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Super-G – Vegas Invasion 2019

September 21, 2019
What a great weekend! Joe, myself, along with RawFew member Nick Lepisto and a few of the Super-G Fam – Victor, Jose, and Ruben made our way out to Slidelines R/C in Las Vegas!

Finally here! Slidelines R/C in Las Vegas, Nevada

I had found myself headed to Vegas this weekend for a convention for with the wife. Since we have been wanting to visit Slidelines since they opened, it was the perfect opportunity. I would be busy till Saturday night, and that seemed to be the perfect night to get some slides on. Joe flew up Saturday, Nick drove, and Victor, Jose, and Ruben drove up the day before. We all met up at Slidelines Saturday night.

Packed House! Comfortable driving space.

When we arrived, the session was already in full swing! The place was packed with some serious drifting going on. A lot of familiar faces and a ton of new as well. They even had a Taco Man serving up some serious tacos! Going into this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have to say I didn’t expect anything of this level! Talk about hospitality! Dillon and Bret really went all out.

Great food, people, and slides! 
Thank you Slidelines R/C for the hospitality!

Since this was our first visit to Slidelines R/C, I was very curious as to how their setup would be. The first thing I noticed was the great use of space. The feel is very open, not tight at all. Something we all struggle with and something I know we need to work on here at Super-G. In talking with Dillon and Mike C, I learned it was very deliberate and they had gone though many layouts before finding one that worked for the size and shape of their shop. I was comfortable everywhere around the track, never feeling cramped. In my opinion, Slidelines R/C has found the perfect balance of Track space and Driver space. Great job guys!!!

Tacos first, cause nobody should be drifting on an empty stomach!

The track itself is awesome! Lane width and track flow are on point! Nothing forced or awkward, just good flow. The surface is P-Tile and is very smooth. I learned they did the install themselves, but is really as flat and as perfect as any professional install would or could be. They also have a good selection of Yokomo parts on hand.

Super-G Factory Team Driver – Nick Lepisto representing RawFew

Since we have been testing the new Super-G Cyber SG1 chassis, it was only fitting to bring it out for our Vegas fam to put it through it’s paces. Initially I had intended to put down a few laps and do some tuning since it is on a different surface, but since the session was going and the energy was high, I threw the Cyber SG1 to Mike C to give it a try. It seemed to be right at home with what was going on, so we just ran with it. Quite a few of the Vegas locals got to lay down some laps and the feedback was very favorable. I wish I had time to tune for their surface, but I’m sure it was more than understandable given the circumstances and the time constraints.

The Super-G Chassis – Cyber SG1
Slidelines R/C Las Vegas Tested!

We all had an amazing time at Slidelines R/C! The vibe was definitely good, just as it was the last time we visited Vegas for the session at the park and StanceNation Event. It was great talking to so many of the Vegas guys, many that are Super-G regulars and long time friends. Dillon and Bret have done a fantastic job giving the Vegas drift scene a permanent facility. Something the community really needs.

Huge thanks going out to Dillon and Bret for such a warm welcome and the great hospitality. Also to Mike C, Grant, and Scott for always taking care of us. We will visiting again real soon. We felt right at home with so many of the Vegas Fam being long time Super-G regulars. Till next time guys!

Slidelines R/C Las Vegas, Nevada.
3111 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Super-G RawFew Limited Traction go to CarNvl

April 20, 2019 was the date for the CarNvl event at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, Ca. The NorCal division of Super-G, Limited Traction was putting this together and in conjunction with the rest of the NorCal Drift Fam, there was no doubt this was going to be a serious event! Of course the RawFew wanted to be a part of this as well, so we rounded up the troops and planned a NorCal trip.

We didn’t realize til deep into the planning that this event was to be held on Easter weekend. This changed things up a bit since we had planned to hang out most of Sunday as well. It ended up having to be a quick turn-around for us, but we definitely did not want to miss this.

The earliest we could get out of LA was 9am. After a quick flight and grabbing the rental car, it put us right at about 11:30am. We were all starving so we stopped for a quick bite at the Smoking Pig for some Barbecued eats, then it was off to CarNvl!

We were proud to be traveling with the latest addition to the RawFew, Manny Campalans! None of us are quite sure how, but the stewardess caught wind of him being the new guy, and she announced over the PA system and welcomed him to the team. Very cool!

