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FIRST LOOK: Pandora BLS FD3S BN Sport RX-7

The new BLS BN Sport RX7 Body has arrived! So many lines and curves!
The front end has so much detail!
The rear has overfenders already as well and many canards.
The front and rear bumpers are super aggressive to compliment the rest of the car!
The front light buckets will be easy since they are attached already!

You can grab one today!


Looks like Pandora does it again. This BN Sport Chaser features wide fenders front and rear! No more fighting for wheel lock, this body features a huge 204mm up front and a 206mm in the back. 

You can order yours today, we were able to get them before the official Japan release date!

Toyota Chaser JZX100 BN-Sports Edition 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2197



Features a roof wing, light buckets and detachable bumpers.

The front fenders have an aggressive cut/flared look. This body also includes the classic BN Sport decal sheet.

Grab yours today:

Toyota Chaser JZX100 BN-Sports Edition 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2197


Yokomo Announces YD2 Aluminum Ball Diff (8/29/19)

Aluminum Ball differential kit can be used with all YD-2 series cars.

The right and left diff joints are made of lightweight aluminum, achieving 8.3g, which is about 1/3 weight of the steel diff joints that have been released (22.7g on L/R).
Throttle response is improved by drastically reducing the weight of the drive unit, and it is possible to further improve exercise performance by reducing the gyro effect. High traction peculiar to the ball diff is pulled out further, the approach speed to the corner is increased, and make advantage in the tournament.


Futaba Debuts 7PX-R [Japan Model Show]

Coming soon to the hobby shops a new version of the Futaba 7PXR remote control. This new high-end radio uses the T-FHSS Super Response transmission system (the fastest ever produced by Futaba). The 7PXR has been lightened and thanks to a new weight balance it is even more comfortable to hold.

Among the new features: position and angle of the steering wheel, larger HOME button, accelerator trigger design and an even richer and more accurate internal software.

The remote control uses a 4.3″ LCD backlit touch screen and offers all the features you could desire: telemetry, mixing, epa adjustment, sub-trim, brake mixing, ABS and compatibility with T-FHSS, S-FHSS, FASST and S.Bus servo programming options.

Let’s compare the regular 7PX to the 7PXR

FIRST LOOK: Thunder God Origin Labo S15 (Pandora)

The latest Origin Labo Installment is here! The new PANDORA S15 has arrived and we’re one of the first to check it out! Right away, we noticed the colorful new ORIGIN Labo decals and intercooler sticker.

The front fenders are a wide 207mm and the rear checks in at 204mm. 

The big thunder aero is very aggressive!

Comes with both regular light buckets or the intake duct style(your choice)

Also comes with Altezza/Euro S15 lights or the classic OEM ones. You get to really customize this body to your liking!

Grab yours today by checking out below:

Nissan Silvia S15 Raijin THUNDER GOD Origin Labo 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2195

FIRST LOOK! Yokomo SP-03D Programmable Brushless Servo!

So the new Yokomo Programmable Brushless Servos are finally here!

Let’s dive right into it and see how it looks and compares initially with their SP02-D.

Looks like this servo gets the classic plastic jewel case.

Looks like they’re both almost identical in size and shape.

Looks like the bottom side(which is what’s going to be highly visible on our upside down servo mounts) will have their new PBS branding.

Their servo is very nice looking as well as finish. Let’s see if the aluminum housing adds to the weight:

Let’s take a closer look guys! MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GO 7.4volts on your BECs! The Pro4D and the RPX2D have them internally set, so whip out those wifi modules or programmers and set your BEC back to 6.0 before running these servos. You don’t want to damage them right out of the box.

So the BLACK servos have arrived first, the red and purple will be coming in shortly. You can purchase one today by clicking the link below: