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Everybody always ask which scissors are the best?

We decided to do a little bit of comparing. Most scissors are similar in price and size. But the biggest difference is the blade.

We’ve been using Yokomo and Associated scissors as long as we’ve been using Kyosho scissors but theres one that has more of an edge than the others.

Here’s some comparison photos:

So there you have it. The KYOSHO ones have the most angle. So in those really tight places, they outshine the others. BUT, we’ve never used a pair of Associated or Yokomo and thought they were inadequate. The Associated is the cheapest of the bunch, but still is great. The Yokomo ones feel pretty good quality but yields the highest price. The Kyosho is really affordable and cuts great!


Grab your set today:

Curved Body Scissors (Racing Factory) [Kyosho]

Yokomo Releases New Wheels! Smaller Look! 6/7/18

RP (Racing Performer) Drift Wheel High Traction

In recent years, new design high-traction type RP wheels newly designed pursuing extreme ground touch and followability on low grip road surface is newly introduced!

RP-6313W6: white / RP-6313Y6: yellow / RP-6313T6: titanium

Offset: 6 mm

List price $8.99  (Final Price TBA)

[New product information]

In reflect with the demand for more road trace feels at low traction track surface, Yokomo will release new high traction wheels under Racing Performer brand. The new high traction wheels are all 6mm offsets and with 3 selectable colors, Titanium, Yellow and White. Besides, the edge of the rims are painted in black partially for fitting like inch size down to match with 80’s to 90’s street style old school car appearance.

The new wheels is with more moderate flexibility to increase the traction in accordance with the drivers throttle operation. The sleeves at inner wheels are gouged properly to prevent from the interference with the front arm and knuckles so that the driver can complete the set up for perfect counter steering position and challenging more aggressive drifting.

Product Name : RP-6313 series

Here are some first look photos: