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Judging – Bad Calls?

Here at Super-G we have been using the Super-G Replay System for close to 2 years now and it has really changed how we judge. The accuracy and the transparency it provides is really second to none.

In the past there were always calls the judges made that would leave a lot of people feeling raw. Depending on where you were watching from, if you were really paying attention, and even if what you thought you saw is really what happened, people would have different opinions of what really happened.

If you want to get the most of this post, don’t go back and try to figure things out. Just watch the footage ONE TIME and make the call as if you are a judge. Remember, you are watching in real time, and you only get one shot at it.

Remember, ONLY ONCE! That’s how the judges get to see it live.

Did you catch it? What is the call? Remember, this could be someone’s one and only chance to win. Making the wrong call could possibly rob someone of their only victory. A OMT when someone rightfully earned the win is the same as robbing them. Oh the pressure of being a judge.

Did you make a call? Ok, go back and watch it again. Did you make the right call?

The biggest difference in judging with or without the reply system is how the judges think about each instance. For example, if a judge sees contact, they will make a mental note that there was contact made and who was at fault. That needs to be processed as it happens. I had seen it happen so many times where the judges would stop paying attention after contact was made, the rest of the run wasn’t even worth watching. Their decision was already made, and there was nothing more to see.

With the replay system, the judges will make a mental note that something happened at that point and they will need to review it. The run continues and the judges will watch the run in it’s entirety.

When the run is complete, the judges will decide if there are any areas that need to be looked at from different angles to confirm what they through they saw was indeed what actually happened.

Ok, let’s take a look at it from a different angle:

How did you do? Did you make the correct call? Were you confident you saw exactly what happened?

Did you make the correct call? Whether you called it correctly or not, without the Super-G Replay System, you would never be able to say the call was correct 100%. Also, there would never be a way to put the competitors minds at ease if they didn’t agree with your call.

In this particular instance, we felt the Chase Car made contact at the point where the sweeper starts to transition to a tighter hairpin. This caused the Lead Car to be knocked off line and ultimately over-rotate. Since we wanted to be certain that is what happened, we went to the replay to see it from a different angle. Without this angle, the call would have gone in favor of the Lead Car.

Due to the fact we have the replay system at our disposal, the call actually went the other way, in favor of the Chase Car who was just doing as they were supposed to.

This is just one instance where the Super-G Replay System was the only thing standing between the correct call and a bad call. Seeing how often things appear differently than what actually happened, it’s very obvious why there were so many upset competitors and why they would feel so strongly about how bad the judges were. I can’t really say I blame them.

Super-G 5 Year Event Weekend!

October 18-19, 2019:
This past weekend was the Super-G 5 Year Anniversary Event. We hold this annual event every year on the same weekend as Formula Drift has their Final Bout at Irwindale Speedway. (Just in case you want to plan for next year) We are overwhelmed by the tremendous support the community has shown us here at Super-G! So much so, I found myself speechless yesterday. I needed to take a day to gather my thoughts before doing my recap.

50+ Competitors, 90+ Drivers made this weekend one for the books!

The format for the weekend:
Friday was a huge open session, then in the evening we held our SuperTwin Team Tandem Battle. Teams of 2 paired up and ran their best lap against competing teams.

Saturday was another open session, then in the evening we held a huge Tsuiso Battle. This was not only our annual competition, but also the finals for our year long series, The SuperShowdowns.

The Event:
This weekend was all about bringing the R/C Drift Community together to celebrate our 5th year. When we started doing R/C Drift in the parking lot in front of Project-G (Our Miata Business) it was just something we were doing on the weekends for fun. We had no idea it would become what it has over the past 5 years. It has been slowly growing, and the more the community grows, the more we are seeing the bigger manufacturers taking notice.

Team Bushido Represent

Huge Shout Out to the Event Sponsors:
Overdose, Futaba, Pandora R/C, Acuvance, Tamiya, Topline, Tetsujin, ScaleReflex, APlastics, D-Like, Vertex R/C, Yokomo,
and last but definitely not least, DS Racing for providing the Super-G Spec Tire – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II. We have found this tire to provide the perfect balance of forward and side bite, while keeping the speeds down.

Remember these names when you are choosing your gear.
These are the companies who are taking notice of the R/C Drift Community and are giving you new and exciting products. They have all generously donated to our event knowing ultimately their prizes would end up in your hands. The future is your’s to decide. If you want R/C Drift to continue to grow, you need to make sure to support the companies who support the growth of the scene. It really is as simple as that.

We had a Mega Raffle that spanned the course of 2 days and consisted in over $4000.00 in prizes!!! These were all generously donated by the event sponsors to show support for the R/C Drift Community.

Check Out The Winners and Prizes Here!

Super-G 5 Year Event Shirt – Official Sponsors Proudly Shown
DJ O’Rion Providing the Jams for the day!

The West Coast Family:
This year seems to be a milestone for Super-G, and the West Coast Drift Community. Here at Super-G we have been working toward bringing the community together for awhile now. This year many of the West Coast teams had an actual hand in putting on this event. The RawFew had been heavily involved in planning this event. They also had helped a lot with the behind the scenes prep and put in a lot of work to make this happen. Limited Traction single handedly handled the food for both days. Ryan Smoov from SwiftSuns jumped on the decks to provide some live DJ music on Saturday. Last but not least, Shaine Collins from Team D-Style has been one of 3 judges (along with myself and Colin Chambers – RawFew) to refine our judging rules and guidelines for the past 2 years now, not to mention judging the actual competition. Team Bushido and Team WallRide, part of our NorCal family also came down to support and were available for anything and everything we needed help with. Much love going out to you guys for pulling together to make our best event so far happen!

Our SoCal Partners In Crime – Team D-Style / Tech1Drift

Food Food Food!!!
When we all get together, somehow it seems like Drift and Food go hand in hand! This time was no exception. Dennis and Al from Limited Traction were manning the grill and stuffed us all with some wicked Tri Tip, Hot Links, and Dogs on Friday. I don’t know if the food or the drifting was better, but since it was a weekend for drifting, I’m going to have to say the food was almost as good as the drifting. Saturday was all about burgers, hot links, and dogs! Feeding that many people is a huge job. I have to say other than a couple minutes a few times during the event, I didn’t see Dennis or Al. I have to assume that was an all day task. Thank you guys for handling that!

That wasn’t all! Chito, Lexter, and Ethan (RawFew) had also picked up a TON of pizza and cookies for everyone as the event started! Everyone must have been hungry cause within minutes there were just a bunch of empty pizza boxes stacked in the corner! Thank you so much Chito, Lexter, and Ethan!!!

Dennis (Limited Traction) Handling All The Wieners
SuperShowdown Series Winners / SuperTwin Winning Team / Final Throwdown Rookie Class / Final Throwdown Expert Class

The SuperTwin Team Tandem Battles:
We have been working closely with Limited Traction in getting some sort of Team Tandem Competition going. We started with a Triple Team, but we found it difficult for some to gather a team of 3. So we have gone with the Twin since teams of 2 have been easier to round up. However, it may be time to go with 3 man teams again. Stay tuned for more details.

