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1/19/19 Saturday Night Showdowns (Fun Comp Series)

Saturday, January 19, 2019:
Saturday Night Showdowns week 2
It looks like we are back to our regular scheduled program for the Saturday Night Showdowns! As always, it was a great time here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena. Even though we were missing a few of our regulars, it was still a decent group ready to bang doors and get their fun comp action on!

Alan Benites was coming in looking for his second win of the season, while it seemed everyone else was determined to not allow that.

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

Judging for the evening was Manny Campalans and yours truly. It’s always a plus when we can get more people involved in judging. You would be surprised how much you learn as far as what the judges are looking for, as well as gaining respect for the job the judges are doing for you. Great job Manny! Thanks for stepping up!

We had 18 competitors, so you know it was going to be good! Everyone battled King of the Hill style for qualifying. We then moved right into the Tsuiso Battles for Top 8. It came down to Mark Santa Cruz vs Hao Huang for 3rd and 4th spot. Hao managed to hold tighter proximity on his chase run when compared to Mark, giving him the win and securing the 3rd spot on the podium. Then it was Nick Lepisto vs Tim Mulhmeyer for 1st and 2nd! Nick has been really putting down some serious runs this season and Tim is no stranger to taking the top spot on the podium, so everyone anticipated a fierce battle! As expected, both drivers delivered! In the end, Tim was able to go deeper in 2 of the 4 clips locking down the win and the number one spot for the night! Nick took home a well deserved second!

Tim Mulhmeyer – 1st / Nick Lepisto – 2nd / Hao Huang- 3rd
(Sorry Nick, I took 2 just incase. What are the chances)

Congratulations to our winners of the Saturday Night Showdowns week 2! Can’t wait to get it on next Saturday!!! See you then!

Mark Santa Cruz sneaking in on the Podium for 4th place!

Points Earned – 1/19/19:
1st. 15 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
2nd. 12 pts – Nick Lepisto
3rd. 10 pts – Hao Huang
4th. 8 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
5th. 7 pts – Alan Benites
5th. 7 pts – Joe Tam
5th. 7 pts – Aydin Angulo
5th. 7 pts – Jose Sanchez
9th. 6 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
9th. 6 pts – Jelani Robinson
9th. 6 pts – Danny Aguilar
9th. 6 pts – Andy Orozco
9th. 6 pts – Sam Taylor
9th. 6 pts – Travon Yancy
9th. 6 pts – Kris Steele
9th. 6 pts – Josh Espinoza
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo
9th. 6 pts – Manny Campalans


Point Standings – 1/12/19:
1st. 27 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (15)
2nd. 22 pts – Alan Benites (7)
3rd. 16 pts – Josh Espinoza (6)
4th. 15 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (8)
5th. 14 pts – Joe Tam (7)
6th. 13 pts – Andy Orozco (6)
6th. 13 pts – Aydin Angulo (7)
8th. 12 pts – Nick Lepisto (12)
8th. 12 pts – Sam Angulo (6)
10th. 10 pts – Hao Haung (10)
11th. 8 pts – Kevin Motter
12th. 7 pts – Steve Fujita
12th. 7 pts – Jose Sanchez (7)
13th. – 6 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Jelani Robinson (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Danny Aguilar (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Travon Yancy (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Kris Steele (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Manny Campalans (6)
13th. – 6 pts – Colin Chambers
13th. – 6 pts – Alex Dagondon
13th. – 6 pts – Ethan David
13th . – 6 pts – Karlo Malabanca

1/12/19 Saturday Night Showdowns (Fun Comp Series)

Saturday, January 12, 2019:
Tonight was the first SNS of 2019. 2018 was exciting, but 2019 is looking to be even better. New people, new chassis, new season, it’s going to be exciting!

RawFew Driver Kevin Motter ended the official 2018 Season with 11 back to back wins, and Mikko Yang of Team D-Style was coming in with the last 3 back to back wins with 2 unofficial fun comps and the first SuperShowdown Round 1. We were anticipating a POSSIBLE continuation of either of these winning streaks. Consecutive wins are consecutive wins. Did either of them pull this off?

Since this was the first Saturday Night Showdowns of the season, I will give a rundown of the point system. Since it’s all for fun, the points are for fun too. Many were asking if we could do something like this just so they know how they are doing in the group. We have changed the point system a bit since we announced the series.

