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Review: Yokomo SP-03D Programable Brushless Servo

One of the most important components to any drift setup is the steering servo. I have gone through a lot of servos in my time, especially since we have opened Super-G, and I had finally come across the Yokomo BL-LHV Zero a few years ago and it quickly became my goto servo. Fast with a lot of torque and very precise. I had no complaints and in fact only had praise for this particular servo. I was a little thrown off when Yokomo suddenly discontinued it. It was “replaced” by the SP-02D servo, but we all knew that wasn’t the true replacement since it was obviously a lower grade offering. There was something different about this servo when compared to most other servos to date (except for D-Like in the past which was similar). The normal spec was to go for the fastest speed and with some decent torque, but the SP-02D brought with it a slower speed. It was also obvious that the speed spec was left off the packaging. In watching the promotional videos, it seemed the main focus was to eliminate the servo shake that is sometimes experienced with some steering setups.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SP-03D-Side-1024x768.jpg
Really Good Looking! Detail is Great!

The Little Brother – SP-02D
When I tested the SP-02D, I must admit I didn’t care for it. The slow speed just didn’t agree with me. I tried to get used to it and like it, but something about it just didn’t work for me. I was using it with a Overdoes DAIS Gyro which later some pointed out was not a good pairing with this particular servo. I then installed it and paired it up with a Yokomo V4 Gyro and it definitely felt better. Still not my cup of tea, but not a bad setup at all. However, this is not what we are here to discuss, we are here to check out the latest servo offering from Yokomo, the SP-03D Programable Brushless Servo.

Great Looks
Right from the start it’s obvious this is a top-quality servo. All aluminum casing, beautifully milled and etched, none of this plastic casing stuff going on here. For myself, aesthetics counts for a lot and I am willing to pay for it, but I have been known to run some pretty ugly components when I feel there isn’t an equal functioning and better looking replacement available. Nothing to worry about with the SP-03D.

The Initial Impression
Full of excitement, I needed to get my testing underway. I was ready to drop this bad boy into my personal chassis it put it though it’s paces. Ever since they discontinued the Zero, I have been a little lost. The KO Propo RSx3-one 10 Ver. D has been my new favorite, but it isn’t quite what the Zero was to me. So needless to say I was very hopeful going into this.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2fb4-1024x768.jpg
The Super-G Shop Mule. Everything gets thrown at this guy.

My test chassis this time around is my personal Overdose Galm. The electronics are: Overdose V3. Motor, Futaba MC970CR ESC, Futaba 7PX, and Overdose DAIS Gyro. I will state for the record, I’m not a huge fan of components that are not universal, especially a servo or gyro. Not that I won’t do it, but I just believe I should be able to use my favorite servo with my favorite gyro since both have their own unique characteristics. That being said, my initial thoughts were, I SHOULD run this with the V.4 gyro, but I really wanted to know if I could use my DAIS. I double-checked to make sure my ESC BEC is 6v as specified by Yokomo for this servo.

Since I was at Super-G alone, I had the luxury of a private test session. So I installed the new servo using the same length servo lever as my KO, adjusted center, and was pleased to find my EPA was the same. I reset the endpoints on my Gyro and I was good to go!

The first thing I did was give the wheel a few good flicks, and I was really happy to see the speed was definitely faster than the SP-02D. In fact, it is pretty responsive, but not fast by any means. Once on the track, the car felt great! The lower servo speed was not really noticeable to me, and I was turning some great laps right out of the gate. Torque was there, so it has no problem holding angle, but the biggest difference I noticed, I could run as much Gyro as I wanted, with ABSOLUTELY NO SHAKE. Simply amazing. I did however find that the sweet spot for this servo was exactly the same as the KO for me. So even though I can crank the gyro up, I don’t think it’s necessary.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SP-03D-Top-copy-1024x768.jpg
Very Nice, even says World Champion 2019. Is that why they were delayed?

Great Initial Impression!
I was so excited about this servo, I wanted to jump on my computer and post my review, but as always, I want to make sure I do some thorough testing. Something I can’t do in just one session. I have had servos fail after a day, and I even had one start leaking (huh?). I’m still not sure what that was about.

Real World Testing (put it to the test)
The weekend was here and it was time for some real world testing. Sessioning with the guys I always run with was going to be the real test. In my initial testing, I felt I was holding more speed through the corners for some reason, so I was very curious as to what was to come.

Immediately I noticed there was something a bit off with my driving. We all have those off days, right? I was tired, it had been a long week, so I guess my real testing would need to be the following day. However, the next day was more of the same. I wasn’t sure if my setup changed, or what, but all I knew was I was struggling to keep in line with everyone and my lead line was very erratic.

Rather than to start playing with settings on my chassis, I switched back to my previous servo, “just to see”. Wouldn’t you know it, my driving went back to normal. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Now what I just said is in no way a negative toward the SP-03D. Let me say that again, It’s NOT a negative toward the SP-03D. So what you saying’ then, huh?

As it turns out, one of my tech guys who was also testing the new servo (with a Yokomo V4 gyro) had brought his findings to me, and they were the same as mine. I was finding in high-speed initiations it wasn’t reacting the way I expected. The movement is quite a bit different from what I am used to and I was having a hard time grasping what it was doing. Also it was consistently making me take a shallow line in just about every turn. Also, it seems to not be able to positively find center. It’s a bit vague at rest.

Now that I have spent some real drive time with the Yokomo SP-03D, I have to say I think it’s a good, high-quality servo. It’s not just another servo going for the fastest speed and highest torque, it’s going for something different. I have never had a servo I needed to change my setup for, nor change the way I drive. That’s not to say this is a good or bad thing, just different. I am hoping for some really good results once Yokomo releases a way to program the parameters on this servo. It would be ideal if they allowed to adjust from where it is now, to a normal servo speed. It would be the best of all worlds.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SP-03D-Bottom-copy-1024x768.jpg
A little bold for my taste. The small logo at the bottom only would have been enough for me.

I did some slo-mo video to see exactly what’s going on between the 2 different servos.
It appears to me that the faster servo (RSx3-one 10 Ver. D) allows the front wheels to flick quickly when I initiate a drift. The wheels quickly aim in the direction I am traveling in, then I’m in control from there and pilot the car in the direction and angle I desire. The wheels transitioning doesn’t seem to affect the trajectory of the chassis.