Twenty Teams / Forty Drivers – SuperTwin Madness!!!
The SuperTwin Battles were as they always are. A little lighter mood than a full on comp, definitely less serious, and really a whole lot of fun! In Japan, the Tsuiso Battles are serious business, so the Team Tandem comps are really all about fun. It depends what you are in the hobby for, which will appeal to you more. Most of us love both.

We had teams from California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas! Everyone really put on a good performance. What was very impressive was the fact that many had never run on polished concrete, so this was a all new experience for them. Yet, when it came to competition time, EVERYONE was running as if they were a Super-G Local. This just demonstrates the type of skill we are talking about here.

Congratulations to the winning team, Kevin Motter and Ryno Degala – Limited Few!
This was a collab team of Kevin from RawFew and Ryno from Limited Traction. Both top notch drivers and they formed a winning team. They really deserved the victory with some truly amazing runs! I personally teamed up with Dennis Caroza from Limited Traction to form the team Super Balls. (Don’t ask, cause I don’t know) Ha ha! Although we had a pretty good run, we started celebrating a little early. When I say early, I mean about 5 feet before the finish line!!! Needless to say, we got eliminated. We still had a blast!

SUPERTWIN COVERAGE – Read about it here!

Kevin (RawFew) and Ryno (Limited Traction) – Limited Few SuperTwin Winners!

The Tsuiso Battles:
With 50+ competitors coming together to compete, this was an exciting weekend for the Super-G locals, as well as anyone who enjoys Competition. The best of the best had all come together to throw down and see who really has what it takes take home the goods. This was also the final round for our 2019 Series – SuperShowdowns! Not only were First, Second, and Third for the comp taking home trophies, but First, Second, and Third for the Rookie Class, and we were also Crowning the SoCal Drift King (First), Second, and Third place for our SuperShowdown Series! It almost felt like trophies for everyone!

Congratulations to Kevin Motter from RawFew
Series Leader for the entire SuperShowdown Series
Winner of The SuperShowdown Title of SoCal Drift King
First Place AND Top Qualifier in the SuperShowdown Final Throwdown! 
Truly an amazing feat considering the drivers he was competing with every month. It needs to be known, there is no shortage of great drivers here on the West Coast! The title was up for grabs all the way to Round 10.

Also Congratulations to the winners:

Tsuiso Battles – Rookie Class:
1st Place – Nico Lozada (Swift Suns)

2nd Place – Michael Vasquez (Limited Traction)
3rd Place – Mike Chronhamn (Team Slidelines)

Tsuiso Battles – Expert Class:
1st Place – Kevin Motter and Top Qualifier (RawFew)
2nd Place – Tim Mulhmeyer (Privateer)
3rd Place – Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA)

SuperShowdowns 2019 Point Series:
1st Place / SoCal Drift King – Kevin Motter (RawFew) – 175 Points

2nd Place – Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA) – 116 Points
3rd Place – Jason Fordyce (RawFew) – 112 Points

TSUISO BATTLES – Read about it here!

Tsuiso Battles / Rookie Class
1st – Nico Lozada (Swift Suns), 2nd – Michael Vasquez (Limited Traction), 3rd – Mike Chronhamn (Team Slidelines)
Tsuiso Battles / Expert Class
1st – Kevin Motter (RawFew), 2nd Tim Mulhmeyer, 3rd – Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA)
Presenting the SoCal Drift King:
1st Place – Kevin Motter (RawFew) 2019 SuperShowdown Series Winner!
2nd – Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA), 3rd – Jason Fordyce (RawFew)

Everything aside, this weekend was really all about coming together for good company, good eats, good times, and good slides. We had drivers from Orange County, San Diego, Palmdale, Fresno, San Jose, Santa Clara, Salinas, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Texas. Everyone converged here in Los Angeles at Super-G R/C Drift Arena to share this hobby we all love, R/C Drift!

Joe and I, along with the RawFew and Limited Traction would like to say thank you for a great five years!
Super-G is committed to pushing the R/C Drift Scene here in the U.S. to the next level for 2020.

Thus far, Super-G has established a solid judging guide and rule set we have been refining over the course of 80-100 comps.

We have developed our Super-G Replay System which has revolutionized our judging accuracy, and ensuring there is no bias and minimal margin for error. This system has allowed us to correctly make calls that would otherwise have gone the other way, and undoubtedly would have been bad calls.

Super-G Cyber SG1 Drift Chassis

Presently we are in the middle of launching the Super-G Chassis, the Super-G Cyber SG1, which has some unique features we wanted to bring to the scene.

In addition to the chassis, we already have more new and innovative products in the works.

Last, but definitely not least, Super-G will be hosting a R/C Drift Series which will NOT limited to Super-G in SoCal in 2020. Stay tuned for more information to be released shortly!

Shout Outs to:
RawFew, Limited Traction, Team Bushido, Team Wallride, Team D-Style, Tech1Drift, Team Tekno, Swift Suns, Coyote Racing, Proximity Pals, Dirty Dancers, and Team Slidelines for your ongoing support!

Random images from Super-G 5 Year Annual Event Here!

SuperShowdowns The Final Throwdown – Super-G 5 Year Event

October 19, 2019:
The year long series, SuperShowdowns here at Super-G have come to an end at the Super-G 5 Year Annual Event! This season has been exciting to say the least, but more than that, we have seen HUGE improvement all around. The driver’s skill has increased tremendously over the past year. In addition to the drivers themselves, our judging, rules, and efficiency have grown beyond our expectations. Finally, our Super-G Replay System has come to the point where we feel very comfortable with how everything is working together. All this combined has made for a Competition Series we can all be proud to be a part of. 2020 promises to far exceed 2019.

SuperShowdowns are a monthly competition, each separate from the rest with trophies awarded for the podium finishers. We have also been running a points series in the background. The points would only come into play at the final competition of the series, where we would add the points and crown the SoCal Drift King. To keep things sane, we decided to drop each competitors 2 lowest rounds, allowing for missed rounds without blowing the series. If you missed more than 2, you were on your own.

For the entire series, myself, along with Colin Chambers and Shaine Collins were the Official Judges. I need to give a special thank you to both Colin and Shaine for not only being the most reliable judges, but for showing a true passion for judging fairly. For myself, I consider each and every person who comes through the doors of Super-G to be “one of my guys”. So I would love to see everyone win. However, for Shaine and Colin, they are both very good friends with a couple of guys who were always battling for the top positions. I can say without reservation, I never once witnessed even the slightest hint of favoritism or bias. Our desire to make the correct call far surpassed any type of loyalty or friendship. Having the entire crowd watching any of the replays we were reviewing ensured there was no funny business going on. So on behalf of Super-G and the SoCal Drift Community, I would like to give a huge than you to Colin Chambers and Shaine Collins. Two of the finest judges in the game today.

The Vegas Fam In The House!

The Points
Coming into the Finals, Kevin Motter had secured 1st Place at the conclusion of Round 10, but the real battle was for 2nd Place! Mikko Yang and Jason Fordyce were tied in points for 2nd, but the reality was everyone in the Top 13 could possibly land 2nd or 3rd place. Needless to say, coming into the finals was exciting!