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

This particular Saturday was cold and raining, but that didn’t scare the die-hards off! Everyone came through to start off the year the right way! The mood was light and everyone was having a great time. The fun was definitely in the Fun Comp! There were a few of us testing / shaking down new chassis. It made for an interesting night!

A special thanks going out to Colin Chambers and Kevin Motter for stepping up and judging along side of myself for a pretty solid judge rotation.

As we worked our way up though the top 8, it came down to Kevin Motter vs. Josh Espinoza for 3rd and 4th spots. Josh was on it this weekend and was definitely going to make Kevin work for it.  It seemed Kevin knew this, so on his lead run, he threw down some seriously deep lines. Unfortunately for Kevin, he tried to drag a wall a little too close and ended up making contact resulting in a good bounce! The crowd went silent. On the following run, Josh was on the lead, Kevin chasing. Josh without much effort, was able to navigate the course smoothly, locking him in for a solid 3 place on the podium!

Then it came down to Alan Benites vs. Tim Mulhmeyer for that top spot. First Alan was on the lead and Tim chasing. Alan gave Tim a good dose of that RMX speed, obviously making Tim work to maintain proximity. Both the lead and chase were solid! This brought us to the final run of the night with Tim leading and Alan chasing. Tim did Tim, running an amazingly deep line throughout the first 7/8 of the course. Alan was hot on Tim’s door the entire time, showing  he had what it takes to keep the pressure on. Then on the last clip it happened. Tim knowing he needed to do something to give him that little edge, he decided to go deep in the last clip. Unfortunately his exhaust caught the rail and gave him a good jolt. This was all Alan needed to secure the top spot on the podium! Tim took a very respectable 2nd place for the night!

Alan Beniites – 1st / Tim Mulheyer – 2nd / Josh Espinoza – 3rd

Congratulations to our winners of the Saturday Night Showdowns week 1! Can’t wait to get it on next Saturday!!! See you then!

Point Standings – 1/12/19:
1st. 15 pts – Alan Benites
2nd. 12 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
3rd. 10 pts – Josh Espinoza
4th. 8 pts – Kevin Motter
5th. 7 pts – Andy Orozco
5th. 7 pts – Joe Tam
5th. 7 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
5th. 7 pts – Steve Fujita
9th. 6 pts – Sam Taylor
9th. 6 pts – Colin Chambers
9th. 6 pts – Alex Dagondon
9th. 6 pts – Ethan David
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo
9th. 6 pts – Karlo Malabanca
9th. 6 pts – Aydin Angulo

1/5/19 SuperShowdown Round 1

This past weekend was the kick off for the Super-G SuperShowdown point series. The SuperShowdowns are the Super-G Monthly Competitions which are open to anyone at any time during the season.

The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed the first one. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
9 pts – Forth Place
8 pts – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus – Top Qualifier

We weren’t sure how the turn out was going to be for the first comp of the year, being as it was the same week as New Years, we expected the turn out to be small. It was on the smaller side, but still a decent amount considering the timing and the weather. (Cold and raining of course).

The spec tire for the event was Yokomo DRC all around. A pair of rear tires were supplied with every entry.

The first order of business was qualifying. The line was changed and the clipping points were a surprise for everyone since we laid them out just before we opened. It proved to be challenging for even the best of the drivers since the clips have been all outclips for the past month or so. We added a couple nose clips to spice it up a bit.

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Two-Way Tie – Alan Benites, Tim Mulhmeyer
4 – Two-Way Tie – Mark Santa Cruz, Mikko Yang
6 – Two-Way Tie – Colin Chambers, Hao Huang
8 – Jeff Yang
9 – Nick Lepisto
10 – Manny Campalans
11 – Two-Way Tie – Josh Espinoza, Shaine Collins
13 – Two-Way Tie – Albert Martinez, Jose Sanchez
15 – Sam Angulo
16 – Mark Solnyshkin
17 – Travon Yancy

Tsuiso Battles:
For some reason everyone brought their best driving out for this event, and as the night progressed, the driving just got better and better.