The SP-03D seems to slowly roll in the direction I am headed, not breaking traction on the front wheels. This seems to start to pull the car toward the inside line and causes the rest of the chassis to rotate around the front even more. The result is I end up going to full lock trying to get to the outside line, but it’s already too late at that point. The main difference being during transition, the chassis already starts to change direction.

Also something to note, both seem to have that little “bobble” at initiation.

My Conclusion
I would need to make some adjustments to my chassis setup, driving style, or both to effectively run the SP-03D servo. In doing so, will the end result be better or just different? At this point I’m not sure and I am undecided as to what direction I will go. At the moment I feel it’s a personal preference thing, but eventually one may prove itself superior. I’m sure there are a ton of theories out there, but in the end it’s really what works for you. In closing, I need to give props to Yokomo for always innovating and pushing the scene.

You can order these servos here:
Yokomo SP-03D Programable Brushless Servo
KO Propo RSx3-one 10 Ver.D

August 3, 2019 Super Showdown Round 8

This past weekend was SuperShowdown Round 8 and it seemed like everyone was ready for a comp. The weather was pretty warm when we opened, so it seemed like waiting till it cooled down a little was the trend. There were a few people anxious to break in their tires, so we were glad we were open early.

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

This month our good friend Jeremy Meyer from Driftwell in Fresno, CA was able to come and join us for the comp. He’s a Super-G regular and no stranger to our comps. We were also lucky enough to have Philip Lucas, the owner of Skyhunter Hobby in Lancaster, CA come and get some slides on with us! They have a R/C Drift Track in their store and often host fun comps on Sundays, as well as being well stocked on drones and off-road R/Cs! Check them out if you have a chance.

SuperShowdown Round 8

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

The Previous Layout Returns
Since last month seemed to catch everyone a little off guard, we decided we would run the same layout and same line as last month. We expected to see everyone well adjusted and able to put together some good runs. We were not disappointed! The driving this month was top-notch!

Qualifying was smooth as always. This time around everyone’s driving was on point, with 11 drivers within a couple points of each other. The end of the straight had the tricky semi U-turn with wall ride, but everyone seemed to take to it comfortably this round. Jason Fordyce, last month’s TQ threw an amazing entry and wall ride, but it wasn’t enough to lock down TQ again this month since Kevin Motter went ahead and laid down a near perfect run on the entire course. Congratulations to Kevin for being Top Qualifier of this round!

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Jason Fordyce
3 – Has Huang
4 – Mikko Yang
5 – Nick Lepisto
6 – Tim Mulhmeyer
7 – Manny Campalans
8 – Mike Underwood
9 – Sam Angulo
10 – Aydin Angulo
11 – Shaine Collins
12 – Alan Benites
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 – Kris Steele
15 – Jelani Robinson
16 – Ethan David
17 – Alfredo Chan III
18 – Jason Ragasa
19 – Mark Santa Cruz
20 – Philip Lucas
21 – Colin Chambers
22 – Jeremy Meyer
23 – Don A
24 – Mark Solnyshkin

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month we had 9 people to battle it out for the last spot in the Top 16. The Super-G Bracketing System has been working well for us. In qualifying the top 15 are seeded in the Top 16, the remainder of competitors are put into a separate bracket to battle for the 16th spot in the Top 16. This month Colin Chambers was victorious and went on to battle this month’s TQ, Kevin Motter!

YouTube Coverage Here:

The Judges for this event were the usual gang of thugs, Colin Chambers, Shaine Collins, and myself (Steve Fujita). Shaine and Colin always do such a great job. I go back after every comp and review the calls to improve our judging and also to see if we missed anything. I am proud to say we have been on point now for what is probably approaching 80 or so comps. Great job as always guys! We the community, owe these guys a huge thanks for always providing the best and most unbiased judging I have ever seen.

Kevin Motter and Manny Campalans ready to do battle!

The Top 4:
This month battling for 3rd and 4th was Mikko Yang vs. Tim Mulhmeyer. Both drivers had great lead runs, almost equal. However, these battles were decided on the chases. Mikko was able to maintain great proximity and matching Tim’s angle. Tim had great proximity, but at one point Mikko started to get away from Tim and so Tim shallowed on the Super-G Round-about to keep up, sealing his fate and giving Mikko the win! Congratulations to Mikko Yang for a solid and well deserved 3rd Place!!!

Then it was time for the finals, Kevin Motter vs his RawFew Teammate, Manny Campalans. This isn’t the first time these guys have gone head to head, and I personally think they both make each other nervous. First run, Kevin lays down his signature lead, deep deep deep in every clip, pinpoint accuracy piloting his car within mere millimeters of the rails, and all while holding mad angle! Manny snapped back with some great proximity for the entire run! Then it was Manny’s turn to lead. Out of the gate and to the straight things were looking great! The suddenly as Manny goes for the wall ride at the end of the straight, he made a slight miscalculation and hit the wall. The rest as they say is history. Kevin Motter takes home another First Place win! Manny had to be happy with his solid 2nd Place spot on the podium.

1st Place – Kevin Motter, 2nd Place – Manny Campalans, 3rd Place – Mikko Yang

Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew) for bringing home the win once again, as well as Top Qualifier for this month! To Manny Campalans for bringing home 2nd Place with some impressive runs, and last but not least, Mikko Yang for taking home 3rd Place! Definitely not an easy task when you have a house full of skills like we had this past weekend! These guys were on their game and deserved their spots on the podium!