Since the Finals were held at the Super-G 5 Year Event, the entries were more than usual! 50+ competitors over the weekend was no joke. We decided to create 2 classes. We originally called them Rookie and Expert Class, but we will revise that for any upcoming events. Everyone ran their 2 qualifying laps, and the judges decided who belonged in Rookie or Expert based on their performance. There were many key factors, and in the end it seemed to be the right call. There are people who are ready to compete at the expert level after a month, and there are people who should be competing in Rookie in their second year. Let’s keep it fun!

RawFew’s very own Ethan. The only people who don’t sweat this guy are the people who just don’t know. He’s a little terror in a box.

I normally try to keep my personal feelings out of the recaps, but I need to get personal on this round. It was obvious to me that everyone came to put down their very best for the Finals. Mikko seemed to bring out the big guns this round and pulled off what I feel is his best qualifier ever! I was pretty confident he was taking TQ with 2 back to back blistering runs. I always try to keep an open mind as a judge, but I just couldn’t help but feel that was the best we were going to see for this round. A few runs later, it was Kevin Motter’s turn. Knowing how focused Kevin can get, I knew there was a slight chance he could pull it off, but replaying Mikko’s run back in my mind, I new it wasn’t going to be easy, if not impossible. Wouldn’t you know it, Kevin pulls off an amazing first run! Equal to Mikko’s. I couldn’t say better, but I could easily say it was equal. Kevin’s second run is another amazing run! Better than Mikko’s? We all felt they were just about all the same runs. ALL 4 RUNS WERE BASICALLY THE SAME!

Who’s Going First? Mikko GOT ‘EM!!!

It was down to one more qualifying run for each of them. Mikko won the Rock, Paper, Scissors match, so he chose to go first. Amazingly, he was able to put together another insane run! Then it was Kevin’s turn and in typical Kevin fashion, turned it up a notch and cut his margin of safety in half. There was no denying he was going to the limit in each clip, earning him the Top Qualifier Position!

My Man Shaine Clowning! But only after qualifying 3rd!!!

For myself, a very notable happening this round was my fellow judge Shaine Collins and his qualifying. For the entire season, he has been finding himself on the lower end of the qualifying, but he pulled it together this round and pulled off a 3rd Place qualifying run! I could not be more proud of him. Great job Shaine!

1 – Kevin Motter – Top Qualifier

2 – Mikko Yang
3 – Shaine Collins
4 – Alan Benites
5 – Hao Huang
6 – Tim Mulhmeyer
7 – Jordan Crawford
8 – Chris Lagasca
9 – Charlie Munro
9 – Alfredo Chan III
11 – Brian Lemi
12 – Nick Lepisto
12 – Rick Mahaney
14 – Ethan David
15 – Jason Fordyce
16 – Ryno Degala
17 – Manny Campalans
18 – Max Wilkinson
19 – Ron Wyllie
20 – Michael Dedmon
20 – Allen Gu
20 – Levon
20 – Mark Santa Cruz
24 – TJ Dasalla
25 – Karlo Malabanan
26 – Victor Ho
27 – Bret Trevino
28 – Dan Aguada
29 – Jesse Brattain
29 – Coreu Carlstrom
31 – Tony Hickok
32 – Cody Ramirez
32 – James Anderson
34 – Eddel Veloso
35 – Jose Sanchez
36 – Andrew Mendez
37 – Mark Solnyshkin
38 – Josh Espinoza
39 – kenny Dedmon Jr.
40 – Ryan Aguiling
40 – Al Sayong III

1 – Nico Lozada
2 – Mike Chronhamn
3 – Michael Vasquez
4 – Michael Sales
5 – Nick Lozada
6 – Kenny Dedmon Sr.
7 – Don H

***Some of the qualifying positions have changed after comparing the second score. We have taken the highest of the two runs to establish qualifying position. In the event of a tie, the second run score is taken into account. For Listing Purposes ONLY.

Picture Time!

The Tsuiso Battles
There was a lot going on with these battles and we ended up with more battles than we anticipated. In the end, these battles are what this day was about, and we had a lot of trophies that needed to find new homes!

Quite honestly, by the time we got to the Semi Finals, my brain was fried. I cannot for the life of me recall any of the runs. I’m sorry for keeping this short, but it took everything I had to stay focused on the individual battles. In the end, it was Bret Trevio (Team Slidelines) vs. Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA) for 3rd and 4th. Mikko came out victorious landing him on the 3rd spot on the podium, while Bret took a very respectable 4th Place!

First Place Battle – Kevin Motter (RawFew) vs. Tim Mulhmeyer (Team Rhino)

Then it was time for the Finals, Kevin Motter (RawFew) vs. Tim Mulhmeyer (Team Rhino). Kevin ultimately came out on top, landing him at the Top Spot on the podium for First Place! Tim took a hard earned and very deserved 2nd!

The Winners of the Super-G SuperShowdown Final Throwdown!
1st – Kevin Motter (RawFew), 2nd Tim Mulhmeyer (Team Rhino), and 3rd Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA)
SuperShowdown Final Throwdown Top 32 Brackets
Full Results
Bret Trevio in for the 4th Place Sneak!
Owner of Slidelines Las Vegas holding it down and taking a solid 4th!

The Rookie Class Winners:
1st Place – Nico Lozada
2nd Place – Michael Vasquez
3rd Place – Mike Chronhamn

Great job guys!

Rookie Class Winners: 1st Place – Nico Lozada (Swift Suns), 2nd Place – Michael Vasquez (Limited Traction), 3rd Place – Mike Chronhamn (Team Slidelines)
SuperShowdown Point Series Winners!
1st – Kevin Motter (RawFew), 2nd – Mikko Yang (Team Yokomo USA), 3rd – Jason Fordyce (RawFew)
Final Points for SuperShowdowns Point Series 2019
Kevin Motter (RawFew) The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Kevin cleaned house this past weekend:
First Place SuperTwin Team Tandem Competition
Top Qualifier Tsuiso Battles
First Place Tsuiso Battles
First Place SuperShowdowns Point Series 2019
Kevin Motter:
First Place SuperTwin
First Place Tsuiso Battles
First Place SuperShowdown Point Series 2019

Congratulations to all the winners this past weekend! Everyone displayed an amazing level of skill! We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!

SuperTwin 5 Year Competition

DAY ONE: SuperTwin Team Tandem Competition

October 18, 2019:
This year at the Super-G 5 Year Event, day 1 consisted of a day long Open Session and a SuperTwin Competition in the evening. For those who are not familiar with the SuperTwin, it is a Team Tandem Competition where teams of 2 compete against each other to see who can put down the best lap. This competition is structured differently than normal Tsuiso Comps in the way it’s approached and judged. The idea is to allow the teams the freedom to perform what they feel will be the best the course. The judging is based on how “cool” it looks. Proximity, Transitions, Style, and Line are just some of the factors taken into account. Basically, make it look better than the team you are up against and advance to the next round.

This time around we had many visitors from outside of the area. Teams from Orange County, San Diego, Palmdale, Fresno, San Jose, Santa Clara, Salinas, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Texas had all shown up to take part in the SuperTwin!

Personally what I really liked was seeing new teams being formed on the fly. People who wanted to compete, but didn’t have a partner to do so were making friends and partnering up to join in the battle. What an awesome way to meet new people!