Some of the highlights of the evening:
Tim Mulhmeyer vs. Colin Chambers in Round 3. Tim is no stranger to the podium and is a seasoned competitor here at Super-G. Colin has been steadily moving up and has become a real threat. Tim was leading first. Tim was out there doing Tim, super clean and smooth, just as we have become accustomed to. Colin was hot on the chase and really applying the pressure to Tim. Then disaster struck for Tim and he spun at the second to the last turn. Next up was Colin on the lead, Tim chasing. Colin put down a very respectable lead with Tim on his door, but Tim’s chase wasn’t enough to overcome the spin on his lead. This allowed Colin to advance.

The battle everyone seemed to be waiting for was Kevin Motter vs Mikko Yang. This happened in the semifinals. These are the 2 most winningest drivers here in SoCal, so we knew it was going to good! First up was Kevin leading and Mikko chasing. Kevin is notorious for extremely deep lines and tons of angle. Into the first clip Kevin does his normal super deep entry, Mikko answers back with an equally deep chase and incredible proximity. This time matching Kevin’s crazy angle as well! Kevin lays down a near perfect lead, if not perfect, and Mikko’s chase was about as good as it can get! Perfect chase? Why not! There I said it! Now it’s Mikko’s turn to lead and Kevin is chasing. Out of the gate Mikko throws some serious speed. Surprisingly, Kevin is able to keep with Mikko through the first straight and is right on his tail heading into the sweeper! Mikko throws it hard into the first clip and appears to have caught Kevin off guard! This forces Kevin to duck to the inside to keep from making contact and he takes a shallow line through the sweeper. For the remainder of the course Mikko pulls out a near perfect run. I say near since there’s small things that can be picked on, but we can call it perfect. Kevin’s chase was amazing, but the shallow line on the sweeper just wasn’t going to cut it. Mikko takes the decisive win! Both these guys put down what is probably some of the best driving we have seen here at Super-G!

The final battle for 1st and 2nd came down to Colin vs Mikko! Mikko was first to lead. Since this guy was on fire all night, it wasn’t surprising to see him pull off another amazing lead. Colin had some really really hot beef jerky just before his turn to drive, and he was still feeling the effects of it and the 2 tall cans of Arizona Ice Tea. We aren’t sure if it was the jerky or the tea, but Colin pulled off an great  chase! Then it was Colin on the lead and Mikko on the chase. Colin pulled off a really clean lead and Mikko put down another amazing chase! Mikko’s proximity proved to be tighter than Colin’s. This was enough to lock down the top spot on the podium for Mikko, giving Colin a very respectable 2nd! Kevin Motter brought up the end of the podium with a 3rd place finish! Unofficially, (due to the unofficial fun comps at the end of 2018) Mikko has taken 3 CONSECUTIVE WINS here at Super-G! That’s no easy feat!

Congratulations to our winners, Mikko Yang, Colin Chambers, and Kevin Motter! Also a very special thank you to our Official Judges, Shaine Collins and Colin Chambers. Without you guys this would not be possible.

SUPER SHOWDOWN ROUND 2 – February 2, 2019!

The official results can be seen here:

Official Point Standings:
15 pts – Mikko Yang (1st Place 15 pts)
12 pts – Colin Chambers (2nd Place 12 pts)
12 pts – Kevin Motter (3rd Place 10 pts + TQ 2 pts)
9 pts – Alan Benites (4th Place 9 pts)
8 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (5th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (5th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Hao Huang (5th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Nick Lepisto (5th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Jeff Yang (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Manny Campalans (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Josh Espinoza (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Shaine Collins (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Albert Martinez (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Jose Sanchez (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Sam Angulo (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (9th Place 8 pts)
8 pts – Travon Yancy (17th Place 8 pts)

2019 Super-G Competition Series

2018 was a great year for us here at Super-G to figure our what direction we want to go with our Official Comps and our Fun Comps.
With the finalization of the Official Judging Guide and the implementation of the Super-G Replay System, we are very pleased with the level and accuracy of fair and unbiased judging we can provide.

Areas which make Super-G Competitions unique:

  • The Judging Guidelines are clearly posted for everyone to read.
  • The Super-G Replay System is a 8 camera system with 1 bird’s eye view and 7 other strategically placed cameras to give multiple angles of critical areas of the course.
  • When the judges review any questionable areas, everyone present can also view what the judges are looking at.
  • When a competitor contests a call, the judges can review the call in question, and everyone present can also view the same footage.
    This has proven to ease the minds of many and has improved the quality of the judging immensely.