Congratulations to our winners – 1st Place, Kevin Motter. 2nd Place, Manny Campalans. 3rd Place, Mikko Yang.
Super Showdown Round 8 Top 16 Brackets
Super Showdown Round 8 Full Results (Top 16)
Tim Mulhmeyer Sneaking in for 4th spot

Official Point Standings:
1. 102 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts + TQ 2 pts = 17 pts)
2. 86 pts– Mikko Yang (3rd – 10 pts)
3. 74 pts – Manny Campalans (2nd – 12 pts)
4. 71 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (4th – 9 pts)
5. 69 pts – Colin Chambers (9th – 8 pts)
6. 66 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (17th – 8 pts)
7. 64 pts –Jason Fordyce (5th – 8 pts)
8. 62 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
8. 62 pts – Shaine Collins (9th – 8 pts)
10. 60 pts– Alan Benites (5th – 8 pts)
11. 54 pts – Josh Espinoza (9th – 8 pts)
12. 51 pts – Hao Huang (9th – 8 pts)
13. 46 pts – Sam Angulo (5th – 8 pts)
14. 43 pts –Alfredo Chan III (17th – 8 pts)
15. 41 pts – Aydin Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
16. 40 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (17th – 8 pts)
17. 32 pts – Ethan David (17th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts – Jelani Robinson (9th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts –Jason Ragasa (17th – 8 pts)
18. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
21. 22 pts – Jeff Yang 
21. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
23. 21 pts – Albert Martinez
24. 16 pts –Jeremy Meyer (17th – 8 pts)
24. 16 pts –Don Hadix 
24. 16 pts –Cory Carlstrom 
24. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
24. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
29. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner
30. 8 pts – Kris Steele (5th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Mike Underwood (9th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Philip Lucas (17th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts – Don A (17th – 8 pts)
31. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
31. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
31. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
31. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
31. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
31. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon 

Super-G – Part 3 (The Super-G Solution)

A Problem That Needed A Solution
In the R/C world, there is one thing that used to bum me out as a kid, and that is the fact that there are so many products out there that appear to be good, but in reality they fall short. (E.g. Servos and ESCs look the same, both good and bad. Chassis all seemed as if they would be good, I mean it says so right on the box and the magazines used to confirm it) It used to be disappointing to save up to buy something, only to realize what I purchased was a poor performer or sometimes even unusable. Often times I would feel a little resentment. Deep down I knew the shop that sold it to me knew I would be back making another purchase due to the poor quality of the product they just sold me. I also learned not all offerings from reputable brands are good. Just like any other industry, there is not a single company that sells the best everything.

Some Of The Brands Super-G Is An Authorized Dealer For

R/C Drift Has Specific Requirements:
Since R/C Drift is relatively new and is just now working it’s way into the mainstream, there are many products aimed at our discipline. At the same time, there are products that may be good in theory, but when put to use show their shortcomings. There are also products that claim to be for R/C Drift, but the company has not put the time or research in, but has just slapped “Drift” into the title to attract this newly discovered segment. In my research, this has been most apparent in the Servo department.

The Super-G Solution (TEST TEST TEST)
What many are unaware of, here at Super-G we do extensive testing on the majority of the products we sell. Since we are Drifters doing this for Drifters, we strive to provide the very best service we can for the community. The community we serve is also the community we are a part of.
We purchase most of these products on our own dollar to test, not knowing if we will be able to offer them for sale. We end up eating the cost of the products we choose not to offer, but in the end it allows us to keep our inventory well stocked with products we feel work well and feel comfortable offering, but at the same time trimming out the “filler” products other retailers might offer just for the sake of making a sale. You would be surprised at the number of products we reject, and the companies behind them.

Just A Few Servos In The Test Queue

We don’t feel we are the authority on R/C Drift, but we know what we are looking for in a product. Since we get a decent amount of traffic though our doors, we are also in the unique position to observe products our customers bring in and the issues they face. We witness many product failures and we can see trends that most don’t have the opportunity to witness first hand. At the same time, we also understand there are different levels of what is acceptable and each hobbiest has their own set of needs. Entry-level to High-end products, they all have their place. We are always happy to share our knowledge with our customers.

Try Before You Buy
Chassis – Different Brands, Different Configurations, Different Setups!
Since we offer so many different brands, and we all know there is not one perfect brand, we have been continually investing in our collection of chassis to allow the Super-G customers to actually drive before they buy.
Yokomo – E, S, SXII, and EXII
MST – KMW, RMX 2.0s, RTR
Overdose – Galm

Don’t Take Our Word For It
(Or anyone else’s for that matter)
Come And See For Yourself
(You know you can’t believe everything you read online, right?)

There are a few areas this approach shines. One of the best examples I can think of is probably the questions we are asked daily about motors.
Which is better, Torque or RPM type?
Do I go with a 10.5 or 13.5?
A short test drive is worth a million words I’m sure we can all agree.

Testing The Acuvance Xarvis and Futaba MC970CR (Acuvance/Futaba Collab)
(Are they really the same?)

Take The Mystery Out Of Your Purchase
We decided the best plan of attack for these types of questions was to have various chassis setup with different electronics. Gyros, Servos, ESCs, etc. all installed and ready to go. Test them back to back and see what fits your style better.
They are all different prices and flavors. Depending on your budget and what you are looking for, we will have a good fit for you. We can also let you know the pros and cons of the different makes and models and even make suggestions if that’s what you are looking for.

A Few Of The Super-G Test Chassis.
Come for a test drive and find the best fit for you.

There Are Some Products We Carry That We Have Not Tested
Of course there are some products we have not yet tested, but we do offer. New products are often offered here at Super-G at their debut. If it hasn’t been released previously, it’s safe to say we have not yet tested it.
Many times there are products that customers themselves request or recommend due to their past experience and satisfaction. Depending on the product and the customer themselves, we may choose to offer it as well. This will normally be accompanied by a disclaimer of “some people like it, but we haven’t tried it ourselves” when asked. You can be assured it will be in the queue to be tested.

Can We Provide A List Of Rejected Products
Super-G always tries to focus on the positive, and we definitely do not believe in bashing or doing anything to negatively impact any business. We simply choose to not offer their product(s). We have been approached by many companies to “push” their products, or to at least offer them, but if we are not comfortable in doing so, we quietly and respectfully decline to offer the product. Not only is it not our place to pass judgement, but it’s only our opinion and there are many different opinions out there. We just want to feel comfortable in our recommendations.

We Have Something For Everyone
We feel Super-G is in the prime position to offer this solution since we are dealers for just about every product we could want. Since we offer so many brands, we are able to compare and give the pros and cons of each one.
Let’s face it, there is no “one perfect brand” and there is not just one type of customer.
Brand “A” might be perfect for Customer “1”, and Brand “B” might be a better match for Customer “2”.
Without testing, there is no way we would be able to even form an opinion of any given product. 
We believe saying a good product is bad, is just as bad as saying a bad product is good.

One Day It’s Driving Like A Dream. The Next, A Nightmare.
Oh The Fun Of Testing Different Products.