The Finals – Limited Few vs. RawRide

Twenty Teams of Two!
Team Mark and James – Mark / James
Team RawRide – Jason / Allen
Rev-Doc – Chris / Lemi
Team UBE/Taro – Nick / Nico
Team Aces – Alfredo III / Alfredo Jr.
Coyote Racing – Ron / Jordan
Super Balls – Dennis / Steve
Team Vegas – Michael / Kenny
Swift Suns – Jeff / James
Team FC Fried Chicken – Karlo / Alan
Team Toyo Style – Mikko / Shaine
Limited Few – Kevin / Ryno
Team Ramit – Brian / Kenny Sr.
Bushido – Dan / Tony
Sky Hunter – Philip / Vaughn
Drift & Wallride – Tim / Hao
4 Door Man Whores – John / Joe
Team Shake and Bake – Nick / Manny
Scale Logic – AJ / TJ
Team EJ – Ethan / Josh

SuperTwin Team Tandem Brackets

The Competition
We had 3 awesome judges step up to handle the task. Keep in mind we don’t have any real solid rules, so a lot of this is what the judges themselves decide are the better runs. They did a fantastic job and I have to say that I would have made the very same calls they did. So a huge thanks going out to Mark Santa Cruz (RawFew), Corey Carlstrom (Team D-Style), and Rick Mahaney (Limited Traction)! for a difficult job well done!

For the sake of time, we decided to go with a random bracket order, single elimination. The mood was definitely light and the vibe was all about fun! A lot of joking and some trash talking was going on, all in good fun! I was told by a few that they preferred the Team Tandem Competition over the regular competitions. Others said it was fun, but doesn’t really replace the head to head battles they are use to. Whatever your take, it was a good time!

In the end, It came down to Team RawRide (Jason Fordyce (RawFew) / Allen Gu (Team Wallride)) vs. Limited Few (Kevin Motter (RawFew) / Ryno Degala (Limited Traction)). Both teams put down some insane runs leaving the crowd wondering what the judges would come up with. In the end, Limited Few had run a better line (deeper and more difficult) and that was enough to sway the judges!!!

SuperTwin Winners: Limited Few – Kevin Motter (RawFew) and Ryno Degala (Limited Traction)

Congratulations to Limited Few – Kevin Motter and Ryno Degala for a hard fought and well deserved win!!!

After the competition, we went straight to the Super-G Raffle (Part 1)! A lot of people walked away with some great prizes, including a Overdose Galm Kit!

Check Out The Winners and Prizes Here!

OVERDOSE GALM KIT!!! Here’s Your Lucky Winner for Day One!

October 5, 2019 SuperShowdown Round 10


OCTOBER 5 – SuperShowdown Round 10 = DOUBLE POINTS!!!
OCTOBER 19 – SuperShowdown Finals = DOUBLE POINTS!!!

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

We Used The Entire Track:
For the final 2 rounds we decided to run the entire Super-G lower level track, under the bridge and all. I had to set up cameras for that, but once it was set, we were ready to go.

As always, the qualifying is impressive. It’s apparent it’s been figure out that you need to get on the board with a decent run, then try to lay down the best you can do to shoot for that Top Qualifier position. There was no doubt there was at least one run from most everyone that was meant to be the run of runs! In the end, Kevin Motter threw down a ridiculous set of qualifiers that left little room for anyone to top. Mad angle, deep in every clip, and all but touching every rail possible. Congratulations to Kevin for a well deserved TQ of the event!

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Mikko Yang
3 – Alan Benites
4 – Tim Mulhmeyer
5 – Manny Campalans
6 – Shaine Collins
7 – Jason Fordyce
8 – Ethan David
9 – Sam Angulo
10 – Nick Lepisto
11 – Daniel Tragner
12 – John Brasko
13 –
Corey Carlstrom
14 – Josh Espinoza
15 – Hao Huang
16 – Jason Walker
17 – Manny Castaneda

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month we had 17 competitors, so the last qualifiers battled for the 16th spot in the top 16. Manny Castaneda came out victorious and grabbed that last spot!

This month we were missing our third judge, Colin “Cool Breeze” Chambers, so it was left to Shaine Collins and myself. Again, since we have the Super-G Replay System, there was no issues with judging with two. Really it comes down to the judges having a firm grasp on the rules and what applies where. The rest is on the replay for everyone to see. The Super-G Replay System is a very necessary judging tool, as we have found the human eye misses quite a bit.

The Top 16:
When I started by saying if you weren’t here, you missed out, I wasn’t kidding! These guys all came out swinging! The mood in the pits prior to the battles was light and friendly as always, but when it came down to throwing down against friends, the gloves came off. Was it the double points? Was it that everyone was feeling their tune? Whatever it was, these guys were out for blood this time around! This weekend was full of the tightest transitions, closest proximity, insane wall rides, and the most aggressive driving we have seen thus far. After each battle, it was back to hanging out with the homies. In all seriousness, this is what we want to see.

The Top 4:
After some wicked battles, the Top 4 came down to Corey Carlstrom vs. Jason Fordyce for 3rd and 4th, and Kevin Motter vs. Alan Benites for 1st and 2nd! Tension was high since all these drivers had been on fire all evening. We knew we were in for some serious battles!!!

First up was Corey vs. Jason. Long time friends from different teams, Corey representing Team DStyle and Jason representing RawFew. The first run was very interesting. Corey was on the lead, Jason on the chase. Corey had a great lead going on, and Jason was right his door with a spectacular chase. Coming into the Super-G Roundabout, Corey went right to the rail, and Jason answered with a smooth bumper drag along the pickets on the rail. We as judges were impressed as we heard the clicks, but the pass was smooth! Then the unthinkable happened, Corey over-rotated and it caused a spin. Jason cruised to a clean finish. Then it was Jason’s turn to lead. The run was clean on both sides since both these guys put down a great lap!

It was obvious who won since Corey had spun on his lead, but as judges and since we have access to the Super-G Replay System, we wanted to make sure what we saw was really what took place with that super sick bumper drag.

Not wanting to take any chances of cheating anyone out of a win, we hit the replay. Keep in mind, there wasn’t a single person who thought there was anything out of the ordinary until the spin, but the replay ended up telling a different story! Upon review, Jason cleanly dragged the first 2 pickets on the rail, but the third caught his rear bumper just enough to bounce his car back. Definitely enough to be deemed a crash. This negated Corey’s spin which happened after Jason’s crash and effectively ended the run.

This gave Corey the win and 3rd place for the night!

Then it was time for the Final Battle! Kevin vs. Alan! Both these guys are capable of putting together some serious runs. This would turn out to be a crazy battle for 1st and 2nd!

First out was Kevin leading and Alan chasing. Alan put serious pressure on Kevin down the straight, forcing Kevin out of his comfort zone and causing him to make contact with the rail on the first hairpin earning him a Zero on his lead run. Something we rarely see from Kevin. Next up was Alan’s lead. In typical fashion, Kevin puts the pressure on Alan, and as fate would have it, Alan makes contact on the rail coming into the hairpin, earning him a Zero for his lead as well. Both chases were about the same length, so it was all about the OMT for these guys!