For the past few months we have been planning to put a new system into effect for 2019.
The Fun Comps are fun and the Official Comps are intense, but it has been expressed by more than a few that weekly and monthly wins are great, but what about overall. So what we have planned for this season, not much will change on the surface, but behind the scenes and for the end of the year, it should make things a bit more interesting.

Saturday Night Showdowns:

This is the Super-G WEEKLY Competition.
The Saturday Night Showdowns will remain the same, with the winners of each Showdown receiving a placard.
In addition to just winning for that week, each competitor will be awarded points that will accumulate throughout the year.

There will be 2 classes (2 or more competitors make a class)
Beginner and Expert
Beginner Class will be King of the Hill Style.
Participation Points will be awarded regardless of finishing position (8pts in this case.)
Expert Class will be King of the Hill Qualifying / Tsuiso Battles for Top 8. Official Comp Rules apply.
**Saturday Night Showdowns may also consist of some different style competitions to be announced.
At the conclusion of the series in November 2019 the winners of the series will be recognized.

Points will be awarded as follows:

15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
9 pts – Fourth Place
8 pts – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)

There will be random events worth double points.


This is the Super-G MONTHLY Competition.
The SuperShowdown will take place on the First Saturday of each month and is our Official Competition Series. Winners will be awarded trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
In addition, each competitor will also be awarded points to be accumulated for the SuperShowdown Series throughout the year. 

There will be 2 events during the year worth double points.

The Main Event to be at the Super-G Anniversary Event in November 2019. Formula D Final Bout Weekend. (Date to be announced)

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
9 pts – Fourth Place
8 pts – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)


We hope you can all participate in these events. Dates are subject to change. We will do our best to keep to the schedule.

StanceNation 2018 – Super-G / Limited Traction Collaboration

Sunday, December 2, 2018
Costa Mesa, California – Orange County Fairgrounds
This was a RC Drift filled weekend, with the Super-G SuperShowdown (Monthly Competition) on Saturday, and StanceNation 2018 on Sunday. Although it was hectic, it worked out well since our Drift Family from NorCal (Limited Traction, Team Bushido/Fatlace, and Speed Junkies) were able to join us for the SuperShowdown as well.

Ever since the completion of StanceNation 2017, Super-G/RawFew have been planning with our guys from Limited Traction to go even harder this year. Although 2017 was insane, we must admit we were hurting a little in the scale prop department. We were determined to surpass last years display by a long shot!

Dennis from Limited Traction brought a trailer full of props and track pieces to add to the Super-G props. I have to say, the amount of props these guys have is mind blowing! Schaaaaaale!

Since word got out StanceNation was happening again this year, a few groups expressed interest. Of course a West Coast event would really put this event on the map. To commemorate this event, we got right to work on a West Coast Collaboration Shirt with all the participating teams and groups to have a presence on it. Since we had been using images of Josh Geeg’s incredible Skyline build for our banners and such for this event, it only seemed fitting to put it on the shirt!

The day of the event, we rolled in deep knowing we only had a few hours to transform a blank display area to a scale RC Drift Circuit. NorCal had what seemed to be 40+ people, but in reality was closer to 15. Limited Traction and Team Bushido / Fatlace provided the man-power to do all the heavy lifting. As soon as the layout was set, everyone went right to work creating a scale masterpiece! We had something like 40 feet x 80 feet to fill with scale madness, and we were up to the challenge. We worked right up til security check which took place at noon, with Max and Ian from SwiftSuns stepping in to save the day since Joe was struggling to get the wiring for some of the lighted props completed in time.

The Track:
What can we say about the track that the pictures don’t? This was by far one of the most impressive tracks we have been a part of. Scale buildings,  garages, track barriers, bridges, and even a real 1:10 scale car show inside of the car show! This was complete with official StanceNation Awards! With this size track, we were all grateful Limited Traction had brought their drivers stands. The extra height it provided allowed the drivers to get a good view of what was going on, even with all the props on the track. If the track looks a little empty, that’s because of the sheer size of the track. 40’x80′ is MASSSIVE and will make any setup look a little sparse.