No Incentive For Biased Opinions
We also pride ourselves in being able to come in unbiased. We have chosen to not cater to just one brand, so the opinions are as honest as they can possibly be.
For example, the main chassis we offer at this time are:
Yokomo (YD2 – E and S complete lines)
MST (RMX 2.0s – KMW, Kit, and RTR)
Overdose (Galm)
(We support other chassis, but we do not offer them for sale)
Each one has it’s strong points and drawbacks. If you purchase from us, there is no benefit for us to sell you one over the other, but it greatly benefits us and the community, if you are happy with your purchase.

We Are Committed To Making A Difference
In conclusion, we are trying to add a little more value to what Super-G has to offer. Even if that means we spend more time and money choosing the products we stock, we believe in the end it will allow us to build a better community.

Remember, when you buy from Super-G, you are supporting a business that is continually trying to give back to the community. From developing judging guidelines, hosting Fun Comps, hosting Official Comps, hosting Gymkhana Events, traveling to set up R/C Drift demos, developing the Super-G Instant Replay System, producing videos, live streaming, and even trying to find what we consider the best products we can find, we do it for the love of the hobby and to help grow the community we love. In the end, regardless of where you buy from, as long as you get good working products, you will help the scene grow. This is really what it’s all about.

Super-G – Part 1 (The Beginning)
Super-G – Part 2 (Roles)

Super-G – Part 2 (Roles)

For those of you who know us on a personal level, this will make a lot of sense. For those who know us from online, this will probably shed some light on Super-G and clarify why you may see Joe and I posting different types of content.

2018 Anniversary Event

Different passions join forces
Since this started out as a hobby, our objectives were a little different than places that open because they see monetary potential. Joe and I both have the desire to create something we have always wished existed. We are Drifters first, so we know what we would want to make the hobby better for ourselves. We try our best to apply this to the way Super-G runs. Rather than to assign roles, we decided the best way to achieve the results we are after is to focus on our strengths. Luckily we both love different aspects of the hobby.

A Wall Of Parts

The Product Enthusiast
Joe by nature is a product enthusiast. He loves the hunt as many of you can relate to. A big part of the hobby for him is to look for the newest, latest product and to get the next thing in his hands. He looks forward to finding the next cool product to bring to the community. What could be a better fit for someone who is in charge of the ordering and purchasing? This is why Super-G is always getting the newest products and why we often times know what is coming before it’s even announced. In addition to actually drifting, this is what he loves about R/C Drift, so it’s a great fit for him. While other people in purchasing are dreading the search, or simply just waiting for the next product official release, Joe is on the hunt for any hint of what is to come. He would be doing it with or without Super-G, he’s just that guy. I feel his passion for the newest and latest benefits us all. What most don’t know is, he spends countless hours digging and researching.

Random Series of New Parts Joe Brings In
My Test Platform At The Moment

The Technical Perfectionist
For myself, I live for the technical side of things. Whether it’s tuning, building, testing, and fabricating for Super-G, that’s what I want to do. So here at Super-G, my role is everything from tuning chassis, laying out the next line, building props, pit tables, creating judging rules, etc. That’s my department. In addition to this, I’m always trying/testing/scrutinizing new products (ALWAYS) and trying to refine tunes to help our customers. I tend to be very detail oriented and these things just come natural for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m some tuning wizard, but I do know how to get around a chassis with decent results. With my background, I also have extensive experience with the finer points of product design, fabrication, and quality control. Again, this is something I would be doing with or without Super-G.

The Foundation For The Super-G Bridge

R/C Drifters At Heart
In addition to running Super-G, Joe and I always try to make time for what we really got into this for, to drift. On the days Super-G is closed, we try to make time to head out to some of the other drift tracks. We wish we had more time to do this, but recently it’s become more and more difficult, but we still manage to make time to get out there.

The Triple Team Tandem Comp Winners – Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, and Joe Tam
Yokomo Drift Meeting 2018 (GGT) 1st Place Has Huang, 2nd Mikko Yang, 3rd Steve Fujita

A good combination
We felt this was a good balance for what we are after, an R/C Drift Entity that can provide the community with the newest latest products, as well as providing quality help and advice. A place for beginners and experts alike to come together and enjoy this segment of R/C that is Drift.

What came next for Super-G was just a natural progression.

Super-G – Part 1 (The Beginning)
Super-G – Part 3 (The Super-G Solution)

Super-G – Part 1 (The Beginning)

As many of you know, Super-G R/C Drift Arena is a facility located in Southern California. Baldwin Park to be exact, 20 minutes east of Downtown Los Angeles and a quick 30 minute drive from Disneyland. We are a dedicated R/C Drift Facility with an onsite store as well as an online store. This may all be common knowledge, but there is a lot more to what Super-G is. Up until now, we have just been doing us, and scrambling to keep ahead of the curve. Our goal has been to push forward the best that we can, without really thinking past that.

Super-G – The official beginning of the permanent R/C Drift Facility

How it started
R/C itself goes way back for Joe and myself. For myself, we are talking over 30 years (don’t be trying to calculate ages now) and for Joe quite a bit as well. Joe has been involved with R/C Drift since 2001, going to parking lot drift meets at Best Buy in West LA (Corner of Pico and Sawtelle), and I became involved in 2004. We were making our own tires back then. For a few years we both took a break from R/C since we were busy working on some different business ventures, but we always missed R/C. In June/July of 2014 we started doing a small Drift track in the Project-G parking lot on the weekends with our good friends, James Dyer and Jason Fordyce. Soon after, Randy Beard needed a spot to host his weekend sessions, so we opened up the parking lot session to him. He was hosting sessions here for a few months, but watching him labor to set up and tear down every weekend seemed to be a lot of work. We felt it was time to have a permanent spot to session, and to alleviate the hard work of setting up and tearing down every time there was to be a session. We soon cleared out our back lot and set up a small track and that quickly exceeded capacity, so I sacrificed my workshop and we went indoors to the current Super-G R/C Drift Arena. Our man Katsumi (From Arai fame) quickly joined us and helped to layout some serious drift courses, as well as helping with technical advice and also running comps.

The Early Days

We thought we were going to be the only R/C Drift facility in SoCal at the time, but we learned in our search for Yokomo products that Vertex/Yokomo USA was just about to officially open their track in San Diego. We immediately contacted Dat and Josh and became Official Yokomo Dealers. Back then there was only Vertex, and Super-G in SoCal, and Fatlace R/C and Sheldons in NorCal. It was surprising that everyone was doing their Grand Openings within a couple months of each other. From that point forward, Joe and I have not stopped pursuing the newest and latest products for R/C Drift. Since we come from the community and this started as a hobby we were active in, we feel our approach has always been a little different. We are trying to give the community what we had always hoped for. A reputable company that stocks the products we want, stateside.