Manny and the coolest stewardess!

We all felt a little guilty when we arrived since it was already underway and you could see the amount of work and effort that went into this sick setup. Limited Traction, along with Team Bushido, Outlast Drifting, Wall Ride, T-Bomb, Tengu Drift Club, Team D.T.F., Kyokuro Project, and Misu Fitto Drifters had put together a huge layout with some impressive props! The center piece for myself was the sick Tire Bridge that Dennis had been working on for weeks leading up to this event. It is truly an impressive addition to his already mind blowing lineup.

Amazing Setup!

The session was sick with so many good drivers putting down some good laps. The track was huge, so there was no issue finding an open spot, or finding a few people to tandem with if that was what you were after. There were also a few people practicing for the SuperTwin IV that would be taking place later in the event.

That Bridge is HUGE!

It was great to see Jonah Espino there doing what he does best, gathering footage for some of the finest videos around. If you aren’t familiar with his work, you should be. Make sure to check his channel out here: ninjonaah

The event itself was awesome! There was a section of carnival rides for the younger crowd, a huge car show, and a section for stunt bike demos and full scale drifting! A few of us got caught up watching the drifting since they were allowing them to tandem and even going 4-5 cars at a time! It was really some fun to watch. If you didn’t make it out to CarNvl this year, make sure to shoot for the next one. It really is a great event.

Two Big Screen Monitors!

Back at the R/C Drift track, it was time for the SuperTwin IV Team Tandem Battles. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the judges, along side of Julian and Marcos. We knew the competition was going to be tough since it was basically a building full of top skills. In the end, it came down to Team Wall Ride/Outlast Drifting (Allen and Scott) and The RawFew (Nick and Manny). Allen and Scott had taken the win in SuperTwin III, so everyone was aware of what was to come!

The order was decided on a coin toss since Julian brought up the fact that there is different pressure depending on the order. Scott called it since they were undefeated in this competition and RawFew were up first. Nick and Manny put down a pretty good run with good proximity and angle. It was easy to see these guys were in sync with each others driving. Now the stage was set and Allen and Scott knew what they needed to do. I don’t know how else to say this, but that was one of the best Team Tandem runs we have witnessed thus far in the SuperTwin battles. Proximity was literally about 1″ gap between them for the majority of the run, both cars being parallel with no noticeable variance in distance. Transitions were in sync and tight. Scott had closed the door on Allen at one point, but Allen backed off and maintained the same angle as Scott. This in my opinion took a negative and turned it into a positive. Overall, a well deserved victory for Team Wallride/ Outlast Drifting, as well as setting the bar for the next SuperTwin!

SuperTwin IV Winners – Outlast Drifting – Scott / Team Wallride – Allen
SuperTwin IV Runner Up Team – Manny and Nick Team RawFew

This was a long event, 11am – 10pm. After flying up and hustling to get to the event, the team was ready to tap out around 7-8pm. I personally could not stay awake, so we made the decision to call it a day. As much as we wanted to stay, it was just impossible. It was really a great event! As expected, The R/C Drift Track was drawing the largest crowds all day long!

Joe and I, along with the rest of The RawFew who made the trip to CarNvl, Mark Santa Cruz, Nick Lepisto, and Manny Campalans would like to give a huge thank you to our NorCal Family – Team Bushido, Team Wallride, Outlast Drifting, Tengu Drift Club, T-Bomb, Kyokuro Project, Team D.T.F. and Misu Fitto Drifters for all the support and hospitality! We are so grateful we are able to slide together more than we ever have in the past! We would also like to give special thanks to our NorCal division, Limited Traction for setting this up and taking care of a lot of the behind the scenes work it took to get the team up there for this event! Dennis, without your help and dedication, this event would not have been what it was, and it would have taken a lot more work for us to make it up there! I know I speak for the entire RawFew Team when I say we can’t wait for the next one!!!


4-Year Anniversary Bash (OCT 12 & OCT13) 2018


October 12, 2018 – 7pm-1am – (TWIN TEAM TANDEM @ 9pm)
Twin Team WINNERS: $100 to winning team.

October 13, 2018 – 4pm-1am – (TSUISO COMP @ 6pm)
Tsuiso Comp Winners:
First Place will receive 400.00 Yokomo Voucher to be used at Super G
Second Place will receive 200.00 Yokomo Voucher to be used at Super G
Third Place will receive 100.00 Yokomo Voucher to be used at Super G

Alright guys! The time has come! An event of all events! We will be holding a TWIN TEAM TANDEM Comp FRIDAY (OCTOBER 12), and a TSUISO COMP SATURDAY (OCTOBER 13).