1:10 Scale Car Show in the Car Show!
Some say this is the first “Real” 1:10 Scale R/C Drift Car Show in Cali. We aren’t sure if that’s true, but we are sure official StanceNation Awards were given! Best of Show, Best Team, and Best Daily Driver. (This award was sent to us later)

Check Out the 1:10 Car Show Coverage Here!!!

The Session / Demo:
We we first opened the track, the surface was really grippy. The cars were fast and needed a lot of throttle to keep sideways. Not the worst scenario, but different from what most of us are  accustomed to. It wasn’t the best for keeping smooth tandems, but there was a lot of speed. A few expressed disappointment since they want to show R/C Drift is about style, not a sideways drag race. I assured them the speed would start to slow as we put some laps on it.

As the day progressed and the tires put more and more plastic on the surface, it started to become more slick. About mid event I would say the surface was perfect! Just the right amount of bite, but also enough slip to keep the speeds in check and the slides consistent. Tandems were getting good and and the RC Drift Demo was at it’s peak! Quite a few teams were paired up and throwing down some serious tandem laps. Even I was impressed with what I was witnessing. By the looks of the crowd and how much time people were spending watching and asking questions, I have to say without a doubt the demo was a hit! It has been estimated we had 60+ active drivers throughout the day!

SuperTwin II – Team Tandem Competition:
Toward the end of the event, it was time for the SuperTwin II competition. This is a team tandem competition where teams of 2 compete against other teams to see who can put down the best lap. It’s all about being able to drive together and keep everything in sync with your teammate. We had 11 teams take part in this competition. That’s 22 drivers. Not a bad turnout, but we are hoping to see more as this segment of R/C Drift continues to grow.

The teams were as follows:
Genki Style – Mikko Yang / Shaine Collins
Team 90’s – Chad Guyette / Nico Lozada
Team LT Red Balls – Brian Lemi / Ryno Degala
Team LT Blue Balls – BJ  Caroza / Dennis Caroza
Team Destruction – Michael / Ryan Aguiling
Recking Kru – Mark Santa Cruz/ Joe Tam
Team Halo – Hao Huang / Karlo
Vanilla Cream – Max Wilkinson / Ian Sudduth
Team Yomoko – Kevin Motter / Steve Fujita
The Leftovers – Grant Agngarayngay / Ethan David
Fatlace Crew – Dan Aguada/ Erick Gonzales

Just as the comp was starting, the weather became cold, the sun decided to be right at eye-level, and the track became really slick. Not that it mattered since everyone was up against the same struggles, but it did throw a wrench in the works, and added a little more stress than everyone was dealing with the entire day.

The competition was double eliminations giving everyone a chance to lose and still come back for the win. In the end, it was Team Yomoko vs Genki Style. This was quite fitting since Team Yomoko was comprised of Steve Fujita – Super-G Official Judge and Kevin Motter – Most winningest team driver for Super-G, and Team Genki was comprised of Shaine Collins – Super-G Official Judge and Mikko Yang – Most winningest team driver for GGT. We are all friends who drive and compete on a weekly basis, so this was all about fun, but let’s be honest, of course we all want to win.

The final battle was started and the driving was so close, an OMT (One More Time) was called by our panel of judges. This meant they could not determine a winning team. With the added pressure of the OMT, both teams set out to put down their very best! Team Yomoko (Kevin Motter and Steve Fujita) came out victorious, taking the win and brining it home for RawFew and Super-G R/C Drift Arena!

Team Tandem Competitions:
Super-G / RawFew / Limited Traction have been actively pursuing Team Tandem Competitions for a little over a year now. As much as we all love the Tsuiso style competition, we feel the Team Tandem style is a little different adds a different level of preparation and competition. It’s a different type of battle and a different type of fun. It allows you and your teammates to work on style, flow, and synchronizing your moves and transitions. Rather than to try to beat your competitor head to head, your team tries to do the very best performance they can pull off. Team effort vs. Individual performance. This past event was a good indication the Team Tandem is taking off. The winners this time were decided based on performance rather than who didn’t crash. We hope to see this style of competition catch on even more, as it will be a good addition to the standard Tsuiso  battles.