Yokomo/Vertex visits Super-G

We want to give props and recognition to SpeedJunkies (Randy) and DriftNutz (Anthony) for pushing the scene when the support from the manufacturers went away for a few years. These guys were the only game in town for SoCal when Arai closed their doors.

Super-G / SpeedJunkies / Tetsujin Meet on our first layout

Super-G R/C Drift Arena has since been evolving from what was a hobby for Joe and myself. We felt the community needed a permanent facility if it were to grow, and we wanted a cool place for ourselves to drift as well. From the day we started til now, we are still evolving and still striving to bring you the finest the industry has to offer. We are still active in the community outside of Super-G itself. We regularly do off-site events, participate in competitions, and visit other tracks on our free time on a regular basis. This is more than a business for us, it’s a hobby and a lifestyle.

Super-G – Part 2 (Roles)
Super-G – Part 3 (The Super-G Solution)

July 6, 2019 Super Showdown Round 7

Being as this was a holiday weekend, we anticipated a small showing for the SuperShowdown Round 7. Much to our surprise, most of the usual suspects were present, so it would prove to be a really great event full of some exciting runs and some serious skills being put on display!

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts– First Place
12 pts– Second Place
10 pts– Third Place
9 pts– Forth Place
8 pts– Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus– Top Qualifier

This month we were joined by one of our good friends, Daniel Tragner from Spain! He didn’t have his car with him, so earlier in the week we let him spend some time with our various chassis to find one that he would run for the SuperShowdown. He finally chose one of our Overdose Galms as his weapon of choice. This would prove to be a good move later that weekend. After deciding on the Galm, Daniel proceeded to get some practice laps in, and quickly his skills became very obvious. He’s no stranger to competition and R/C Drift. We were all excited for the comp!

Daniel Tragner (Grey Shirt) and The RawFew L to R – Nick Lepisto, Mark Santa Cruz, Steve Fujita, Manny Campalans, Kevin Rambo Motter, Colin Chambers, Jason Fordyce, and Joe Tam

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. 

New Layout and New Direction:
Since we have started this year with the SuperShowdowns, we have been running a clockwise direction, and always running into the Super-G Sweeper. This month I decided to give some of our comp regulars something a little more familiar. Since our friends from Team DStyle and Tech1Drift are used to driving counter-clockwise, I decided to reverse our direction and go with a straight into a lazy hairpin, something they are definitely more accustomed to.

The qualifying was interesting to say the least. Even with the change up in direction and track style, everyone stepped it up and took to the new layout pretty quickly. The straight off of our sweeper allowed for some pretty decent speeds which made the entries to the hairpin exciting. Kevin Motter pulled off a near flawless qualifying run, but without warning, Jason Fordyce threw down an amazing lap with a blistering entry to the hairpin, narrowly avoiding contact with the wall by less than an inch. We felt this was enough to lock down the Top Qualifying position, but that was only Jason’s first pass. On Jason’s next pass, he came down the straight even more aggressively, and ended up dragging his rear bumper along the wall on the hairpin. The judges were speechless as we awarded Jason the Top Qualifying spot!!! I’m still not sure what I witnessed. Congratulations Jason Fordyce on TQ for the event!

Top Qualifier – Jason Fordyce
2 – Kevin Motter
3 – Mikko Yang
4 – Manny Campalans
5 –Hao Huang
6 –Daniel Tragner
7 –Albert Martinez
8 – Nick Lepisto
9 – Colin Chambers
10 –Jelani Robinson
11 –Alan Benites
12 – Ethan David
13 –
Josh Espinoza
14 –Sam Angulo
15 – Mark Santa Cruz
16 – Shaine Collins
17 – Aydin Angulo
18 – Don Hadix
19 – Alfredo Chan III
20 – Mark Solnishkin
21 – Tim Mulhmeyer

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. This month with the new layout, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew it was going to be good. A few of the big guns had issues in qualifying, but they still had a shot since we have implemented the Super-G Bracketing System. The top 15 qualifiers are seeded and the lower qualifying drivers then battle in the lower bracket for the 16th spot.

The Judges for this event were the usual gang of thugs, Colin Chambers, Shaine Collins, and myself (Steve Fujita). Shaine and Colin always do such a great job. I go back after every comp and review the calls to improve our judging and also to see if we missed anything. I am proud to say we have been on point now for what is probably approaching 80 or so comps. Great job as always guys! We the community, owe these guys a huge thanks for always providing the best and most unbiased judging I have ever seen.

The Top 4:
First up was Hao Huang vs Daniel Tragner. Daniel being the new guy must have taken a lot of people by surprise. He was up against some of the podium regulars, and had successfully worked his way up to the top 4. Daniel was first on the lead, and he put down a great run! Hao doing what he does best, was right on his door for the majority of the run. These guys were definitely worthy of the top 4 group! Then it was Hao’s lead, and it was almost the same as we had just witnessed. Hao with a great lead, and Daniel right on his door for the chase. The deciding factor was Hao had a slight stall entering the sweeper, giving Daniel a better lead run and locking in the 3rd Podium Spot.

Then it was time for the finals, Kevin Motter vs his RawFew Teammate, Jason Fordyce. Both of these cats are no strangers the Top Spot, and both seemed determined to not let the other take the win. On Kevin’s lead, Jason was a little cautious entering the hairpin, causing him to lose a little proximity on an otherwise perfect chase. Then on Jason’s lead, Kevin was right on Jason’s door the entire time. That is until the final turn where he miscalculated and ended up slightly shallow. The judges decided this was going to be a OMT. For the next runs, both Kevin and Jason threw down some serious runs! Amazing if you ask me, but there was one difference. In the first clipping zone that seemed to not really matter, since the excitement was at the other end of the course, Kevin filled that clip as much as possible with a ton of angle, while Jason on his lead was barely skimming it. Both got the clip fully, but Kevin displayed his dominance, leaving no question as to who was going to put down the better run. This was confirmed by the use of the Super-G Replay System. We (the judges) along with the rest of the attendees, were able to watch the replay to confirm that indeed Kevin was deeper than Jason on that clip.