We will be raffling prizes! We will be grilling food! We will be showcasing some of the best rc drifters around! We will be using our SUPER-G REPLAY SYSTEM to help the judges!

Schedule as follow:

On Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13, 2018, Super-G R/C Drift Arena is hosting it’s 4 Year Competition and Celebration. Since we know being able to session with your fellow R/C Drifters is a big part of any event, we decided to split the competition into 2 separate days rather than to have 1 day of competitions only. Saturday being the main event day with food, main raffle, and a live DJ!

Friday, October 12, 2018:
7:00pm – Open / Open Track

9:00pm – SuperTwin Team Competition
10:00pm (approx.) – Open Track
1:00am – Close

SuperTwin Team Competition:
- Teams of 2 will compete against other teams in Single Eliminations. (Possible Double Eliminations based on entries)
– Line will be defined the day of the event
– Spec Tire is Yokomo DRC
– Each run will consist of 2 consecutive laps with no break in between. The first lap will be the warm-up lap, the second will be the judged lap
– Each team will be judged on Line, Proximity, and Overall Style and Appearance
Entry Fee for the SuperTwin Competition is $30/Team and includes track fee for the day.

Saturday, October 13, 2018:
4:00pm – Open / Competitors Practice
(Competitors Only)
6:00pm – Drivers Meeting
6:30pm – Single Run Qualifying
7:30pm – Tsuiso Battles
9:00pm – Awards
9:30pm – Food / Open Session

Tsuiso Battles:
– Spec Tire – Yokomo DRC ALL AROUND (Hand Out Rear)
– Chassis Weight Limit – 1100g Max. Rear
Entry Fee $35. Includes 1 pair of Yokomo DRC Tires for rear, track fee for the day, and 1 raffle ticket.

Judges for the event:
Shaine Collins
Colin Chambers
Steve Fujita

Bring your skills! Get your slide on!


Super-G Official Competition Rules Rev. 2.1 (10/8/18)



Super-G Goes NORCAL: LIMITED TRACTION Triple Threat Tandem Comp (San Jose, CA)

7/1/2018 – Limited Traction Triple Threat Tandem Comp
Super-G and the RawFew (Joe, Mark, Nick, and Steve) along with a few of the Super-G regulars (Drftndm – Kris and Tim) headed up to San Jose to join our NorCal Drift Fam for some Triple Team Tandem action. The last round, Super-G’s very own Raw Three came out victorious. We knew NorCal was going to bring it this time, so we were looking forward to some serious competition.

A few of us headed up early Friday to get a jump on the weekend traffic, and hopefully just chill once we arrived. There was a hiccup with the original venue (WekFest at the San Jose Convention Center), so it really put the NorCal crew in a spot. Rather than to cancel, they somehow locked down Sheldon’s Hobbies for the weekend. I’m sure we don’t know the entire story, but when we arrived, everyone was hard at work. It was obvious something big was going down. It was also clear that there was going to be a lot of work going on well into the early morning hours.

Joe, Mark, and I were hungry from our drive up, and right away the guys wanted to feed us. Rather than to disrupt their flow on the track build, we decided to step out and grab something on our own. We busted out Yelp and came across a spot called “A Slice of New York”.

The shop only has a couple of tables outside, but the the wait for pizza went into the streets! There was a constant flow of people in and out. Some ordering to go, some hovering patrons about to finish.

Once we got our pie, we understood why. All three of us know what we like in a pizza and some of us are pretty selective. Mark has had “real NY Pizza” and he said this smashed them all. Joe and I were blown away by A Slice of New York. It is up there with my favorite pizza spots for sure. Their shredded sausage was a new touch for us, and it was amazing! It gave the sausage an extra level of crispiness. NY style of thin and crispy made for an exceptional pie. We got out own pizza to make sure we would have the freshest experience possible.

After a few slices, we went back to Sheldon’s to see how things were coming along and lend a helping hand, but when we returned, we realized they had put down a sick layout down and they were already running laps! These guys sure work fast!

