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This ultra aggressive look is pretty sick!

The aero really takes the ZN6 chassis to the next level!

The detached bumpers allow for a more 3d realistic look!

Might be a huge milestone! Looks like they’re giving us nice masking paper sheets. The back of the sheet has a QR code that takes you to a PDF!

We ran out sheet through the laserjet printer and was able to make our own masks!

These masks might take an extra step to get working, but the material is much nicer than their older stuff.

Looks like you get the usual BN Sport decal sheet and body decal set.


Photo taken with Focos

You can grab yours today:


Looks like they came out with a whole new box look and manual! No supplemental sheets here!

The deck looks 100% same as the E
Can’t wait to try this!

Finally dedicated rear motor YD2 has been released! We got our hands on a few and here it is! We will have this built up and ready for demo within the next few hours.

You can grab one today! We have limited stock, so first come first serve!

Acuvance Xarvis XX and Fledge Motor FIRST LOOK!

Like always, Acuvance never ceases to amaze! The color is matched and looks very clean.

The new Fledge motor is the first air cooled motor of its type. It has an actual fan on the end of it that the esc can control.

This 10.5T motor will most likely be going into one of our new Cyber SG1 builds.

The new Xarvis XX esc features separate tabs for the cap! No more soldering to the power leads! This reverse polarity esc ain’t no joke! Comes presoldered! Just add the bullet ends and power ends.

Acuvance gives you the ballers bullets in the motor and fan wire. The esc come with power bullets and heat shrink!

Grab yours today:

Super-G visits KONG RC Yokomo Drift Shop (Lynwood, WA USA)

It’s been a long overdue visit for Kong RC! We finally made it! The infamous Yokomo Drift Shop (KONG RC) is ran by JJ Kong.

They have a wide variety of all the Yokomo goodies! Chassis, bodies, rims, and parts!

The surface here is very nice! It’s very slick and challenges drivers of all levels! Their spec tires are DRC, but you won’t be able to dart out of these corners!

JJ told us he’s been a long time Yokomo guru and he was the creator of the YD2. The RR setup was also his original idea. He’s been to Yokomo’s home facility in Japan (Yatabe Arena) countless times and has some trophies to show for it.

We had the Cyber SG1 on deck to take some demo laps! Although our visit was shorter than we liked, we still was able to run with some locals. They have some pretty good skills on that slippery surface! We also saw some familiar faces that have been to Super G!

FIRST LOOK: Pandora BLS FD3S BN Sport RX-7

The new BLS BN Sport RX7 Body has arrived! So many lines and curves!
The front end has so much detail!
The rear has overfenders already as well and many canards.
The front and rear bumpers are super aggressive to compliment the rest of the car!
The front light buckets will be easy since they are attached already!

You can grab one today!


Looks like Pandora does it again. This BN Sport Chaser features wide fenders front and rear! No more fighting for wheel lock, this body features a huge 204mm up front and a 206mm in the back. 

You can order yours today, we were able to get them before the official Japan release date!

Toyota Chaser JZX100 BN-Sports Edition 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2197



Features a roof wing, light buckets and detachable bumpers.

The front fenders have an aggressive cut/flared look. This body also includes the classic BN Sport decal sheet.

Grab yours today:

Toyota Chaser JZX100 BN-Sports Edition 1/10 Body Set [Pandora] PAB-2197