Congratulations to Kevin Motter (RawFew) for a hard fought victory, and the Top Podium Spot! Congratulations to Jason Fordyce (RawFew) for putting up an amazing fight, and landing Second Place, and the Top Qualifier Spot!!! Last but definitely not least, congratulations to Daniel Tragner for having the least experience here at Super-G and driving a strange chassis, but claiming the Third Spot on the Podium!!! Now that is SKILL!!!

Congratulations to the winners – 1st Place – Kevin Motter, 2nd Place – Jason Fordyce, 3rd Place – Daniel Tragner
SuperShowdown Round 7 Top 16
SuperShowdown Round 7 Full Results
The Top 4 – Hao Sneaking in! 

Official Point Standings:
1. 85 ptsKevin Motter (1st – 15 pts)
2. 76 pts– Mikko Yang (5th – 8 pts)
3. 62 pts – Manny Campalans (9th – 8 pts)
3. 62 pts– Tim Mulhmeyer (17th – 8 pts)
5. 61 pts – Colin Chambers (5th – 8 pts)
6. 58 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (9th – 8 pts)
7. 56 pts –Jason Fordyce (12 + 2 TQ = 14 pts)
8. 54 pts – Shaine Collins (17th – 8 pts)
8. 54 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
10. 52 pts– Alan Benites (9th – 8 pts)
11. 46 pts – Josh Espinoza (5th – 8 pts)
12. 42 pts – Hao Huang (4th – 9 pts)
13. 38 pts – Sam Angulo (9th – 8 pts)
14. 35 pts –Alfredo Chan III (9th – 8 pts)
15. 33 pts – Aydin Angulo (17th – 8 pts)
16. 32 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (17th – 8 pts)
17. 24 pts – Ethan David (9th – 8 pts)
17. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez 
19. 22 pts – Jeff Yang 
19. 22 pts – Travon Yancy 
21. 21 pts – Albert Martinez (5th – 8 pts)
22. 16 pts – Jelani Robinson (9th – 8 pts)
22. 16 pts –Don Hadix (17th – 8 pts)
22. 16 pts –Jason Ragasa
22. 16 pts –Cory Carlstrom 
22. 16 pts –Juan Duran 
22. 16 pts –Karlo Malabanan 
28. 10 pts – Daniel Tragner (3rd – 10 pts)
29. 8 pts –Jay Jay Ragasa
29. 8 pts –Jian Allen 
29. 8 pts –Tyler Hill 
29. 8 pts –Michael Markentin 
29. 8 pts –Jeremy Meyer 
29. 8 pts –Matt Caputo 
29. 8 pts –Alex Dagondon 

June 1, 2019 SuperShowdown (Round 6)

This was our first competition since we killed off the weekly fun comps, so we didn’t know what to expect. The week leading up it became clear the turnout was going to be light. Vacations, graduations, parties, etc. seemed to be the flavor of the weekend, but in the end it’s really about having fun with the SoCal drift fam, so we we confident it would still be a great event. It definitely was!

Monthly Competition (Point Series is separate)
The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
9 pts – Forth Place
8 pts – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus – Top Qualifier

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around.

This months qualifying was on another level! On a scale of 0-30 we normally see a spread from 12-28 points, but this month was a spread from 18-27.5 points. Talk about some really good runs! The skill level in SoCal is definitely on the rise! This round we had a 2 way tie for TQ between Manny Campalans and Kevin Motter. This lead to a tie-breaker with a final run each to be the deciding factor. The pressure was intense!!! In the end, Kevin was able to maintain his cool and pulled off the win by the narrowest of margins. Congratulations Kevin!

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Manny Campalans
3 – Mikko Yang
4 – Shaine Collins
5 – Alfredo Chan III
6 – Tim Mulhmeyer
7 – Jason Fordyce
8 – Mark Santa Cruz
9 – Jason Ragasa
10 – Ethan David
11 – Colin Chambers
12 – Nick Lepisto
13 –
Mark Solnyshkin
14 – Jay Jay Ragasa

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. The battles were about as good as it gets this month. What I personally enjoyed was the fact that the winners were winning based on their driving, not winning because the other driver made a miscalculation and scored a zero. This was driver against driver, skill against skill.

The judges this month were our normal judging panel. Shaine Collins and Colin Chambers along side of myself. Great job as always guys! The judging felt very upbeat this time around since we weren’t forced to judge against anyone with a disappointing call for a mistake made. The hardest calls we have to make is when a very capable driver pulls a zero for the smallest of miscalculations. We must keep it fair so we make those calls, but make no mistake, we don’t like doing it. This round seemed to be all about who was outdriving who!

Third and forth place were up first, with Alfredo Chan III battling Jason Fordyce. The first run was too close to call, forcing an OMT. Even after reviewing the runs, we were unable to make a call. They matched up again and laid down some great laps again! Again, after reviewing the footage, we could not make a call and had to call for another OMT! This time we were able to make a call. Jason decided to go DEEEEP in the clips giving him the advantage on the lead runs and ultimately landing him 3rd on the podium! These guys seemed so well matched, it probably could have gone a few more OMTs if nobody made a move to do something out of their comfort zone. Congratulations Jason!

Then it was time for the final bout. Mark Santa Cruz vs. Mikko Yang for the first and second spots! Both these guys were on fire all night, putting down some serious runs! Mark takes the lead and lays down an amazing run! It was about as perfect as it could get. Mikko’s chase was right there matching angle and with great proximity! Really a mind blowing run for both competitors! Then it was Mikko’s lead with Mark on the chase. Mikko answers back to Mark’s lead with an equally impressive and perfect run! This is what I was talking about earlier, this is what the judges want to see! Mark’s chase was impressive as well, but in the last clip ended up losing proximity and being forced to go shallow to keep up. This was enough to give the decisive win to Mikko!!!

Congratulations to Mikko from Team DStyle x Tech1Drift, as well as Mark from RawFew and Jason also from RawFew for some hard fought wins and we deserved spots on the podium!

The Winners of the night: 1st – Mikko Yang, 2nd – Mark Santa Cruz, and 3rd – Jason Fordyce!
SoCals Baddest for the Month of June!
1st – Mikko Yang (c), 2nd – Mark Santa Cruz (l), 3rd – Jason Fordyce (r)!