First – Kevin Motter, Second – Alan Benites, Third – Corey Carlstrom

This time around these guys weren’t playin’! Kevin puts down a flawless lead, and Alan answered back with one of the most amazing chases we have seen here at Super-G! Then it was Alan’s lead, and Kevin gave him no room to one up him. The runs were nothing short of AMAZING, and worthy of the battle for 1st in our Double Point Round. Unfortunately for Alan, he had been just a tad too aggressive on the first straight and inhibited Kevin’s initiation into the hairpin. This was enough to be deemed a crash caused by Alan, giving him a solid 2nd Place finish, and putting Kevin at the Top Podium Spot with First Place!!!

The Winners – 1st Kevin Motter, 2nd Alan Benites, 3rd Corey Carlstrom

Congratulations to Kevin Motter for landing Top Qualifier of the event, and also earning First Place!!! The field of competitors he needed to work his way through were without a doubt some of the best SoCal has to offer!

Congratulations are also in order for the remainder of the Podium winners as they too had to fight through some insanely good driving!

If this is any indication of what is to come for the Finals on October 19th, it’s going to be MINDBLOWING!!! Come out and test your skills against the best SoCal has to offer!

October 5, 2019 Brackets – SuperShowdown Round 10
Full Results
Jason sneaking in on the 4th spot!
(Corey being Corey!)

Official Point Standings:
1. 151 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 30 pts + TQ – 4 pts = 34)
2. 112 pts– Mikko Yang (5th – 16 pts)
3. 98 pts –Jason Fordyce (4th – 18 pts)
3. 98 pts – Manny Campalans (9th – 16 pts)
5. 95 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (9th – 16 pts)
6. 92 pts– Alan Benites (2nd – 24 pts)
7. 86 pts – Shaine Collins (5th – 16 pts)
7. 86 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 16 pts)
9. 79 pts – Josh Espinoza (9th – 16 pts)
10. 75 pts – Hao Huang (9th – 16 pts)
11. 74 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
12. 70 pts – Sam Angulo (9th – 16 pts)
13. 69 pts – Colin Chambers
14. 51 pts –Alfredo Chan III
15. 49 pts – Aydin Angulo
16. 48 pts – Ethan David (5th – 16 pts) 
16. 48 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
18. 44 pts –Cory Carlstrom (3rd – 20 pts)
19. 30 pts – Jeff Yang 
20. 26 pts – Daniel Tragner (9th – 16 pts)
21. 24 pts – Jelani Robinson
21. 24 pts –Jason Ragasa
21. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
24. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
25. 21 pts – Albert Martinez
26. 16 pts – John Brasko (5th – 16 pts)
26. 16 pts – Manny Castenada (9th – 16 pts)
26. 16 pts – Jason Walker (17th – 16 pts)
26. 16 pts – Philip Lucas
26. 16 pts –Jeremy Meyer 
26. 16 pts –Don Hadix 
26. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
26. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
34. 8 pts – Kris Steele
34. 8 pts – Mike Underwood
34. 8 pts – Don A
34. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
34. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
34. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
34. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
34. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
34. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon 

Super-G 5 Year Anniversary October 18-19 2019

Some of past events:

The time has come for our annual event. This year will be our biggest event of the year. We have many sponsors on board! We expect to see people from all over CA, NV, AZ, and even the East Coast!

This is a 2 day Mega Event!

Facebook Event Links below:

Super-G Pre-Sesh & SuperTwin Comp

Super-G 5 Year Anniversary Event

Overdose, DS Racing, Topline, Acuvance, Pandora, Tamiya, APlastics, Tetsujin, MyTrickRC, Demi Works, Vertex RC, Yokomo, Scale Reflex and more!

This will be the kick off for the Super-G 5 Year Event. There will be plenty of time for Open Session Driving since we are opening early. In the evening we will be hosting a SuperTwin Team Tandem Competition. There will be a small raffle immediately following the Competition where we will be raffling off an Overdose Galm among other prizes to be announced. Super-G will also have many sales running, so make sure to stock up on those items you have been wanting to pick up. Friday is meant to be very casual, as the SuperTwin has always been a light mood Competition. It’s all about fun!

The SuperTwin Competition is a team tandem comp. Teams of 2 do their best lap and battle other teams for the best lap. They are judged on the overall run. (Think best dance routine) Judges will be looking at Style, Proximity, Line, Etc. Really the only hard rules being, No Crashing, Spinning, or Excessive Contact. Notice, Speed is not a consideration.

Spec Tire – DS Racing RWD FFFF Zero Mark II or Yokomo DRC for Open Session / SuperTwin Comp
SuperTwin Entry – $30 / Team (Includes Track Fee)
Track Fee – $10

4:00pm – Open Session
8:00pm – Registration Closes for SuperTwin
8:30pm – SuperTwin Team Tandem Competition
Overdose Galm Raffle and Open Session to IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW!!!
1:00am – Close

The Official Super-G 5 Year Event! This will be a day of Open Session, Sideways Fun! There will be GIVEAWAYS ALL DAY LONG! Food will be provided by our our NorCal Fam, Limited Traction! When these guys get on the grill, it’s some serious grub going on! Toward evening we will be hosting our SuperShowdown Final Throwdown! This will be our 5 Year Comp, but also will be the final round of our year long points series and we will be crowning the SoCal Drift King!

Trophies will be awarded for:
Rookie Class – 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Expert Class – 1st, 2nd, 3rd
SuperShowdown Series – SoCal Drift King, 2nd, and 3rd

The Super-G Mega Raffle!
The Sponsors for the event have really stepped it up this year and generously donated to the event! This is their way of supporting and giving back to the community, so remember that the next time you need to pick something up. Support the companies that support you, the Drift Community!

Special Shout Outs to:
Overdose, Futaba, Pandora, Acuvance, Topline, Tetsujin, ScaleReflex, APlastics, Yokomo, Vertex RC, Tamiya, D-Like, and our favorite tire company – DS Racing!!!

The the astounding amount of prizes donated, the raffle will be very fast paced. So make sure to pay attention. Details at the event.

The Tsuiso Battles:
We will be running the competition as we always do for our SuperShowdown Comps. So for those of you who have taken part in any of them throughout the year, it will be very familiar.

Official Rules Here

This will be a single run format. Each competitor will have 2 qualifying runs. Each lap will start at the starting line, and will be signaled in by the judges. Each lap will be scored by the judges and the best of the 2 will be your final qualifying score. Classes (Rookie and Expert) will be decided by the judges during qualifying.

We will be using the Super-G Bracketing System, whether we have Top 16 or Top 32, depending on the turnout, the last spot will be up for grabs for the lower qualifying competitors. Example: If we have 19 entries, the Top 15 will be seeded, the remaining 16-19 qualifying spots will battle in a lower bracket for the 16th spot. This means everyone will still have a chance to work their way up, even with a bad qualifier.

Spec Tire – DS Racing RWD FFFF Zero Mark II All Around
 (2 Rear Included In Entry Fee) More can be purchased if needed.
1100g Max Weight at the rear wheels

Spec Tire – DS Racing RWD FFFF Zero Mark II (Required to be on the track)
SuperShowdown Entry Fee – $35 (Includes Track Fee & 2 Rear Tires)
Track Fee – $10

1:00pm – Open Practice
6:00pm – Registration for SuperShowdown Closes
6:30pm – Drivers Meeting / Qualifying / Tsuiso Battles / Award Ceremony
Super-G Mega Raffle and Open Session to IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW!!!
3:00am – Close

Subject to change

We hope to see you all there!