Chris, AJ, Lemi, Dan, Al, Dennis and Rynne (Sorry if I missed anyone) stayed until 3am to get the track ready for everybody to enjoy over the weekend! These guys really went above and beyond on such short notice to make it happen. Also Sheldon’s very own AJ made the venue available for everybody. Big thanks for Sheldon’s for hosting as well as all the people that helped with the behind the scene preparations.

Us socal guys were pretty tired from the journey up and called it a night by midnight.

Day 2:

We woke up bright and early and travelled into the city (San Francisco) to grab some eats from a famous place known for their wings.

We knew there would be a line before they opened and we were right! It was just past 10:30am and there was already a line forming outside their door.

While we were waiting in line for San Tung to open, we noticed a spot next door selling pies, Peasant Pies. We took a peek and ended up coming out with some pretty good pies to hold us over while we were waiting in line.  The beef and potato and chicken were both pretty good!

While finishing our last few bites of savory pies, San Tung was ushering people in!The line for this place is just crazy! Our mouths were salivating as we walked through the doors of this chicken wing palace.

Turns out this is a Chinese restaurant with phenomenal wings.

We stayed focused and kept our eye on the prize and ONLY ordered wings. Not one or two orders. We ended up with 3 orders of the Original Dry Fried Chicken. It took a little while for the wings to start coming out, but when they finally arrived, we knew it was worth the hassle, the journey and the hype!

The wings were just the right amount of sweet and savory. A nice amount of heat and the crunch was on point. Anyone visiting NorCal should do themselves the favor, and try this place out. We saw a constant flow of people walking in and out getting the wings togo.

We went back to our hotel to load up and go back to Sheldon’s.

RawFew Recking Kru was ready for some official practice! Also, more guys from SoCal were on their way up the 5 freeway.

While practicing, the smell of some brisket of charcoal filled the warm air. We knew brother Dan and his son Andrew were keeping everybody fed.

They had a huge operation in the back of Sheldon’s. There was canopies and grills all in motion.

It was pretty hot but we continued to practice until sunset. Everybody had a great time learning new layout. The different tandem teams started taking formation and began practices throughout the day.

Day 3:

We woke up extra early and went back to Bills Cafe (we came here a couple of years ago when we visiting LT at Sheldon’s the first time).

We were able to chill with Dennis of Limited Traction over breakfast. We knew if we didn’t go early, the line would also be crazy for this place on a Sunday morning.

After breakfast we all headed to Sheldon’s to get our Triple slide on!

The Triple Threat Team Tandem Comp:
This was the second of the Triple Team Tandem Competitions Super-G  and Limited Traction have been working at to get going here on the West Coast. From the level of fun and the awesome skills displayed, it looks like it will definitely become a thing here.

We will have coverage of the actual comp in a separate post, but I want to give props to the winning teams, LT Blue Balls (Rynne, Albert, and Lemi) put down some amazing 3-man trains to take the win! It was awesome watching them. Our very own S-Chassis (Nick, Kris, and Tim) threw down some solid runs and locked down Second Place.  Outlast/Wallride (Allen, Hao, and Scott) grabbed Third spot!

The event went very smoothly and we even got to celebrate a special birthday for one one of our own, the RawFew’s youngest driver, Ethan! He came up to the comp to celebrate his big 12!

We want to give a huge thanks to our NorCal Fam for hosting an amazing event! We know it’s not an easy task, and keeping a bunch of guys from LA entertained all weekend is just added stress. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the next one! Let’s do this again sooner than later guys!

Vertex RC x Super-G [ Field Trip to Vertex RC (San Diego) 3/28/17 ]

Super-G takes a much needed field trip to San Diego to visit our friends at Vertex RC (Yokomo USA). We haven’t been down there since their original grand opening. Luckily Dat just came back from his Miami trip so we were able to hang out with both Josh and Dat!

The new track surface and layout is pretty amazing! The black surface gives the track a super clean look! We were lucky to run with the locals a bit before we left. Seems like around 7pm is when everybody arrives. We had to hit the road by 8:30 and was only able to run a little bit when it was prime time. We will definitely stay till closing next time!

It was awesome to check out the YOKOMO madness! They had all the Yokomo goodies in stock. We even grabbed a few things for ourselves while down there.

We can’t wait to return again and run with everybody. All the drivers were really nice and showed us what lines they were running. Until next time! Wednesdays and Thursdays are the nights to come(we heard). Planning the next trip back already!