Official Point Standings:
1. 70 pts – Kevin Motter (5th – 8 pts + 2 pts TQ)
2. 68 ptsMikko Yang (1st – 15 pts)
3. 54 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (5th – 8 pts)
3. 54 pts – Manny Campalans (5th – 8 pts)
5. 53 pts – Colin Chambers (9th – 8 pts)
6. 50 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (2nd – 12 pts)
7. 46 pts – Shaine Collins (5th – 8 pts)
7. 46 pts – Nick Lepisto (9th – 8 pts)
9. 44 pts – Alan Benites
10. 42 pts – Jason Fordyce (3rd – 10 pts)
11. 38 pts – Josh Espinoza
12. 33 pts – Hao Huang
13. 30 pts – Sam Angulo
14. 27 pts – Alfredo Chan III (4th – 9 pts)
15. 25 pts – Aydin Angulo
16. 24 pts – Mark Solnyshkin (9th – 8 pts)
16. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez
18. 22 pts – Jeff Yang
18. 22 pts – Travon Yancy
20. 16 pts – Jason Ragasa (9th – 8 pts)
20. 16 pts – Ethan David (9th – 8 pts)
20. 16 pts – Cory Carlstrom
20. 16 pts – Albert Martinez
20. 16 pts – Juan Duran
20. 16 pts – Karlo Malabanan
26. 8 pts – Jay Jay Ragasa (9th – 8 pts)
26. 8 pts – Don Hadix
26. 8 pts – Jian Allen
26. 8 pts – Tyler Hill
26. 8 pts – Michael Markentin
26. 8 pts – Jeremy Meyer
26. 8 pts – Matt Caputo
26. 8 pts – Alex Dagondon
26. 8 pts – Jelani Robinson

Alfredo Chan III with the 4th place sneak!

Saturday Night Showdowns Series Winners (Fun Comp Series)

This is ONLY for the Weekly Fun Comps – Saturday Night Showdowns.
The Super Showdown Comps AND point series are unaffected.

This past Saturday we here at Super-G R/C Drift Arena concluded our weekly fun comp series a few months early. What started as a casual, informal competition among friends had turned into something a bit more serious. More serious than we were comfortable with, especially for a weekly, non-paid competition.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported us and the weekly fun comp series. We feel Saturdays would be better spent on open sessions. We will still host Fun Comps in the future, but for the time being we will be taking a break.

Congratulations to our winners, Hao Huang who missed the beginning of the series, but still managed to pull off the first place win with 114 points! Alan Benites with a extremely close second place with 113 points, and Tim Mulhmeyer with a comfortable third place with 103 points.

May 11, 2019 Saturday Night Showdowns (Round 11)

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Just coming off a NorCal trip and jumping right into the SuperShowdown the following weekend made for a little hectic return. At least this week we are back to our normal schedule with Saturday Night Showdowns kicking it off!

Just for fun we have made the Saturday Night Showdowns a point series. It’s all for fun and every participant receives points which will be used at the end of the year.

Points will be awarded as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
8 pts – Forth Place
7 pts – Fifth Place (Remainder of Top 8)
6 pts – Participation Points

Your winners – 1st Tim Mulhmeyer, 2nd Hao Huang, 3rd Albert Martinez
Jelani was on fire tonight! He’s on the 4th place sneak!

Points Earned – 5/11/19:
1st. 15 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer
2nd. 12 pts – Hao Huang
3rd. 10 pts – Albert Martinez
4th. 8 pts – Jelani Robinson
5th. 7 pts – Mark Santa Cruz
5th. 7 pts – Karlo Malabanan
5th. 7 pts – Jason Fordyce
5th. 7 pts – Kevin Motter
9th. 6 pts – Colin Chambers
9th. 6 pts – Ethan David
9th. 6 pts – Alan Benites
9th. 6 pts – Manny Campalans
9th. 6 pts – Joe Tam
9th. 6 pts – Sam Angulo
9th. 6 pts – Josh Espinoza

Point Standings – 5/11/19:
1st. – 117 pts – Hao Haung (12)
2nd. – 103 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (15)
3rd. – 98 pts – Alan Benites (6)
4th. – 69 pts – Aydin Angulo 
5th. – 65 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (7)
6th. – 65 pts – Josh Espinoza (6)
7th. – 63 pts – Manny Campalans (6)
8th. – 62 pts – Sam Angulo (6)
9th. – 60 pts – Joe Tam (6)
10th. – 51 pts – Colin Chambers (6)
11th. – 49 pts – Kevin Motter (7)
12th. – 46 pts – Ethan David (6)
13th. – 43 pts – Karlo Malabanan (7)
14th. – 37 pts – Nick Lepisto
15th. – 32 pts – Sam Taylor
16th. – 32 pts – Steve Fujita
17th. – 21 pts – Alfredo Chan III
18th. – 21 pts – Shilun Gu 
19th. – 20 pts – Jelani Robinson (8)
20th. – 19 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
21st. – 17 pts – Mikko Yang
22nd. – 12 pts – Andy Orozco
23rd. – 12 pts – Brian Kroells
24th. – 12 pts – Jose Aleman
25th. – 12 pts – 
Travon Yancy 
26th. – 10 pts – Albert Martinez (10)
27th. – 7 pts – Jason Fordyce (7)
28th. – 7 pts – Dennis Caroza
29th. – 7 pts – Tyler Hill
30th. – 7 pts – Jose Sanchez
31st. – 6 pts – Shaine Collins
32nd. – 6 pts – Jayson Ragasa
33rd. – 6 pts – Juan Duran
34th. – 6 pts – Jian Allen
35th. – 6 pts – AJ Caroza
36th. – 6 pts – Chris Lagasca
37th. – 6 pts – Dan Aguada
38th. – 6 pts – Rynne Degala
39th. – 6 pts – Erick Gonzalez
40th. – 6 pts – 
Danny Aguilar
41st. – 6 pts – 
Kris Steele
42nd. – 6 pts – 
Alex Dagondon

May 4, 2019 SuperShowdown Round 5

What a weekend! Super Showdown Round 5 was very different from the previous 4 rounds. Every round we have let all the competitors know the judges are looking for smooth. It wasn’t until this round it seemed everyone took note and really cleaned up the driving! I have to say I feel SoCal R/C Drift has taken it to the next level!

The point series is run in the background of the monthly comps and at the end of the season, at the Super-G Anniversary Session the West Coast King of Drift will be crowned.

