustable) – 4 Pack [DLike] DL352

2 Piece Rod End Ball Cup (5.8mm Adjustable) – 4 Pack [DLike] DL352

2 Piece Rod End Ball Cup (5.8mm Adjustable) – 4 Pack [DLike] DL352

2 Piece Rod End Ball Cup (5.8mm Adjustable) – 4 Pack [DLike] DL352

First Look: ABC 240z S30 Wangan Body Set! 1/23/18

The long awaiting for WANGAN Z has arrived! We are sure there will be some Devil Z builds out there. This has got to be the best looking Z body. It has really good ratios to the real car. The flares aren’t too big, and everything appears to be high quality.

We were able to secure a small amount. Order yours here today, before we run out!

Wangan Fairlady Z Nissan Datsun 240z S30 1/10 Drift Body Set [ABC Hobby] 66188


Yokomo Releases Latest YD2 Versions! 1/22/18

YD – 2 / YD – 2 Plus renewed version of the world ‘s RWD (2) and RC drift scenes to E series!

RWD drift machine YD-2 is now renewed as YD-2E

As of the end of January 
DP-YD2E YD-2E resin bathtub specification chassis kit
DP-YD2EG YD-2E (with gyroscope) Chassis kit
front part is equipped with a new type steering block and a new lower suspension arm Achieve wide tread and appropriate Ackerman, achieve further break angle UP.
The rear part is standard equipped with the LS rear lower suspension arm that makes full use of the high rear grip which is the feature of YD – 2. Also, as a result of reviewing rear toe angles and alignment changes of the arms, we acquired a high traction performance that will forcefully accelerate while maintaining a deep angle. E series cars achieved smooth balance between stability and speed while being controllable.

Release in the middle of February 
DP – YD 2 EPLS YD – 2 E Plus graphite double deck chassis kit 

 addition to the specification of YD – 2 E, chassis plate, upper deck, E series top model YD – 2 EX matted carbon graphite Adopted materials. The look is slimmer and stylish due to the difference in material, running is attractive with running and high response from the difference in rigidity.

* YD-2 E series car mounted batteries, for RC cars NiCad, nickel hydrogen, lipo etc. Various sizes are all possible.

 Team Yokomo brings three YD-2 prototypes to the RC Drift World Championship sponsored by D1 – 10 hosted in the Netherlands in June 2016 and enters the RWD class for the first time!
235 people from 27 countries (2 Three YD-2 protos finely ranked first, second, third and podium finally, after the enthusiastic season of seven days participated, the overwhelming performance YD-2 and YD-2 Plus are released at the end of August 2016 while attracting attention as astonishing the world and proving. The first YD-2 that won the world championship in June 2017 and achieved the consecutive title !!? The first YD-2 that became a big hit in the world has also been in operation for 1 year and 5 months from the launch of the YD-2EX Updated versions that reviewed the details as cutting-edge E series cars that draw the flow, two new cars totally appeared !!

It has been passed 1.5years since YD – 2 chassis kit has launch at RWD drifting market and dominating the competitive RC drift market in the world. And now Yokomo has improved its basic configuration and released YD – 2E series as substitute for YD – 2 series .

YD-2E and YD2E (with gyro) has improved its front section to bundled with New Steering and New Lower Suspension Arm in order to have chance to optimize the Ackerman Steering and more wider tread as well. The rear section, LS Rear Lower Suspension Arm is going to be a standard bundled, Toe angle, Alignment of arms has renewed for faster drifting controls as for YD – 2 E Plus, applied Mat Graphite Main chassis, Upper deck which has originally selected for YD-2 EX.

So, the chassis looks more slim and stylish but also deliver the different driving feels due to another type of chassis material. More light weight and higher response on drifting.

Adopting a new short suspension arm that avoids interference with the wheel rim and easy to secure a break angle.

More steering angle due to new Short Suspension Arm which has redesigned for prevent from interference with wheels

Refine the stopper position by adopting a new type steering block. Secure enough break angle with kit standard.

New Steering Block has applied for refine the stopping location. Good enough steering angle as kit standard.

Rear suspension arm is standard equipped with LS suspension arm which can easily secure stroke.

Rear suspension arm is LS Suspension Arm for more stroke.

By using the height of the rear grip as a weapon, dare to reduce the rear toe-in, achieving smooth turning performance and acceleration performance.

Reduced Rear Toe-in for more Acceleration and smooth drifting.

Miata Roadster Bodies are here! FIRST LOOK

Pandora really does do it again with another badass roadster body. It’s back to back win from the S2000 to the Miata roadster. We are one of the first in the states to get these bodies in.

They captured many of the iconic details that makes the Miata as unique as it is in real life:

They also have the dash and the front bumper even comes with a Garage Vary Lip!

We have shipped out all preorders for these bodies. We only have a few left in this first batch. If you want one, order ASAP and be one of the first!

Yokomo Officially Announces YD-2SX (12-12-17)

New Release information (December 13, 2017)

YOKOMO will release the new RWD car chassis kit YD-2SX in the end of December.

This new YD-2SX is the chassis kit which has carbon chassis with high motor mount, but with full of optional parts which include new designed one.
So this is the high end competition machine at YD-2S family.

The new motor mount is with 7 rotate point adjustable for very precise set up for the weight balance, and aluminum suspension mount is the push insertion
type for the perfect suspension alignment. Chassis role will also possible to adjust in adapting aluminum front bulkhead for the carbon made main chassis.

The most remarkable feature on this car kit is new designed aluminum Steering Bell Crunk. This particular parts capable for adjusting for the various 

Tread and Ackerman for the various type of driving style and track surface type as well. The bearings at steering wiper and center link are the press fit type
to reduce the plays in order to achieve the racing style steering feels for RWD drifting.

The gear differential drive cup are the aluminum made, and bone with plastic protector for sharpen response and rigid feels.
YD-2SX is the ultimate competition machine which has finished with the sharpen parts for the suspension, steering and drive train

Product name : YD-2SX Chassis kit
Product code : DP-YD2SX