(Hard parked at the Vertex Garage)

Vertex RC / Yokomo USA
5595 Magnatron Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal Part 3 of 3

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 3 of 3)
Fatlace RC Drift Garage:

What is there to say about Fatlace that hasn’t already been said? Yes, it is as cool as you have heard, and better than you have imagined. The vibe – that’s what you can’t get from an image online.

The downstairs track layout is awesome! Talk about fun! The feel of the Fatlace RC Drift Garage is bit different than any other RC track I have ever been to. It feels like your favorite hang-out or bar, but you are surrounded by RC Drifters and you can drift. The drift session was an ongoing event the entire night, but there was so much going on on top of that. It is very impressive what Fatlace has pulled off.

I need to stop eating and take more pics. Seriously. Hi Erik!

Andrew had hung back while everyone was at the Limited Traction Drift Arena having a blast, and was slaving away preparing a feast! OMG! Adobo, Tri-Tip (I think) Hotlinks, Rice, Nachos, and Chili!!! The NorCal Fam just knows how to kill it when it comes to food.

Of course we had to get at the Upstairs track! How famous is this spot! It was an honor to finally be able to drift here. It was tight, but definitely driftable. I wish we could have spent more time here, but there was so much to do in such little time. Being a fabricator and having built a few tracks, I know how much work went into this. All I can say is awesome job guys!

To round out our visit, we were lucky enough to go to the other side of Fatlace to purchase some gear straight from thee spot! There was so much cool stuff and Dan’s patience was appreciated. Thanks for everything Dan!

The Wrap-Up:
This trip has confirmed there is a definite connection between us and our NorCal Fam. Every time we get to talking, it’s amazing how many parallels we all experience. Our beliefs also parallel very strongly, even without us ever discussing  them. Grow the community by learning, teaching and sharing the knowledge, keeping the vibe and the talk positive, and keeping the scene fun and drama free.

A huge thank you to Limited Traction and Fatlace (Team Bushido) for hosting and making this past weekend a memorable one. I think I can speak for the team when I say it exceeded our expectations. Your kindness and hospitality are second to none. So from Joe, Nick, Mark, Alan, Jason, and myself, we would like to thank you for the awesome weekend!


Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 1 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena (Part 2 of 3)
Fatlace RC Garage (Part 3 of 3)

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal Part 2 of 3

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 2 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena:

The final kick in the a$$ we needed to get the team to move

We arrived at the Limited Traction Drift Arena a little later than expected due to breakfast taking longer than we had hoped, but they had a pit area all set up for us when we arrived. It was obvious Dennis and Rynne and the rest of the team have been hard at work. This track is awesome! The layout flows and these guys can drive! Of course it was everything we expected coming from the Limited Traction guys, but to actually experience it is something else. The layout is a mini-Meihan. We are so jealous of how well Limited Traction does the scale stuff. Yes guys, we noticed all the hard work you have put into it. You’re are always raising the bar. Great job!!!

Doing the scale thing to the fullest!

The session was sick! Long tandem trains and some sick sideways action. One of the Super-G regulars, Erik Gonzales of the Speed Junkies was there, and we were also joined by Jeremy from Driftwell and Jay from The Shop, both from CenCal, as well as a ton of locals. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of others. (Please forgive me) It was awesome! It was a different experience for us since we are used to being the ones hosting. Ha!

I was too busy enjoying the delicious tacos and dogs. I was lucky to get this shot.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was a ton of good food! Some KILLER tacos and dogs with all the trimmings! Wow!!! These guys showed us some serious hospitality.

We had been working on a little addition for the Limited Traction Drift Arena, and we thought it would be cool to kind of “bridge” the gap between NorCal and SoCal. A gift from Super-G / RawFew. We hope they enjoy it.

We took the pic late, so we missed A LOT of people who attended.

What an awesome day of getting sideways at the Limited Traction Drift Arena! We were so honored to be their guests. We felt right at home with the fam! The atmosphere and attitude was as good as it gets. People coming together to enjoy a common interest. People helping each other, and genuinely having a great time. Since the doors close at 7pm, Dan planned a night session at Fatlace RC Drift Garage.

Super-G / RawFew Visits NorCal (Part 1 of 3)
Limited Traction Drift Arena (Part 2 of 3)
Fatlace RC Garage (Part 3 of 3)