Here’s the raffle / giveaway prizes:


1 x 4PM Radio System

4 x Low Profile BLS571SV Servos

4 x GYD450 Drift Gyros

Lanyards, Hats, Pens and more!/


1 x RCF Body Set

1 x Mark X Body Set

1 x Infiniti G37 Liberty Walk Body Set

1 x Lexus ISF Sport Body Set

3 x Tetsujin Pit Towels

8 x Wire Sets

10 x 4 Pack of Adjustable Wheels


1 x Mustang Cobra Body

1 x BMW M3 E46 Pandem Body

1 x Nissan S13 ODYVIA


10 x Acuvance Dragon Graphic Sheets

1 x 10.5T Luxon Agile Motor

1 x Acuvance RAIZ Capacitor

2 x Acuvance Trace


1 x TT-02D Drift Chassis

2 x S15 Clear Body Sets

2 x Tamiya Tool Kits


16 x Packs of Topline Wheels in various styles

1 x Banner


6 x Pandora Banners

2 x Pandora Shirts

1 x BN Sport 180SX Body Set

1 x BN Sport S13 Silvia Body Set

1 x BN Sport S15 Silvia Body Set

1 x Thunder God S15 Body Set

1 x Raijin 180SX Body Set

1 x SG1 Controller
1 x UF7 Controller
1 x Afterburner Kit 101
2 x LED Strips

2 x 3 Pack of Weld/OD Boxes
4 x Chrome 9mm SP3 Rims
4 x Silver 9mm SP3 Rims
1 x Pit Flag

Vertex RC USA
1 x Yokomo R35 Bodyset
2 x Racing Performer Rims
2 x Yokomo Muffler Kits
1 x Yokomo Rear ESC Mount YD2
4 x D180 Series Springs

2 x RED Dlike DSD Shirts
2 x BLACK Dlike DSD Shirts
3 x Dlike Pit Towels
1 x Dlike Carry Case with Strap

2 x BOOM RACING Gyros 007
2 x Cone Kits
3 x Barrier Kits
2 x Flags
1 x Cone Kit
5 x Keychains

DS Racing TBA

Scale Reflex TBA

There are more sponsors and prizes arriving. This posting will be updated as they trickle in. PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE

September 7, 2019 SuperShowdown Round 9

Wow wow wow!!! This past weekend had some insane driving going on! I know I usually say the driving was exceptional, but this weekend in particular was full of incredible runs. I have to say, if you want to test your skills, Super-G SuperShowdowns are definitely the place.

OCTOBER 5 – SuperShowdown Round 10 = DOUBLE POINTS!!!
OCTOBER 19 – SuperShowdown Finals = DOUBLE POINTS!!!

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

The Battle for 1st and 2nd – Jason Fordyce vs. Kevin Motter

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

New Layout and Judging Aids
Since we have been seeing such good driving recently, I has thought it could be due in part to running a familiar layout. So this round we changed it up and also added some magnetic cones to help with judging some of the harder to see areas. Simple and straight forward, knock over a cone, you are too far out of bounds.

The qualifying rounds this weekend were impressive. The majority of the drivers were within a few points of each other. However, the Top Qualifier of the event was a full 2 points above the nearest competitor. Jason Fordyce threw down an AMAZING pair of qualifying runs. Both were enough to lock down TQ, but his final run outdid his previous which had everyone left speechless. Congratulations Jason for a commanding TQ!

Top Qualifier – Jason Fordyce
2 – Kevin Motter
3 – Mikko Yang
4 – Tim Mulhmeyer
5 – Aydin Angulo
6 – Manny Campalans
7 – Hao Huang
8 – Sam Angulo
9 – Mark Santa Cruz
10 – Nick Lepisto
11 – Jeff Yang
12 – Alfredo Chan III
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 – Mark Solnyshkin
15 – Corey Carlstrom
16 – Shaine Collins
17 – Alan Benites
18 – Philip Lucas

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month we had 18 competitors, so we made a Top 18 bracket.

YouTube Coverage Here:

This month we were a little short on the judging with Colin “Cool Breeze” Chambers MIA. So it was left to Shaine Collins and myself. Since we have access to the Super-G Replay System, we didn’t skip a beat. Not only can the judges review the runs from multiple angles and in real or slow-motion speed, but the spectators and competitors can also see what the judges are reviewing. At this point, everyone is pretty clear on who and why, and the judges just give the final say. The Super-G Replay System is a very necessary judging tool, as we have found the human eye misses quite a bit.

Kevin Motter and Jason Fordyce prepared for battle – The Final Round

The Top 4:
I usually start my recap at the Top 4, but this weekend the battle between Kevin Motter and Mikko Yang to decide who battles for 1st and 2nd were the most intense! It was so close, we had to go to OMT (One More Time) twice! It came down to reviewing on the Super-G Replay System to finally make the call. without the replay system, it would have been impossible to see the deciding factor. In the first clip, Kevin fills the entire clip for the full length. Mikko entered the clip, then his line takes him outside of the clip, then back in to complete the zone. Both appeared to fill the clip, but from the Birdseye view it was clear Kevin deserved the win.

So for the Top 4, it was Josh Espinoza vs Mikko Yang for 3rd and 4th, and Jason Fordyce vs Kevin Motter for 1st and 2nd.

First up was Josh vs. Mikko! Josh threw down a great lead and Mikko answered back with a great chase. Then on Mikko’s lead, he put down a really clean lead run and Josh actually had better proximity, but as fate would have it, he was a little too close on one of the transitions, interfering in Mikko’s transition and giving Mikko the 3rd spot on the podium.

Then it was time for the finals! Jason vs. Kevin. These 2 are no strangers to battling it out for the top spot. Great friends and teammates, these 2 really put on their game faces when it comes to winning. They both act like they don’t care, but we all know better! Ha! First out was Jason on the lead. Being TQ of the night we expected to see a great run and he didn’t disappoint. Deep in the clips with a lot of angle! Kevin did his usual and was right on Jason’s door for the entire run. Amazing run! Then it was Kevin’s lead. As expected, Kevin went deep and Jason was right there within mere millimeters. Unfortunately Jason had a miscalculation and had slight contract with Kevin, then found himself having to let off to avoid contact, allowing Kevin to pull away with a smoother line and also the Top Podium Spot! Jason takes home a well earned 2nd, and his teammate Kevin takes home the win!

Congratulations to our winners, First Place – Kevin Motter, Second Place – Jason Fordyce, and Third Place – Mikko Yang!