Team Tandem Past Results:
SuperTwin II – 12.02.18
Team Yomoko – Kevin Motter / Steve Fujita
Team: RawFew

SuperTwin – 10.12.18
LT Bright Balls
– BJ Caroza / Dennis Caroza
Team: Limited Traction

Super SmackDown – 8.18.18
LT Blue Balls – Dennis Caroza / Rynne Degala / Brian Lemi
Team: Limited Traction

Triple Threat Team Tandem – 7.01.18
LT Blue Balls – Brian Lemi / Rynne Degala / Albert Matote
Team: Limited Traction

Triple Team Tandem 3.17.18
RawThree – Mark Santa Cruz / Nick Lepisto / Joe Tam
Team: RawFew

At the conclusion of the event, it was time to break everything down and pack it all up. I’m not sure who stayed and who left, but I will say I believe everyone who participated stuck around and helped with the tear-down and clean up.

We want to extend a very special thank you to our brothers from NorCal – Limited Traction, Speed Junkies, and Team Bushido/Fatlace for making the 300+ mile journey to do this collaboration with Super-G! You guys seriously put in the work. Speaking of work, I also want to point out during setup and teardown, it did not go unnoticed how much of the heavy lifting you guys handled. That along with Ian and Max of SwiftSuns, staying back and getting the wiring handled during setup was huge! Thank you! I cannot stress how much this has shown. Seeing everyone come together and work together to pull off such an epic R/C Drift demo, that’s the real story here. Also a huge thanks to Gio and Elvis of StanceNation for making this all possible!

See you all on March 3, 2019!!!


Yokomo Drift Meeting Special Round 2018 was held at Yatabe Arena for 3 days from December 7th to 9th. Although it is the 12th special round this year, the number of participants has increased year by year including overseas players, this time as well, there is the largest entry in the past this time and it was enough to reach the capacity in a few days after entry start.

Many players from overseas also participated, and a total of 29 athletes entered from the US, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. In the special round up to the past, it was held for two days, but this year it was held from Friday for three days, and by extending the practice running time, it was a close battle more than usual, a high level contest.

And the biggest attraction of the special round is a luxurious judge. Continuing from last year, MC continued to the Suzuki School of Grand Prix D1, Suzuki Hisashi Kumamoto Hisashi, Ueno Takahiro, Imamura Yoichi, and the event was excited. Ridi Ri also became an ideal event of RC drift, as the RWD was born, as the running with the actual car approached, a clearer review explanation was done, the players and the judges wanted a consistent drive together.

The layout was accelerated from long straight to fully open, shook vigorously towards the wall, keeping the wall gully while turning it, it was a special layout that has never been before, but it is called an event where the world’s top players gather Sometimes, from the first day a lot of drivers caught off and showed aggressive driving.

As the tire changed from DRA to DRC from this special round and the control performance has improved significantly, the qualification pass line of each class rose sharply, and the fact that the score of YDS can not be preliminary passed unless the score of YDS is almost full Of course, even one mistake was not allowed, a qualifying for a fierce battle took place. In the top class RWD world class, nearly half of the top 16 players became overseas players, it was just right for the name of the world class, the Indonesian OPAN player also entered the podium, etc. The level of overseas players is also high It made me feel it.

There were many friends of ours there! Here’s some of them!



Theres more photos and coverage here:

ヨコモ ドリフトミーティング Special Round 2018 -イベントレポート


StanceNation SoCal 2018 1/10 RC DRIFT CAR SHOW (Media Coverage)

Super-G (with the help of Limited Traction, TDS, Swift Suns, Bushido, Raw Few and Nanashi) teams up with StanceNation again for a one of kind 1/10 RC Drift Car Show!

This is the coverage:

Best of Show (Marcos)

Best Team (Limited Traction)

Best Daily Driver (Tim)

A lot of amazing builds stopped by throughout the day!

Here are some more coverage shots, click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo:

SuperShowdown December 2018

Saturday, December 1, 2018:

This was the first of our monthly comp series, The SuperShowdown!
This has been started in response to the need to give the Drift Community regular competitions in addition to our weekly Fun Comps.

This just so happened to be a very special and unique event. To start, it happened to fall on the same weekend as StanceNation Costa Mesa. Super-G / RawFew had already been planning to host an R/C Drift Demo at StanceNation in collaboration with our drift family from NorCal – Limited Traction and Team Bushido / Fatlace. This meant we were going to have a pretty large turnout and all but guaranteed the top drifters from California would be present. In addition, the RawFew’s very own Kevin Motter was going for his 10th consecutive win here at Super-G. A tremendous feat since he rarely practices drifting other than the warm-up sessions before the comps. Nine back to back wins tells us it’s not just luck, but hitting double digits would just seal the deal.