Don’t fear if you missed any of the SuperShowdowns. We (the official judges) have been ironing out the details, and we have decided since everyone has an off day, people get sick, and basically life happens, each competitor will have their 2 worst event scores dropped. What this means is, you can miss up to 2 events and still not be penalized. Beyond 2, and you are on your own.

Points are as follows:
15 pts – First Place
12 pts – Second Place
10 pts – Third Place
9 pts – Forth Place
8 pts – Fifth Place and lower (Participation Points)
2 pts Bonus – Top Qualifier

I really look forward to the Super Showdown events mainly due to the fact that it brings out our drift fam from all over SoCal. This weekend was no exception! Team DStyle, Tech1drift, SwiftSuns, RawFew, Drftndm, and Dory Dory all came together to throw down some sick battles.

The spec tire for the event was DS Racing – RWD FFFF Zero Mark II all around. It seemed everyone has become used to them and as expected, the runs were smoother and tighter.

From the very beginning we knew we were in for some serious driving. The better part of the competitors were putting down some serious qualifying laps! We also implemented the new Super-G Style of Qualifying where the top 15 qualifiers move to the top 16, and the remainder of competitors, regardless of their qualifying score battle it out for the 16th spot. Our man Karlo Malabanan fought his way up and took the 16th spot in the Top 16!

Top Qualifier – Kevin Motter
2 – Alan Benites
3 – Tim Mulhmeyer
4 – Mikko Yang
5 – Alfredo Chan III
6 – Corey Carlstrom
7 – Jason Fordyce
8 – Colin Chambers
9 – Manny Campalans
10 – Albert Martinez
11 – Mark Santa Cruz
12 – Shaine Collins
13 –
Sam Angulo
14 – Juan Duran
15 – Nick Lepisto
16 – Karlo Malabanan
17 – Aydin Angulo
18 – Josh Espinoza
19 – Don Hadix
20 – Jian Allen
21 – Tyler Hill

Tsuiso Battles:
The Tsuiso battles are the core of what the Super Showdowns are all about. The driving this time was nothing short of amazing! The judging became extremely difficult since the large mistakes were far and few in between. It was coming down to who was running the “closest to perfect”, not who made the biggest error.

Speaking of judging, the judges for the event were Colin Chambers, Shaine Collins, and myself, Steve Fujita. Great job guys! This was not an easy one to judge.

As a judge we took a beating with the decisions coming down to the finer points of the runs. Luckily we were prepared with the Super-G Replay System as our main tool to clarify anything we may have missed.

Third and forth place were up first, with Tim Mulhmeyer battling Alfredo Chan III. Both guys were on point all day, so we knew this was going to be a great battle! We got a little hung up when Alfredo dragged his bumper on the rail of the sweeper which we allow, and Tim came in shallow and hot and rammed him. The issue was Alfredo MAY have been on the rail more than is allowed, but before the replay was able to show this, Tim came into the mix and hit him. Unable to determine if it was a crash on the rail or not, we went to a One More Time (OMT). In the OMT Alfredo put it down hard, his chase. With Tim not able to answer back, Alfredo was victorious and took home 3rd place!

Then it was the Grand Finale, Kevin Motter vs Jason Fordyce! Both teammates and both top level drivers. On Kevin’s lead, he had a decent correction coming into the first clip, but he was able to avoid contacting the dreaded curb which had claimed many victims over the past month. The rest of his lead was amazing, but he did leave himself open to be overtaken by Jason. Jason was able to give a near perfect chase, really applying the pressure to Kevin. Then it was Jason’s lead and right out of the gate you could tell these guys were serious. Both took the first 2 clips in perfect form, but as they rounded toward the 3rd clip, Jason’s line was tight and Kevin found himself on the inside line going straight for the corner obstacle meant to keep people from taking the inside line. He made a big correction avoiding contact. That paired with the correction from his lead run was enough to lock him into 2nd spot and giving Jason a hard fought 1st place!

Congratulations to Jason taking his second win in a row at the Super Showdowns since his return to R/C Drift last month! Also a huge congratulations to Kevin for taking 2nd place, and Alfredo Chan III for taking 3rd! All 3 of these guys are regulars on the top of the podium here in SoCal!

1st Place – Jason Fordyce, 2nd Place Kevin Motter, 3rd Place Alfredo Chan III
1st Jason Fordyce (c), 2nd Kevin Motter (r), 3rd Alfredo Chan III (l)

Special thanks to our judges of the night, Colin Chambers and Shaine Collins for judging along side of me. This one was an interesting one for sure!

Official Point Standings:
1. 60 pts – Kevin Motter (12 pts Second Place + 2 pts TQ)
2. 53 pts – Mikko Yang (8 pts 9th)
3. 46 pts – Tim Mulhmeyer (9 pts Forth Place)
3. 46 pts – Manny Campalans (8 pts 5th)
5. 45 pts – Colin Chambers (8 pts 9th)
6. 44 pts – Alan Benites (8 pts 5th)
7. 38 pts – Mark Santa Cruz (8 pts 5th)
7. 38 pts – Shaine Collins (8 pts 9th)
7. 38 pts – Nick Lepisto (8 pts 9th)
7. 38 pts – Josh Espinoza (8 pts 17th)
11. 33 pts – Hao Huang
12. 32 pts – Jason Fordyce (15 Pts First Place)
13. 30 pts – Sam Angulo (8 pts 5th)
14. 25 pts – Aydin Angulo (8 pts 17th)
15. 24 pts – Jose Sanchez
16. 22 pts – Jeff Yang
16. 22 pts – Travon Yancy
17. 18 pts – Alfredo Chan III (10 pts Third Place)
18. 16 pts – Cory Carlstrom (8 pts 9th)
18. 16 pts – Albert Martinez (8 pts 9th)
18. 16 pts – Juan Duran (8 pts 9th)
18. 16 pts – Karlo Malabanan (8 pts 9th)
18. 16 pts – Mark Solnyshkin
23. 8 pts – Don Hadix (8 pts 17th)
23. 8 pts – Jian Allen (8 pts 17th)
23. 8 pts – Tyler Hill (8 pts 17th)
23. 8 pts – Michael Markentin
23. 8 pts – Jason Ragasa
23. 8 pts – Jeremy Meyer
23. 8 pts – Matt Caputo
23. 8 pts – Alex Dagondon
23. 8 pts – Jelani Robinson
23. 8 pts – Ethan David