The Winners – First – Kevin Motter, Second – Jason Fordyce, Third – Mikko Yang
Congratulations To Our Winners – 1st Kevin Motter, 2nd Jason Fordyce, and 3rd Mikko Yang
SuperShowdown Round 9 Brackets
SuperShowdown Round 9 Full Results
Josh Espinoza sneaking in for 4th

Official Point Standings:
1. 117 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts)
2. 96 pts– Mikko Yang (3rd – 10 pts)
3. 82 pts – Manny Campalans (5th – 8 pts)
4. 80 pts –Jason Fordyce (2nd – 12 pts / TQ – 2 pts = 14 pts)
5. 79 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (9th – 8 pts)
6. 74 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (5th – 8 pts)
7. 70 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
7. 70 pts – Shaine Collins (17th – 8 pts)
9. 69 pts – Colin Chambers
10. 68 pts– Alan Benites (9th – 8 pts)
11. 63 pts – Josh Espinoza (4th – 9 pts)
12. 59 pts – Hao Huang (5th – 8 pts)
13. 54 pts – Sam Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
14. 51 pts –Alfredo Chan III (5th – 8 pts)
15. 49 pts – Aydin Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
16. 48 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (9th – 8 pts)
17. 32 pts – Ethan David
18. 30 pts – Jeff Yang (9th – 8pts)
19. 24 pts –Cory Carlstrom (17th – 8 pts)
19. 24 pts – Jelani Robinson
19. 24 pts –Jason Ragasa
19. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
23. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
24. 21 pts – Albert Martinez
25. 16 pts – Philip Lucas (9th – 8 pts)
25. 16 pts –Jeremy Meyer 
25. 16 pts –Don Hadix 
25. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
25. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
30. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner
31. 8 pts – Kris Steele
31. 8 pts – Mike Underwood
31. 8 pts – Don A
31. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
31. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
31. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
31. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
31. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
31. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon 

August 3, 2019 Super Showdown Round 8

This past weekend was SuperShowdown Round 8 and it seemed like everyone was ready for a comp. The weather was pretty warm when we opened, so it seemed like waiting till it cooled down a little was the trend. There were a few people anxious to break in their tires, so we were glad we were open early.

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

This month our good friend Jeremy Meyer from Driftwell in Fresno, CA was able to come and join us for the comp. He’s a Super-G regular and no stranger to our comps. We were also lucky enough to have Philip Lucas, the owner of Skyhunter Hobby in Lancaster, CA come and get some slides on with us! They have a R/C Drift Track in their store and often host fun comps on Sundays, as well as being well stocked on drones and off-road R/Cs! Check them out if you have a chance.

SuperShowdown Round 8

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

The Previous Layout Returns
Since last month seemed to catch everyone a little off guard, we decided we would run the same layout and same line as last month. We expected to see everyone well adjusted and able to put together some good runs. We were not disappointed! The driving this month was top-notch!

Qualifying was smooth as always. This time around everyone’s driving was on point, with 11 drivers within a couple points of each other. The end of the straight had the tricky semi U-turn with wall ride, but everyone seemed to take to it comfortably this round. Jason Fordyce, last month’s TQ threw an amazing entry and wall ride, but it wasn’t enough to lock down TQ again this month since Kevin Motter went ahead and laid down a near perfect run on the entire course. Congratulations to Kevin for being Top Qualifier of this round!

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Jason Fordyce
3 – Has Huang
4 – Mikko Yang
5 – Nick Lepisto
6 – Tim Mulhmeyer
7 – Manny Campalans
8 – Mike Underwood
9 – Sam Angulo
10 – Aydin Angulo
11 – Shaine Collins
12 – Alan Benites
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 – Kris Steele
15 – Jelani Robinson
16 – Ethan David
17 – Alfredo Chan III
18 – Jason Ragasa
19 – Mark Santa Cruz
20 – Philip Lucas
21 – Colin Chambers
22 – Jeremy Meyer
23 – Don A
24 – Mark Solnyshkin

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month we had 9 people to battle it out for the last spot in the Top 16. The Super-G Bracketing System has been working well for us. In qualifying the top 15 are seeded in the Top 16, the remainder of competitors are put into a separate bracket to battle for the 16th spot in the Top 16. This month Colin Chambers was victorious and went on to battle this month’s TQ, Kevin Motter!

YouTube Coverage Here:

The Judges for this event were the usual gang of thugs, Colin Chambers, Shaine Collins, and myself (Steve Fujita). Shaine and Colin always do such a great job. I go back after every comp and review the calls to improve our judging and also to see if we missed anything. I am proud to say we have been on point now for what is probably approaching 80 or so comps. Great job as always guys! We the community, owe these guys a huge thanks for always providing the best and most unbiased judging I have ever seen.

Kevin Motter and Manny Campalans ready to do battle!

The Top 4:
This month battling for 3rd and 4th was Mikko Yang vs. Tim Mulhmeyer. Both drivers had great lead runs, almost equal. However, these battles were decided on the chases. Mikko was able to maintain great proximity and matching Tim’s angle. Tim had great proximity, but at one point Mikko started to get away from Tim and so Tim shallowed on the Super-G Round-about to keep up, sealing his fate and giving Mikko the win! Congratulations to Mikko Yang for a solid and well deserved 3rd Place!!!

Then it was time for the finals, Kevin Motter vs his RawFew Teammate, Manny Campalans. This isn’t the first time these guys have gone head to head, and I personally think they both make each other nervous. First run, Kevin lays down his signature lead, deep deep deep in every clip, pinpoint accuracy piloting his car within mere millimeters of the rails, and all while holding mad angle! Manny snapped back with some great proximity for the entire run! Then it was Manny’s turn to lead. Out of the gate and to the straight things were looking great! The suddenly as Manny goes for the wall ride at the end of the straight, he made a slight miscalculation and hit the wall. The rest as they say is history. Kevin Motter takes home another First Place win! Manny had to be happy with his solid 2nd Place spot on the podium.

1st Place – Kevin Motter, 2nd Place – Manny Campalans, 3rd Place – Mikko Yang

Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew) for bringing home the win once again, as well as Top Qualifier for this month! To Manny Campalans for bringing home 2nd Place with some impressive runs, and last but not least, Mikko Yang for taking home 3rd Place! Definitely not an easy task when you have a house full of skills like we had this past weekend! These guys were on their game and deserved their spots on the podium!

Congratulations to our winners – 1st Place, Kevin Motter. 2nd Place, Manny Campalans. 3rd Place, Mikko Yang.
Super Showdown Round 8 Top 16 Brackets
Super Showdown Round 8 Full Results (Top 16)
Tim Mulhmeyer Sneaking in for 4th spot

Official Point Standings:
1. 102 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts + TQ 2 pts = 17 pts)
2. 86 pts– Mikko Yang (3rd – 10 pts)
3. 74 pts – Manny Campalans (2nd – 12 pts)
4. 71 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (4th – 9 pts)
5. 69 pts – Colin Chambers (9th – 8 pts)
6. 66 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (17th – 8 pts)
7. 64 pts –Jason Fordyce (5th – 8 pts)
8. 62 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
8. 62 pts – Shaine Collins (9th – 8 pts)
10. 60 pts– Alan Benites (5th – 8 pts)
11. 54 pts – Josh Espinoza (9th – 8 pts)
12. 51 pts – Hao Huang (9th – 8 pts)
13. 46 pts – Sam Angulo (5th – 8 pts)
14. 43 pts –Alfredo Chan III (17th – 8 pts)
15. 41 pts – Aydin Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
16. 40 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (17th – 8 pts)
17. 32 pts – Ethan David (17th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts – Jelani Robinson (9th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts –Jason Ragasa (17th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
21. 22 pts – Jeff Yang 
21. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
23. 21 pts – Albert Martinez
24. 16 pts –Jeremy Meyer (17th – 8 pts)
24. 16 pts –Don Hadix 
24. 16 pts –Cory Carlstrom 
24. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
24. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
29. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner
30. 8 pts – Kris Steele (5th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Mike Underwood (9th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Philip Lucas (17th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Don A (17th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
31. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
31. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
31. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
31. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
31. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon 

July 6, 2019 Super Showdown Round 7

Being as this was a holiday weekend, we anticipated a small showing for the SuperShowdown Round 7. Much to our surprise, most of the usual suspects were present, so it would prove to be a really great event full of some exciting runs and some serious skills being put on display!