The judges for the event would be Shaine Collins and Steve Fujita. The rules would come straight from the Super-G Judging Guideline. The spec tire for the event was Yokomo DRC.

As is to be expected, everyone brought their A Game this weekend. To kick off the qualifying, the first 5 or so competitors put down some seriously great runs. Each competitor was given 2 chances and their best score was kept. 10 points for each category, Line, Angle, and Style for a total of 30 possible points. Kevin Motter put down a blistering 29/30 to lock down the Top Qualifying Position!

The results for qualifying are as follows:
TQ: Kevin Motter
2. Hao Huang
3. (3-way tie)
Alan Benites
Dan Aguada
Mikko Yang
4. (4-way tie)
Brian Lemi
Ryan Aguiling
Shaine Collins
Tim Mulhmeyer
5. (2-way tie)
Manny Campalans
Mark Santa Cruz
6. Aydin Angulo
7. (3-way tie)
Josh Espinoza
Michael Vasquez
Sam Angulo
8. (3-way tie)
Grant Agngarayngay
Mark Solnshkin
Ryno Degala
9.  (2-way tie)
Erick Gonzalez
Tony Hickok
10. (2-way tie)
Jeff Yang
Mike Baroja
11. (2-way tie)
Al Sayong
Mike Cronhamn

The Top 24 Tsuiso Battles:
Moving to the Tsuiso Battles, everyone was bracketed according to their qualifying position. The format was Single Eliminations. The competition was some of the best we have witnessed thus far! It seemed every battle was very well matched. The ScaleReflex Cone (A cone placed at the apex of the final nose clip. Knocking it over would be an automatic Zero for the run) proved to be an exciting feature, almost claiming some of the top competitors as it’s victim.

Watch all the action here on our webcam

The Finals:
It all came down to Dan Aguada vs Hao Huang for 3rd and 4th, and Kevin Motter vs Mikko Yang for 1st and 2nd. The battle between Dan and Hao (The winner of YDM last month) was intense! Both drivers pulled out the big guns and were determined to claim that spot on the podium! Both drivers narrowly missed knocking down the ScaleReflex Cone they were going so deep in the clips! In the end, it was Dan’s day to shine as he was able to hold the better line for the win, and 3 Place!

Next up was Kevin vs Mikko. Kevin has been on fire the last 3 months and has gone undefeated for the past 9 comps and events here at Super-G! This was not the first time for these two to square off against each other. Obviously Kevin wanted to get the back to back double digits, and Mikko having the skill to prevent this, most definitely wanted to cut Kevin’s winning streak off right here! Suddenly the mood became serious as Kevin and Mikko lined up at the gate. Kevin on the lead, Mikko on the chase! Kevin put down an extremely clean lead, going deep in the clips, holding more than the minimum expected angle, all with no corrections or change in direction. Mikko’s chase had great proximity, but he had made a slight miscalculation in the sweeper causing him to slightly stall and correct. Not a huge error, but an error none the less. Next was Mikko on the lead and Kevin on the chase! Talk about pressure! Mikko is known to have some really good speed, so we were all wondering what would happen. Surprisingly, Kevin was able to maintain even tighter proximity than the previous run, with no hiccups. Mikko’s lead was a run anyone would be proud to call theirs, but in the end, it would not be enough to match or beat Kevin’s amazing lead which he was deeper in the clips while holding more angle. Kevin takes TQ and First Place, as well as accomplished 10 BACK TO BACK WINS here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena, making his team, The RawFew and Super-G extremely proud!

Congratulations to the winners of the Super-G SuperShowdown December 2018!
1st Place and TQ: Kevin Motter (RawFew)
2nd Place: Mikko Yang (Team D-Style)
3rd Place: Dan Aguada (Team Bushido)

Kevin Motter:
10 Consecutive Wins
Super-G / RawFew Factory Team Driver
Your Winners:
1st Place: Kevin Motter
2nd Place: Mikko Yang
3rd Place: Dan Aguada