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

This month we were joined by one of our good friends, Daniel Tragner from Spain! He didn’t have his car with him, so earlier in the week we let him spend some time with our various chassis to find one that he would run for the SuperShowdown. He finally chose one of our Overdose Galms as his weapon of choice. This would prove to be a good move later that weekend. After deciding on the Galm, Daniel proceeded to get some practice laps in, and quickly his skills became very obvious. He’s no stranger to competition and R/C Drift. We were all excited for the comp!

Daniel Tragner (Grey Shirt) and The RawFew L to R – Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, Steve Fujita, Manny Campalans, Kevin Rambo Motter, Colin Chambers, Jason Fordyce, and Joe Tam

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

New Layout and New Direction:
Since we have started this year with the SuperShowdowns, we have been running a clockwise direction, and always running into the Super-G Sweeper. This month I decided to give some of our comp regulars something a little more familiar. Since our friends from Team DStyle and Tech1Drift are used to driving counter-clockwise, I decided to reverse our direction and go with a straight into a lazy hairpin, something they are definitely more accustomed to.

The qualifying was interesting to say the least. Even with the change up in direction and track style, everyone stepped it up and took to the new layout pretty quickly. The straight off of our sweeper allowed for some pretty decent speeds which made the entries to the hairpin exciting. Kevin Motter pulled off a near flawless qualifying run, but without warning, Jason Fordyce threw down an amazing lap with a blistering entry to the hairpin, narrowly avoiding contact with the wall by less than an inch. We felt this was enough to lock down the Top Qualifying position, but that was only Jason’s first pass. On Jason’s next pass, he came down the straight even more aggressively, and ended up dragging his rear bumper along the wall on the hairpin. The judges were speechless as we awarded Jason the Top Qualifying spot!!! I’m still not sure what I witnessed. Congratulations Jason Fordyce on TQ for the event!

Top Qualifier – Jason Fordyce
2 – Kevin Motter
3 – Mikko Yang
4 – Manny Campalans
5 –Hao Huang
6 –Daniel Tragner
7 –Albert Martinez
8 – Nick Lepisto
9 – Colin Chambers
10 –Jelani Robinson
11 –Alan Benites
12 – Ethan David
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 –Sam Angulo
15 – Mark Santa Cruz
16 – Shaine Collins
17 – Aydin Angulo
18 – Don Hadix
19 – Alfredo Chan III
20 – Mark Solnishkin
21 – Tim Mulhmeyer

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month with the new layout, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew it was going to be good. A few of the big guns had issues in qualifying, but they still had a shot since we have implemented the Super-G Bracketing System. The top 15 qualifiers are seeded and the lower qualifying drivers then battle in the lower bracket for the 16th spot.

The Judges for this event were the usual gang of thugs, Colin Chambers, Shaine Collins, and myself (Steve Fujita). Shaine and Colin always do such a great job. I go back after every comp and review the calls to improve our judging and also to see if we missed anything. I am proud to say we have been on point now for what is probably approaching 80 or so comps. Great job as always guys! We the community, owe these guys a huge thanks for always providing the best and most unbiased judging I have ever seen.

The Top 4:
First up was Hao Huang vs Daniel Tragner. Daniel being the new guy must have taken a lot of people by surprise. He was up against some of the podium regulars, and had successfully worked his way up to the top 4. Daniel was first on the lead, and he put down a great run! Hao doing what he does best, was right on his door for the majority of the run. These guys were definitely worthy of the top 4 group! Then it was Hao’s lead, and it was almost the same as we had just witnessed. Hao with a great lead, and Daniel right on his door for the chase. The deciding factor was Hao had a slight stall entering the sweeper, giving Daniel a better lead run and locking in the 3rd Podium Spot.

Then it was time for the finals, Kevin Motter vs his RawFew Teammate, Jason Fordyce. Both of these cats are no strangers the Top Spot, and both seemed determined to not let the other take the win. On Kevin’s lead, Jason was a little cautious entering the hairpin, causing him to lose a little proximity on an otherwise perfect chase. Then on Jason’s lead, Kevin was right on Jason’s door the entire time. That is until the final turn where he miscalculated and ended up slightly shallow. The judges decided this was going to be a OMT. For the next runs, both Kevin and Jason threw down some serious runs! Amazing if you ask me, but there was one difference. In the first clipping zone that seemed to not really matter, since the excitement was at the other end of the course, Kevin filled that clip as much as possible with a ton of angle, while Jason on his lead was barely skimming it. Both got the clip fully, but Kevin displayed his dominance, leaving no question as to who was going to put down the better run. This was confirmed by the use of the Super-G Replay System. We (the judges) along with the rest of the attendees, were able to watch the replay to confirm that indeed Kevin was deeper than Jason on that clip.

Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew) for a hard fought victory, and the Top Podium Spot! Congratulations to Jason Fordyce (RawFew) for putting up an amazing fight, and landing Second Place, and the Top Qualifier Spot!!! Last but definitely not least, congratulations to Daniel Tragner for having the least experience here at Super-G and driving a strange chassis, but claiming the Third Spot on the Podium!!! Now that is SKILL!!!

Congratulations to the winners – 1st Place – Kevin Motter, 2nd Place – Jason Fordyce, 3rd Place – Daniel Tragner
SuperShowdown Round 7 Top 16
SuperShowdown Round 7 Full Results
The Top 4 – Hao Sneaking in! 

Official Point Standings:
1. 85 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts)
2. 76 pts– Mikko Yang (5th – 8 pts)
3. 62 pts – Manny Campalans (9th – 8 pts)
3. 62 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (17th – 8 pts)
5. 61 pts – Colin Chambers (5th – 8 pts)
6. 58 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (9th – 8 pts)
7. 56 pts –Jason Fordyce (12 + 2 TQ = 14 pts)
8. 54 pts – Shaine Collins (17th – 8 pts)
8. 54 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
10. 52 pts– Alan Benites (9th – 8 pts)
11. 46 pts – Josh Espinoza (5th – 8 pts)
12. 42 pts – Hao Huang (4th – 9 pts)
13. 38 pts – Sam Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
14. 35 pts –Alfredo Chan III (9th – 8 pts)
15. 33 pts – Aydin Angulo (17th – 8 pts)
16. 32 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (17th – 8 pts)
17. 24 pts – Ethan David (9th – 8 pts)
17. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
19. 22 pts – Jeff Yang 
19. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
21. 21 pts – Albert Martinez (5th – 8 pts)
22. 16 pts – Jelani Robinson (9th – 8 pts)
22. 16 pts –Don Hadix (17th – 8 pts)
22. 16 pts –Jason Ragasa
22. 16 pts –Cory Carlstrom 
22. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
22. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
28. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner (3rd – 10 pts)
29. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
29. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
29. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
29. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
29. 8 pts –Jeremy Meyer 
29. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
29. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon